Passion – The Key to Successful Blogging

Passion is the secret key to Successful Blogging. Just a few days ago, I had a chat with a fellow blogger, let’s call him Joe, and he said that he had been seeing a trend showing that new bloggers tend to not be able to maintain their blogs for more than three months.

Commenting on that trend, Joe told me that he suspected the promises of making money using blogs might have something to do with this. Joe told me that the drive of money had made blogging lose its purity. The essence of blogging, which is to communicate and to share, has been replaced with the motivation drive to make some quick buck.

I could not agree with Joe more.

I have seen a lot of bloggers start blogging by choosing niches that are not within their passion. For example, they tell me that they see this guy making $1,000 per month selling weight-loss product reviews, so they started to blog about losing weight despite of the fact that they have no a single clue about what weight loss is all about.

In one week, they still cope with the updating of the blogs, but as time goes by, they become more and more lazy, simply because they have no idea about what in the world they are talking about. To make things worse, they even fail to introduce themselves in their respective niche market, because bloggers who are lured by a mere motivation of money usually does not even bother to blogwalk and leaving quality comments.

And as Joe said, they became drenched and tired and quit blogging. Then they find another tempting niche, and try the same thing again, only to be stumbled with the same obstacles again. It is like a circle of evil, really.

What is the right way to blog consistently for a long term basis?

For a start, make sure you blog about things that you are passionate about.

Darren Rowse, a well respected blogger and maintain his money-making blog at ProBlogger, did not start blogging about making money to launch his blogging career. Darren started blogging about the things he was passionate about, and this is exactly what you should do.

By following your passion, you will make blogging fun, and this will drive you to update and build links in a more consistent basis, because who does not like to write things they love and to hang around with people that share the same passion?

I hope this article could open your eyes about the essence of blogging and why is it important to blog passionately.

This article is written by guest author Hans David – a passionate writer and Internet Marketer. He is the owner of, a website that gives free tips on making money online the right way.

Note: This is a guest article and represents opinions of the guest author

3 comments on “Passion – The Key to Successful Blogging

  1. Tintin How says:

    This is an encouraging read for me who’s just re-starting out on blogging. I used to maintain a ‘very personal’ blog back in 2001 and wrote about personal experiences. I wasn’t trying to monetize on my blog back then, but I had a great time writing regularly and had a decent number of followers.

    I re-started blogging early this year when I found myself having too much idle time. I find myself having a hard time writing because I’m torn between making money (or at learning how to make money) out of my blog and writing what I wanna write about.

    This post pretty much nudges me in the direction of JUST WRITING first and then try to make money when I feel that I already know what I’m doing.

    Thank you so much. :D

  2. Jason Habing says:

    You hit the nail right on the head with this post.

    I recently started a blog to make money. I realized within a week that this motivation will get me nowhere!

    As I began to involve myself with the blogging community, I realized what blogging was really about: learning and helping others learn.

    Sure, someday I hope to be able to blog full time, which would require a bit of cash flow from my blog. but money is no longer my focus. My focus is quality content that will help others, and finding quality content that will help me. Blogging will only grow positively if we treat it as a community!

    Thanks for the post.

    • Jason Habing says:

      Just realized this post was from a while back, but still great content! Sorry for my lack of timeliness, haha.

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