Best WordPress SEO Advice I Got in 30 Minutes [Video]

I spent 30 minutes and got the best WordPress SEO advice in a long time. Watch Jim Marks from Virtual Results present his rich SEO experiences at the Wordcamp Phoenix 2011.

Watch this video and I am sure you will get some useful WordPress SEO advice as he gives tips for Beginners SEO, Intermediate SEO and advanced SEO. It is well worth spending the 30 minutes to learn SEO. I got some good tips too.

Freshly uploaded on WordPress TV.

6 comments on “Best WordPress SEO Advice I Got in 30 Minutes [Video]

  1. Jayesh says:

    very useful tips, thanks for sharing this SEO video, learnt lot of new things, will try to implement then on my wordpress sites.

  2. Trung @ Blogging Tips says:

    Yeah, nice tips, every webmaster/blogger need to SEO for their site, It’s the best important problem, thanks for share!

  3. ryan says:

    nice sharing.. thanks

  4. Bhavna says:

    Yes nice collection for wordpress seo Tips,It is very helpful for the users of wordpress,Thanks & keep it up.
    I advise every visitor to visit this video.

  5. Brooke Taylor says:

    Thank you for posting this information about wordpress web site development and search engine optimization. I continue to urge my business clients at my marketing agency to use wordpress if possible for all web development needs.

  6. Trung Nguyen says:

    thanks for this video, I hope I can improve my search ranking soon :)

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