Become EatonWeb Blog Directory Editor: Earn $100/month

EatonWeb claims to be the oldest blog directory on the web and they measure and display the importance of blogs in their directory based on special metrics such that the strongest blogs appear on top. You can now become a EatonWeb Category Editor and earn $100/month.

Perfomancing announced that they are looking for category editors for the blog directory and willing to pay $100/month for the service. The requirements are that you should be familiar with the top 10-25 blogs in your category, write 100 word reviews of each blog in your category and be interested in helping to make “a blog directory that matters”. Each editor will be required to submit 5 new blog submissions per month in exchange for $100.

You can send a Private Message to Ryan Caldwell via Performancing along with the category that you are interested in editing to start earning. See the Quick Online Tips on EatonWeb to get an idea of how blogs are listed.

On a related note, if you can volunteer for free, you can also become an editor at Dmoz, the open directory project, the largest human edited directory on the web, and see your editing live on Google Directory too!

3 comments on “Become EatonWeb Blog Directory Editor: Earn $100/month

  1. Clement says:

    USD100.00 seems to be a small amount compared to the job to be done.Just my thoughts!

  2. ardi says:

    maybe too small amounts ? maybe just fit enough. still, we can build our brand image as professional webmaster?

  3. Saif ud din says:

    Very beautiful wallpaper and video this site. Can be profitable for you this site. One click and see all world

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