Ask Questions From British PM Gordon Brown on Youtube


Did you know there is a 10 Downing Street YouTube channel where you can find exclusive films and features from the British Prime Minister. Now you can ask the PM some questions and he will personally answer them!

Ask the PM on Youtube

‘Ask the PM’ is an initiative, where the Prime Minister Gordon Brown will be responding to the most popular questions submitted by the YouTube community.

Questions are to be asked via videos less than 30 seconds long which need to uploaded to their channel. You need to state your name and place at start of the video. They should not contain any references to political parties or commercial endorsements. Read the terms and conditions.

The Prime Minister will tape and upload video responses to a selection of the questions. You must be 13 years or above and submit your questions in English. Entries close on June 21 and is open for UK residents only. If you do not want to participate, view and vote for you favorite videos and the PM might just answer them.


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