Buy the Warren Buffett Lincoln Town Car : Get ‘Thrifty’ on Ebay


Warren Buffett, the famous billionaire investor and the second richest man on earth, is selling off his 2001 Signature Series Lincoln Town Car on a Ebay auction.

It is a charity auction where 100 percent of the winning bid will benefit Girls Incorporated (Girls Inc.), the premier youth-service organization that has inspired all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

Check out the slideshow of the Signature Series Lincoln Town Car with its personalized “Thrifty” license plate as well as an etched brass plaque bearing his signature.

And the auction details say that Warren Buffet will don a chauffeur cap and personally recieve the winner at the airport to hand over the car keys…

The auction will end on September 22, 2006 and the openning bid is $25000…


One comment on “Buy the Warren Buffett Lincoln Town Car : Get ‘Thrifty’ on Ebay

  1. Millionaire says:

    Cool! Don’t we all need someone to emulate in our quest for success.
    But not everyone can afford this charity. Warren is offering this charity fund from the rich to the rich.

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