Bing Homepage Photo Contest

The Bing Photo Contest winner gets a chance to have their snapped photo featured on the official Bing homepage photo for 24 hours. After screening 9400 submissions, now the public can vote the 8 finalists and send the wining photo to the Bing homepage.

The theme for this contest is “Summer Travel“, so photographers aimed to feature summer travel destinations or experiences. The contest is being held as a Facebook App and you can login to facebook and cast your vote for the 8 finalists.
bing photo winners

The winning photo will be featured on Bing as the official homepage photo for 24 hours on August 3, and the winning photographer will be given credit for the photo, which will pave way for making him or her famous.

3 comments on “Bing Homepage Photo Contest

  1. Fatin Pauzi says:

    Hye, I just knew about the contest. Well, the time left is just to vote the photo. :)

  2. IT Buzz says:

    This is really awesome contest.

  3. jola says:

    It’s a great contest! Too bad I just found out about it. I’m affraid I missed the winning photo on August 3. Is there a way to see it somewhere?

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