Buy 100 Quality Blog Comments for $19.99!

A new service lets you buy quality blog comments without finding someone to write comments, or buying some high priced automated commenting program. You can buy 100 Blog Comments for $19.99 or 1000 Blog Comments for $199.99! If automated comment spam was not enough to waste your blogging time, paid comments spam promises to give bloggers a new challenge.

Akismet has been effectively blocking thousands of spam on this blog, but this type of human comment spam will be difficult for such antispam services to deal with too. This new service shows how it works

“We hired a few people who go through a list of blogs in a database we set up and pick out blogs that are in your niche. They then read through blog posts and leave a comment that has to do with the blog post they read, that way it won’t get deleted. Your backlink will then be on a targeted blog, giving you more weight in the search engines.”

It will be difficult to identify these spam paid comments as the blog comments will be related to the blog post topic and will look completely like legit comments.

Has paid commenting started?

I just moderated and accepted lots of very valid and interesting comments by 2 individuals on multiple posts. These are comments which Akismet would never block. These are comments you would welcome on a poorly commented post. These are comments which readers would like to respond to and discuss. These are comments which search engines would like to index and follow. There are no links or spam words to trigger blogging filters.

The comment review panel is full with such comments which makes me wonder if I should start rejecting these comments. Has paid commenting has started on this blog? Why am I looking at each comment with suspicion? Why do I feel so sad …

15 comments on “Buy 100 Quality Blog Comments for $19.99!

  1. Iantrepreneur says:

    yes it will be difficult to identify comment spam from these human spammers, the only thing we can really do is help each other and keep everyone focus

    the movement for the do-follow now is pointless as it will just help those spammers

    even with this the author that choses this service will definitely lose their brand respect online

  2. Penguin Pete says:

    Ha! And what’s the difference between myself being more motivated to leave a comment here because I can leave a link to my site, and me hiring somebody else to do it?

    Seriously, this would have to work by hiring 3rd-world country types who would leave about three quality comments, and the rest would be “Nice blog! Kind of reminds me of home-mortgage-site…” In other words, they’ll be easy to spot by the pattern over time like all other forms of spam. Take it from an online freelancer who works in the global market – at $20 USD per 100, you can NOT find someone with a good handle on English who would work for that kind of money, and that’s figuring it at cost.

    What I do is check the link itself. If it sets off the spam sirens I’ll just delete it, just as I would a goatse’er.

  3. Christy says:

    This is just scary, is nothing sacred? When I first heard about this I couldn’t believe it, it is quite sad.

  4. Jack Square says:

    Hi I think this is a great idea! You should visit this great website I found recently: as I think it completely emphasizes this point.

  5. Sean says:

    Really its nothing suprising, people get paid to spam for loads of reasons, however this could turn out for the better or for the worse, depending on the english of the person who is leaving the comments.. I have to aggree with Penguin Pete though, anyone who’s working for that little money won’t have a good grasp of the English language!

  6. Milli22 says:

    we can really do is help each other and keep everyone focus, pattern over time like all other forms of spam. Take it from an online freelancer who works in the global market, When I first heard about this I couldnít believe it, on the english of the person who is leaving the comments

  7. Ali says:

    seems like a great idea I have been trying to get something like this but it hasn’t been to successfully well good luck to all about it.

  8. make money by blog commenting says:

    Blog commenting is an excellent method of increasing traffic to your site.

  9. werxy says:

    quality comment?? i like it : )

  10. Credit Resurrection says:

    allways will appear ways to spam so it’s useless to try stop it.the only way i think it’s not accepting comments but it has a bad part it will be hard to connect yourself with your readers and get opinions about what you’ve been writing except the fact of getting ranked the post, but still not totally satisfying so keep going this road it’s the only one mixing the most variables.

  11. krzysiek says:

    wat can we do.. the NEW has arrived..
    pay per comments are her to stay – as long as one be able to buy china guy for pennies per hours, expect even worse marketing practies
    chris(not automat, nor hired :)

  12. Jodie Marie Cliff says:

    I wonder how many of the comments even here are this new *spam* fake comments.

    Lol now I’m skeptical of even what I’m writing now… am I a real person, or a computer generating humanoid ideas?

    It goes to show, you can never trust the integrity of a source unless its running in your veins.

  13. BIlly Hahn says:

    I had already found a site where I can buy good quality but cheap blog posts. Tried it and pretty happy with the results they gave me.

  14. Bolly Commenting Service says:

    I offer a similar service. It has nothing to do with spam and we don’t backlink in the comments at all. It is to make your blog or your Facebook fan page or youtube videos look busy and attract even more people. We read your post, ask questions, make a comment relevant to the post. We are native speakers of English. If you would like to use our service please feel free to look over our website. Again no bots or limited English speakers used, and we don’t offer backlinking at all.

  15. Jon says:

    Isn’t it terribly ironic that a blog post about comment spam is filled with comment spam?

    Here are two tips: one, if the site being linked to is spammy, filled with ads, poor content, then obviously you shouldn’t accept the comment. Second, if the ‘name’ field includes a keyword, then it is obviously spam.

    I’ve seen far too many MFA sites commenting prodigiously on my site with little to no thought.

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