BlogOnExpo: Free Digital Conference on Blogging

The BlogOnExpo has started, a free digital conference covering the topic of blogging. Its the outcome of their goal to make the experience of attending an industry conference available to all, for free, sitting in your home.

From January15-18, BlogOnExpo sessions will be added daily and will be available until the next BlogOnExpo, which is coming May 2008. They have lined up interviews with some top blogging experts and nice podcast sessions which you can listen on your own computer without having to spend huge conference registration fees (which is the idea of this conference!).

They started the BlogOnExpo Launch Contest to giveaway $6000 in prizes. They will be making posts asking readers to complete a task for a certain prize like subscribing to feed or registering to the forum. All readers who complete that task will be eligible for the prize and a winner will be randomly selected.

I just attended a few podcast and video sessions. How about you… its a free conference!

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