How To Create Your Own Proxy Website

Do you know you can create your own proxy website. Proxy websites are a vital part of the internet. These sites allow users to bypass firewall restrictions to gain access to pages that their network normally will not allow them to see.

Although they are mostly used for gaining access to blocked websites, they also provide internet users with a unique method of accessing the internet anonymously. This allows those who use a proxy to keep their identity private, which is very important to many people. All of these aspects combine to create a strong demand for internet proxies.

Instructions to Set Up Proxy Sites

  1. Open an account at a web host that allows proxy websites. Many hosting companies do not allow proxies because they can generate a large amount of traffic that overloads the servers. Those that do allow proxy websites will typically prefer that you have a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a dedicated server. Most hosts do not allow web proxies on a shared server. Look out for lists of Proxy Web Hosts.
  2. Obtain a copy of PHProxy. This script acts as the software to power your proxy site. PHProxy is available free of charge, so anyone can make a proxy website without spending a lot of money.
  3. Log into the control panel for your web hosting account. Create a MySQL database that will be used by the PHProxy script. Make note of the database name, user name and password that is associated with the database. This information is needed to configure the script to communicate with the database.
  4. Edit the config.php file that is included with the script. Open the file with a HTML editor  (like Hippie Pro HTML Editor) so that you can edit the contents of the file and save the new copy. Use Windows Notepad if you do not have a HTML editor. Simply open the file, edit the website name, website address, database name, database user name and database password. Save the file after the information has been edited.
  5. Use an FTP program to upload all of the files to your hosting account. You can download a free copy of Filezilla FTP if you do not already have a program. Simply upload all of the files and folders included with PHProxy to your web hosting account. Your proxy website should now be operational.
  6. Read the documentation that is included with PHProxy. Follow the instructions in the documentation to customize your script, such as changing colors, page layout or other visual elements. This will help you make a FTP website that stands out.

** If your web host does not support PHP, you can use CGIProxy as an alternative. This script is made by the same group as PHProxy.

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3 comments on “How To Create Your Own Proxy Website

  1. akshara says:

    in this time of websites where many social networking sites like orkut are banned in many countries proxies do a great job..thnxx

  2. jpoopdog says:

    i dont get it, there are no folders included in the zip file and theres no file called confg.php
    whats going on? has the phproxy been updated?

  3. how says:

    thankyou for the info btw can you tell what difference will it create if i just make a proxy site on blogspot using a script?as many of us might not have much info about programming?

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