BloggerTalks Interviews Successful Bloggers : Are You Next?

Bloggertalks is telling the stories of all successful bloggers, and the companies and services that revolve around them.

Latest in the series is Mike Rundle of 9rules, who reveals some insider information of what is happening at 9rules and maybe you can get some hint about your blog application to the round 5 submission. I hope you are still making efforts to get noticed by 9rules.

They have previously interviewed the amazing Liz Strauss from Successful Blog, and her buzz around the new generation of SOB, the successful and outstanding bloggers. Catch John Evans from Syntagma Media, talking all about Network Magazines and re-branding.

Tell Bloggertalks who to interview next. It could be you…

2 comments on “BloggerTalks Interviews Successful Bloggers : Are You Next?

  1. TDH says:

    Thanks for the post! :)

  2. Med says:

    Great post ! In fact There are several successful bloggers out there. For instance Neil Patel from Quicksprout also Srinivas Tamada.

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