AOL Launches Social Networking with AIM Pages

AOL has launched the beta of much awaited social networking site AIM Pages today which aims to compete with the popular MySpace service. AIM Pages make communicating and sharing with your friends fun and easy and lets you create an online profile page without having to be all tech savvy.

Download Squad describes their starting experience

“Logging in with your AIM screen name takes you to the profile editor, which has a neat drag-and-drop Ajax interface. By default your AIM Pages profile has a few “modules” like the obligatory photo and “About Me” box, and you can add other modules like RSS feeds, photo tickers from Flickr or AOL, and even games, by dragging them to the column and position you would like them to appear. Each module has “Edit” and “Style” buttons for changing their settings and appearances. It also has more than 75 built-in themes which range from clean to cutesy to garish, and after choosing a theme you can further customize it.”

They have a list of publishing tools to decorate your page with different themes and choose modules that allow you to be as creative as you want. If you are 16 or older and have an AIM or AOL screen name, you’re all set to start.

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