CEOs Grant Employees 1-Hour Work Leave to Vote


Why don’t people go to vote? Because they are busy working long job hours. Now CEOs of top companies are giving their employees one hour off work on election day on November 4 to go and vote and contribute in electing a new US President.

After reports that the most common reason that registered voters didn’t go to polls to vote was because they were “too busy” or had conflicting work schedules, VoteHour was created to improve voter turnout on election day. You can send an email to your boss informing them about the initiative, or if you are a boss yourself, you can join the initiative.

Bosses around the country are coming together to encourage employees to take an hour off to vote. Have you added our company to this movement. If not, you can circulate this link around. Also check out the Google Celebrity Video that encourages Americans to vote.


3 comments on “CEOs Grant Employees 1-Hour Work Leave to Vote

  1. SATISH says:

    Nice info. This may be a reason in US.

    But I don’t think in India this is the main reason for not voting.
    Its because of laziness and don’t care behavior. Hope we need to create someother video and circulate among Indians!

  2. Bcarter says:

    This is all well and good, but US law states employers are required to give employees 3 hours to vote.

  3. prefabricated garage says:

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