How to Copy Bookmarks to Furl

How to Copy Bookmarks to Furl. is a free service that saves the important items you find on the Web as bookmarks and enables you to quickly find them again. Furl archives a personal copy of every page you save. When you want to recall it, you can find it instantly by searching the full text your archived items. Each member has a personal archive of 5 gigabytes (GB), large enough to store tens of thousands of searchable items.

I opened an account in Furl recently to try its features and it was a difficult task to import all my bookmarks from to Furl.


  • To export your items from delicious go to
  • Enter your username and password. Save the resulting all.xml (XML file) to your computer. That is the file you should use in Furl upload form.

Going to Furl…
Furl has a facility to import your bookmarks, if you have a file with bookmarks available.
Go to My Tools > Import page in Furl.


  • Just browse to locate your file all.xml file and attach it.
  • Check import from
  • And Click ‘import it’

Patiently wait for the next page to upload all your bookmarks. And all your bookmarks are now copied to Furl. Enjoy.

6 comments on “How to Copy Bookmarks to Furl

  1. ignazio says:

    What about
    I has integration with

  2. SETH says:

    So how does Furl compare to

  3. invadesoda says:

    Great info! I have both and furl and was not aware of these features.

  4. ?? says:

    Just browse to locate your file all.xml file and attach it.
    Check import from

  5. Stphane says:


    thanks for the tutorial. The correct api url now is

  6. Susan Marandi says:

    Hi, no matter which of the api urls I try, it says: “HTTP 403 (forbidden): You are not authorized to view this page.” Any suggestions? Thanks.

    BTW, I can’t import from my laptop to my furl either, since every time it gives me an error code, so my only hope is to copy from

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