How to Apply for Microsoft India MVP Award

It’s an honor to become a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional or MVP, but how can you apply to become a MVP in India. If you are a top blogger, tech expert or outstanding technical community leader, its easy to become a MVP.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals or MVPs are well known for their exceptional technical community leadership skills, and selfless sharing of their expertise in offline and online technical communities. These experts share a deep commitment to community and willingness to help others.

Become Microsoft MVP India

MVPVisit the MVP India website to get the latest news and information. MVP candidates are nominated by self, other MVPs, Microsoft employees, and other members of technical communities.

To qualify to become a MVP, you need to be above 18 years of age and your community contribution should be exemplary, regardless of your profession. Your technical knowledge on any Microsoft Product should be good and you should show willingness to help the community with your expertise and passion for technology. Your community participation can extend to blogs, wikis, forums or offline as for book authors, speakers or technical leaders etc., and not necessarily Microsoft hosted communities. For more information, download the MVP program guide.

Apply by downloading the MVP nomination form, fill it and email it to them. MVP applications are reviewed by a panel of Microsoft personnel and only very few make the MVP award based on your past year activities. The MVP awards are given every quarter and they accept nominations throughout the year. However, to maintain the standards, an MVP Award is valid only for a year, after which you need to reapply.

MVP benefits

So why would you want to become a MVP. Here are some exclusive India MVP benefits to motivate you like exclusive MVP thank you Gift each year, MVP Certificates, gift vouchers from Microsoft store, sponsored invitations to MVP summit, exclusive access to Microsoft product teams and access to test early alpha/beta software.

Check out the Indian MVPs and you will find the best tech experts in the country. Apply now and you could be one of them.

3 comments on “How to Apply for Microsoft India MVP Award

  1. Manish says:

    wow! this is a wonderful program. I didn’t know that MS supports its communities.
    While there is little support that other companies (read red hat, IBM, oracle, adobe) have for their community contributors, the MVP program seems to be a unique thing from the Redmond company.

  2. Make Money says:

    Ohh this sure is a nice program to be in if you are a true fan and supporter of Microsoft!

  3. pranay rana says:

    I have applied for 2 times but there is no response form the microsoft they received the application or application get reject.

    How can i know what is problem ???

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