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Blogging company Six Apart has launched, a new service that helps you discover the best in blogs. These blogs are organized by category and topic and you can read daily blog roundups of some of the best blog content around the Web.

How does content feature on There is no algorithm, but a team of editors is busy reading across the blogosphere, bringing you the best blogs and blog posts across a broad range of categories like Life, Entertainment, Technology, News & Politics and Business. Submit your blog today and you could also get featured.

I really like the Top 10 Lists from celebrity bloggers and influencers that help you discover new blogs to share with the community. Here are some top 10 lists to enjoy.

Gina Trapani’s 10 Favorite Tech, Advice and Techie Advice Blogs
Pamela Slim’s 10 Favorite Entrepreneurship Blogs
10 Blogs to Feed Your Gadget Lust
10 Popular How-To Blogs
10 Apple Secrets Blogs

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