Does Your Blog Need its Own Domain Name?

It’s common that Bloggers have hard time choosing the options between hosting their blog on a blog platform and running it on an own domain name. Do all blogs need to be hosted on its individual hosting with a unique domain name?

It’s true that different bloggers require different features and functions on their blogging tools. Nevertheless, certain comparison key points that are commonly used for solving the dilemma stated above.

Free Hosting or Domain Hosting

Cost – A blog on third party platform is normally free; while hosting/domain renewal cost are the basic expenses for a blog on its own domain.

Maintenance – A blog on third party platform is theoretically maintenance-free; while on the other hand you need to spend extra time in maintaining a blog with its own hosting.

Flexibility – A blog running on its own domain and hosting has the privilege to be customized freely; while a Blogspot or WordPress blog has certain limitations on its outlook and functionality designs.

Branding & Monetization – Better monetization is the biggest advantage of having a blog on its own domain. Since you can customize it in any way, you can monetize it in many different and better ways. On the other hand the monetization options on free sites are either not present or are very limited  especially when your URL looks long and ugly, something like:

Ownership – Experts call free blogs rented houses while own domain is a real estate for them, reason being the ownership rights. On established sites like Blogger and WordPress, this may not be the issue, but on small sites, if the sites get shut down you’ll also have great chances to lose your blog.

From above few factors one can easily figure out if he should go for a unique domain for blog or not. To make it clearer let’s conclude some options out of the above discussion:

When is the right time to go with a unique domain?

  • When you wish to make more money via your blog.
  • When you wish to offer more to your readers with various web functions and applications.
  • When you wish to further monetize the web traffic from your free blog.
  • Optional, when you need the blog to convey a professional image in business.

When should you rely on a free blogging platform?

  • When monetization is not the prime concern.
  • When you are broke and cannot pay $5/mo for your hosting cost.
  • You don’t want to take the pain of back end management of your blog.

So should your blog run on its own hosting?

Apparently there’s no one-fit-to-all answer here for our questions. There’s no big harm in having a blog on free sites (as famous bloggers like Seth Godin are hosting his blog on TypePad as well); or running it on its own hosting and domain (as hosting cost nowadays is really cheap) the choice is, after all, very dependant on your own preferences.

This guest post was submitted by Jerry Low of At the time of writing, he spent extremely long hours daily in testing and writing web hosting reviews. If you have some tips to share with our readers, write a guest article today.

Note: This is a guest article and represents opinions of the guest author

31 comments on “Does Your Blog Need its Own Domain Name?

  1. Ajay says:

    Actually, the answer should be a YES. Agreed you can start off on a free blog site, however, as you grow you will feed the need to move and then migrating can be a pain.

    Also, an initial investment is usually worth the returns through ads as the blog gets popular.

  2. Louis Liem says:

    If you’re blogging long term, it would be YES. You can use free hosted blogs to test a niche.
    However, soon you’ll need to move to a self hosted platforms. Here are my thoughts if you don’t mind:

  3. Herbert says:

    Actually, Jerry makes a good point — it depends on the intention. If your intent is to make money through your blog though, then Ajay is right, a domain name and dedicated hosting are both a must.

    I would argue that a domain name would be necessary no matter what, to build a brand and for easy access (no subdomains, please).

    But, hosting really can bring along some unwanted distractions (costs, maintenance, etc) to bloggers that really just want to focus on their written work instead of the technical side to blogging.

  4. Sebastyne says:

    To me it was an image thing, as well as emotional thing. It just feels better having a place to call your own. :) It hasn’t brought me money (apart from pennies a week) but it is mine and nobody can tell me what to do with it.
    As for image, I do tend to respect websites with their own domain more. It kind of tells me that the person is serious or passionate about what they do.

  5. mark says:

    very good write up, useful info for any one new in to blogging.

    peace out

  6. etoplum says:

    Also, an initial investment is usually worth the returns through ads as the blog gets popular.

  7. kalsit says:

    If you’re blogging long term, it would be YES. You can use free hosted blogs to test a niche.

  8. BestHosting says:

    Web hosting is the method of putting a website on the Internet with the use of a server. Once a website has been placed on a server, people from all over the world who have access in the Internet will be able to view and visit the website anytime they want

  9. westpenninewoman says:

    I upgraded mine after a few days of blogging as I quickly began to see the potential for my market and thought it would gain more respectability with a dot com address.

  10. Parwanto says:

    Good news. It very helpfull for newbie like me.

  11. jonniecee says:

    Can anyone clarify something for me please?
    How do you completely own rights to a website name if no one has thought of it yet?
    why do i have to pay middlemen to register a name, who is the man at the top, who controls/owns the master register?

  12. Rick Lomas says:

    Just do both, they’ll appear like different sites in Google. If you bothered about duplicate content post alternately to each, if not just blast it out – in the short term it makes no difference.

  13. joels says:

    Yes Yes Yes !! feel defferent between using sub domain from free services and self hosted (paid domain) im sure!

  14. AskYourPC says:

    There is something special about having your own domain name and not have it be a subdomain. I have about 10 websites and I like to have full control over them. Right down to the script.

  15. Scott says:

    I run my domain name blog on

    I think Google likes it better, and it’s alot easier to update.

    I also have the .com domain name.

  16. Kevin says:

    Very nice article, and quite useful to beginners.

    I have several blogs and I always use my own domain name. Hosting is relatively cheap, so that is usually not an issue.

    However, I agree that it depends on your intentions. If you just want to have a fun blog, and you don’t care who, if anyone, reads it, then do whatever you like and just have fun!

  17. Tom says:

    Good points. I’ve used my own domain name for my blogs (6 in all). You get a free blog when you register at the big one “GoDaddy”. I use I think they’re a Godaddy reseller.

  18. Domain Appraisal says:

    It seems to me it should not be a question. It is so cheap to buy a domain and host it that unless you don’t see yourself blogging more than a few weeks it should be worth it.

  19. kamyon says:

    Thanks. Good news. It very helpfull for newbie like me.

  20. Rick says:

    “When you are broke and cannot pay $5/mo for your hosting cost.”
    – There are still hostings, which provide free space for your website (on your own domain name) for some ads links on your site, or even hosting companies, which provide some very basic account just for registering domain name at them.

    “You don’t want to take the pain of back end management of your blog.”
    – The WordPress is solution of this point.

  21. Whois says:

    Yes, it is always better to buy his own domain, it gives more authority, personnaly, i always buy domain name for all my websites and blogs.

  22. Hover Coupon Code says:

    Well, there is a benefit to having all blogs in folders on one domain. As the domain’s page rank grows, all blogs benefit. Each domain needs to grow its own page rank, which makes stuff x times harder based on how many names one has… Read the book “The Art of SEO” it’s published by O’Reilly Media.

  23. T says:

    The good thing with hosting your own blog, is that you can add a little advertising without having to worry whether WordPress or Blogger(Google) decide to remove your blog as they are not in agreement with their advertising policy. That’s is why having your own domain name and hosting is best as you are in complete control.

  24. Web Hosting Perth says:

    I tend to agree with Sebastyne in that visitors feel more confident about the content as they know it is owned by a dedicated owner.
    In some respects visitors who aren’t familiar with e-technology do get a sense of consistency with formal blog formats so I guess as far as face value it does depend on the visitor.

    I personally like to have my own domain name because I can control it, but then I’m savvy enough to do this.

  25. Domain Registration Geek says:

    As a Geek I would say Yes! i get a domain name and a new hosting account every time I start something new that comes to my mind

  26. Frank says:

    If you are really serious it´s way better to have a real domain name that you own. I agree that free blog sites are good for testing niches or to make some new experiences for beginners. Maybe they are also useful for link buiolding if you know what you are doing…

  27. web hosting says:

    I am of a definite opinion that anyone if serious about having a blog should host with its own domain. Why ? Well its easier to change a service provider.

    I remember few years back yahoo closed their photo hosting service just because it became out of fashion. Users had to literally download thousands of their photos from the website before it got deleted.

    In case of free blog the service provider is gaining from all the advertisements placed on the pages. An avid blogger could host it on his own domain and make some money for himself which will be more than the free hosting space.

    So do think again about the free services

  28. edelyn cabalhin says:

    If you are a beginner, it is best if you rely of blog sites but time will really come when you are already an experienced blogger and you want to have a site that you can call your own. Somewhere you can freely express your thoughts through layouts, functionality, features, etc.

  29. Swiss Web Hosting says:

    If you are really a frequent blogger, then yes, you should get a domain name yourself. It would surely inspire you to blog as often as possible. Aside from that, you can earn money by sharing what you think which will get people to be interested in your topics.

  30. Brad says:

    It’s not a bad idea to have a separate blog but if the blog is attached sometimes it may be easier to click back an forth.

    It’s an interesting idea.

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