Best Super Bowl Commercials on YouTube [Videos]


The annual Ad Blitz program showcasing the best Super Bowl commercials / advertisements has ended and the results of the 2.6 million votes have revealed the top Super Bowl ads on Youtube. Find below are some top Superbowl Ads voted by Youtube users.

Best Superbowl Ad voted was Doritos

Top 5 winner – PepsiMax

Top 5 winner – Power of the Crunch

Some more Super Bowl commercials which you might like –
Coca Cola Avatar


Godaddy Super Bowl Commercials with Godaddy girls


2 comments on “Best Super Bowl Commercials on YouTube [Videos]

  1. Joel says:

    I loved the Coca Cola, Free Dorito and the power of crush ads. Very cool!

  2. Jim Kendall says:

    The GoDaddy commercials are just the worst! I would vote for the Coca Cola Avatar out of the ones you have posted.

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