How to Add Chitika eMiniMalls, Google Adsense on Same Webpage

How to make extra money from your website? Use Chitika. Can you put Chitika’s eMiniMalls ads on the same page with Google Adsense? Yes. But you have to use non contextual Chitika ads (Just as is the case with using non contextual Adbrite ads with Adsense). Chitika ads are a new way to make money from your website. Sign Up Now

Chitika launched a new contextual advertising program to make money on the web. Chitika’s eMiniMalls promotes products by automatically targeting them to the content of your webpage, and selects the best product to provides your users with comparative shopping information to make an informed buying decision and as users click, you make money easily. Chitika mini-mall ads can be used in conjunction with Adsense IF they are set to be non contextual

So how do you make your Chitika code non contextual?
Set your own keywords and products instead of contextually targeting products. By default, the products are contextually targeted to your content. Set your own query or product by specifying it in ch_query javascript param.

For example, to target the “canon powershot” camera you would add this line to the javascript code:
ch_query = "canon powershot";

I further emailed Chitika to make sure that I did not violate the Adsense Terms of Service, and this is the code they suggested by email

ch_non_contextual = 1;
var ch_queries = new Array('laptop', 'ipod');
var ch_selected=Math.floor((Math.random()*ch_queries.length));
ch_query = ch_queries[ch_selected];

They advised to replace the list of queries above with queries for your type of audience.

If you have any queries, send email to – and believe me it is the fastest instant support I have seen. So you can use Chitika eMiniMalls & Google Adsense on the same page, but remember to make the Chitika ads non contextual. I have also started using Chitika on my blog and will let you know how it performs. I am hearing it has a lower CTR, but the earning per click is great! Sign Up Now

Update: Chitika Customer Service was kind enough to email me this tip on their own! They advised that instead of using generic keywords like “toys”, its a better idea to use product names that might be targeted by your site audience like if you have a site about wine, use code like this:

ch_non_contextual = 1;
var ch_queries = new Array('Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fuisse 2003', 'Sonoma-Cutrer 2003 Chardonnay Russian River Ranches');
var ch_selected=Math.floor((Math.random()*ch_queries.length));
ch_query = ch_queries[ch_selected];

They advise that to find the top products in your category, you should visit and to look for best selling products in the category. Then copy the entire product name and test it out using the the search tab on the unit. If it works, add it to the list of queries in ch_queries in your code.

And they sent another tip about their upcoming channel tracking feature so that you can keep track of which channels are giving the best income.

ch_sid = 'ABCD';

Replace ABCD with a meaningful channel name.

Update II: Chitika has confirmed in a email that if you run Google Adsense for Search too, then you need to disable the Chitka search box by adding the following code

ch_nosearch = 1;

How to make a lot of money? How to make money quick? Try Chitika!

14 comments on “How to Add Chitika eMiniMalls, Google Adsense on Same Webpage

  1. LcF says:

    Thanks for the Chitika keywords array code. Yes, Chitika minimalls pay per click is few hundred % higher than Adsense. :)

  2. Rick Blythe says:

    Great tips here!

    I am using Chitika eMiniMalls on my blogs and they are performing wonderfully.

  3. Ahmad Zaki says:

    Awesome tips. I’ve recently added eMiniMalls at my site and put your tips in use. I’m still curious how it will perform at my site.

  4. the english guy says:

    Yeah I like this.

    Question: will you be expanding the stats section in the future? More up to date maybe? Thanks!

  5. x74 says:

    To make integrating eMiniMalls easier, I developed a plugin that lets you put an eMiniMall right into your post, using WordPress Quicktags Toolbar. The plugin lets you insert one into your post by clicking a button.

    The plugin provides a way to switch between “contextual” and “non-contextual” mode– without having to manually change the JavaScript.

  6. patung says:

    One problem may be if you use an adserver like phpadsnew the actual chitika code is not visible if someone views source so there’s no way of knowing if contextual is set to off or not.

  7. Blog Intro says:

    Check out my Chitika tips list I added a way to change the default tab order.

  8. Kathy Herrmann (aka Roaring Tiger) says:

    A commenter over at JenSense pointed out users of Chitika ads also need to remove the ad’s search capabilities if you use Google Adsense search too.

    To remove the Chitika search capability, add this line of code to your Chitika script…

    ch_nosearch = 1;

  9. SatishTalim says:

    I am unhappy with one of their conditions. They say that “Every month Chitika audits the clicks that we receive from all of our publishers sites. In the audit process we remove any invalid clicks such as: repeated clicks from the same ip, clicks from countries such as China and India, etc. This is done to protect our advertisers from fraudulent clicks”.

    All clicks originating from China and India are invalid. All? Why have they singling out China and India only? Click fraud can happen from any country. Why can’t they just block out such IPs, instead of blocking out the entire country? I still have to get a convincing answer from Chitika on this.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Only got around 50c click/per with eMinimalls (total $5~6 one day)

    I am just wondering what are everyone’s experience?

  11. Quick Online Tips says:

    I agree the chitka search is very useful. But Chitika and Adsense feedback says they cannot work together on the same site.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The need to remove the Chitika search, if you have Adsense Search, does not make sense — they are not searching the same set of data.

    Adsense Search is searching the Internet for data from websites. Chitika search is searching their database of product ads.

    Are we sure that we can not use the Chitika search tool — we’re leaving a lot of money on the table by skipping it.

  13. gary says:

    Chitika has recently said that Google has ok’ed using the chitika search box on pages with a google search box, as the chitika box is only searching products, not the web, and is thus not direct competition. I’d probably still check with google first.

  14. Amit Agarwal says:


    Consider the following snippet:

    ch_query = "canon powershot";
    ch_non_contextual = 0;

    Since I am specify the target keyword, will this combination be considered non-contextual ?


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