Commenting Policy

This comments policy is a quick guide about posting comments, links and replies on Quick Online Tips. Usually all comments will go live instantly. If the comments are getting moderated, there might be a problem.

Basic Terms

  • You are responsible for your comment – You agree that you are fully aware of what you are posting and agree that you are not posting any copyrighted material which you are not legally allowed to post. You take full responsibility for the contents of your comment and only you will be held liable in case of any inquiries or prosecution by any government authorities.
  • English language comments only. This is an English language site. Other language comments will be deleted.
  • We Moderate Comments – We can delete or edit any part of your comment as deemed inappropriate, at our sole discretion. Your IP Address is recorded everytime you post a comment for security purposes. We delete irrelevant, self link promotion and spam comments.
  • Links are nofollow –  All links posted in comments are no-follow, which means search engines will not follow them for SEO purposes.
  • Anti-Spam Akismet enabled –  Akismet is a spam detection plugin which will automatically identify spam comments and send them to spam. Since we get thousands of spam comments everyday, we do not review spam comments. If you believe your valid comment was marked as spam by Akismet, contact us and we will recover it if possible.

Suggested Guidelines

We moderate comments. This is to prevent the irrelevant, self link promotion and spam comments from passing through. It helps improve the reader experience. I reserve the right to delete or edit any comment if it violates our comment policy.

  • Get a Gravatar – this will help to display your profile image beside your comment. Images besides comments help your comment get noticed and your name gets more clicks. Get it at
  • Comments with links are moderated – any comment which has links will go into the moderation queue by default. So add links only if need and relevant to the article. Your name is linked to your site, so no need to add your site links in signatures.
  • Don’t Spam. Check Your Words. Multiple powerful comment spam filters are active. We usually do not check the thousands of blocked spam comments. Please choose your words carefully as your keyword may be suspect spam and your comment may never reach me. No swear words, adult words or defamatory remarks will be accepted.
  • Stay relevant on topic – Only comments relevant to the post will be accepted. Keep the discussion on topic. 1-2 words comments like “Thank”, “Good” … are usually used by spammers.
  • No Signatures – There is a comment form entry to add your url, so your name will be linked to your url when readers want to contact you. Usually we remove signatures.
  • Dont post long urls. Use html tags – Use the html format to link urls. Very long urls break my template and I usually delete them. You can use this format <a href=”http://longurl”></a>
  • Have Patience – We get hundreds of comments daily. Your comment should display instantly. If your comment is important, and it does not show “Under moderation”, probably the spam filter blocked it. Email me to go looking for it.
  • Protect your privacy – Do not post your personal details like email address, phone number, mailing postal address in comments. Only add your email in the required email form in the comments that will not display your email publicly. Spam bots scrape through such posted personal details to spam you later. Protect your privacy.

In the end, I quote problogger Darren Rowse

“My advice to those commenting on blogs (not just mine) is that in a sense you’re visiting someone else’s home when you leave a comment. Comments have the ability to build up our tear down your reputation. They are a permanent record of who you are and what you stand for – so take care – be gracious – make sure they add value (not only to the blog you’re visiting but also to your own online profile)”.

This Policy is subject to change anytime at my sole discretion and any changes made will be effective immediately.