Basic Mathematics by Google Calculator

Calculators are essential office products. Ever had an urgent need to do some simple mathematics, basic calculations, currency conversions, percentages, bank interest or mortgage rates but could not find your calculator. Searching for the calculator on your computer can take time if you do not yet know here it is.

So the good news is that you favourite google search engine doubles up as a great online calculator, adjunct to your office equipment. It can solve basic maths problems in a jiffy.

Addition [Use +]
e.g. 22+34

Subtraction [Use -]
e.g. 67-56

Division [Use /]
e.g. 45/5

Multiplication [Use *]
e.g. 5*4

Raise to Power [Use ^]
e.g. 2^3

Percentage [Use %]
e.g. 10% of 60

Square root [Use sqrt]
e.g. sqrt(9)

Nth root of [Use th root of]
e.g. 4th root of 16

Logarithm base 10 [Use log]
e.g. log(10000)

Trignometric functions [Use tan, sin, cos]
e.g. tan(45 degrees)

There many more advanced uses of the google calculator which can be found here.

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  1. Boakai Paasewee says:

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