Blogosphere is Multilingual and Deeply International

“Blogosphere is Multilingual and Deeply International” summarizes the Sifry Alert on State of the Blogosphere, April 2006 Part 2: On Language and Tagging.

Technorati is tracking millions of blogs across the blogosphere and automatically tracks the primary language of each blog. Their State of the Blogosphere reports provide a valuable insight into blogging trends and blogs based on various parameters over a period of time. This latest report shows

# English, while being the language of the majority of early bloggers, has fallen to less than a third of all blog posts in April 2006.

# Japanese and Chinese language blogging has grown significantly.

# Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, and German are the languages with the greatest number of posts tracked by Technorati.

This very significant event shows that Non english blogs are more than 2/3 of blogs, and you thought that english was most widespread. It is a good idea to add language translation links on your website / blog to allow non english readers to easily translate your website. I have added some links to let you translate this post in different languages. You can also add a Yahoo Babel Fish to your site to help in language translation services.

One comment on “Blogosphere is Multilingual and Deeply International

  1. Don says:

    Very deeply international….I like that a lot of bloggers have put the Babel Fish translator on their blogs. Not only English speaking visitors can join in on the conversation, but foreigners can as well. It’s like spreading your ideas to all corners of the world.

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