Customized Alexa Amazon Associate Toolbar


Working in cooperation with, Alexa has created Alexa Services for Webmasters, specifically designed for website owners.

You can create a customized Alexa Toolbar for your web site for free. Your logo can be customized into the web browser to get repeated visits. And the concept is simple. When your toolbar is used to make purchases on you get paid a commission from the Amazon associate program.

When someone searches from the toolbar, the search results feature multiple advertisements with your associates ID. A search for products or clicking on the Amazon button from the Toolbar will feature products with your associates ID. Alexa’s overview pages, accessed from Toolbar search results or directly from the Toolbar, also feature ads tied to your associates ID. They buy and you make money.

Webmasters may try this new tip for increasing Amazon commissions. But with so many popular toolbars available, and so little browsing space in overloaded browsers, I wonder how many users will download another toolbar!


2 comments on “Customized Alexa Amazon Associate Toolbar

  1. shokthx says:

    Not sure what advantage this would be to a user.

  2. kalop says:

    Does it can use with amazon?

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