Best Indian Websites 2007

Have you ever wondered which are the best Indian websites? PC World India, a popular tech magazine in India has compiled the Best Indian Websites 2007 list and you can check out details of each category in their online edition.

Some criteria for deciding the Best Indian Websites 2007

“The best site should use technology to deliver solutions. Information should be presented intuitively and concisely. Design should aid the overall experience. And that is what our Best Indian Websites represent. In its first year, the award focuses on 20 prominent categories products and services that are most useful today and are not based on fancy future roadmaps. The 126 nominees that we evaluate represent the best known names as well as some not-so-famous-yet sites that our panel of experts believe do justice to their mission.”

As usual Yahoo topped several categories like Gaming (Yahoo! Games), Portals (Yahoo!), and Mobile (Yahoo! mobile). Google bagged the top honors for Email (GMail), Social Networking (Orkut)

Here are some cool sites you need to look out for – the top Indian shopping site was Futurebazaar, best Real Estate site was India Property and the one which covers our niche, the best Technology site is Tech2.

Some other winners were best Indian job site – Monsterindia, best travel site – Cleartrip, Entertainment by Rediff, Stock Broking at Moneycontrol and online photo printing by Itasveer and many more.

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  1. varul says:

    The link you have given for Best Indian Websites 2007 is not found. Take your kind attention on it.

  2. Ganesh says:

    The list is good but not complete.It does not contain all the categories.It should include all the category websites

  3. rohit says:

    awesome list of websites mentioned

  4. tony cornelius says:

    maybe youu should update this article haha since its was post in 2007

  5. Alwoodlands says:

    Please update latest websites list

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