Buy Air Force One Plane [7 Days Left]

The US Government is offering Air Force One for sale with bids starting at $50,000. Air Force One is officially the call sign of the air plane carrying on board the President of the United States. Air Force One planes are famous for their advanced security features and superior safety features.

The General Services Administration announced the auction for the older DC9-32 aircraft which they claim transported several VIPs of the US government. The auction page lists the details of the aircraft, and it seems current there are no bidders, though the bids start at $50,000 only. The aircraft is located at Phoenix-Gateway airport, Mesa, AZ  and interested bidders can do aircraft Inspection by prior appointment only. 

air force one

Well for the person who buys it – its not only an opportunity to own a part of history, but also possibly travel on the once safest aircraft on earth when flying the US President.

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  1. Resp says:

    This is a good news that in United States of America a plane is available for sale. Now 7 days are remaining to purchase it. So, be very fast and buy this useful plane. The bids start at $50,000 only. I think this is not a big amount of this amazing plane.

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