Identify Mystery Face in Source Code

Is Digg hacked? There is a mysterious hidden face on If you view page source code in your browser, a commented code is visible on homepage! Can you identify who this face resembles?

Go to > Right click > View Source Code … and behold!

Digg Source Code

Why was I looking up the Digg source code? To grab some cool CSS styling for our blog and look what I found. BTW this face was only present on the front page of Digg, and not on other pages and links. Who do you think this face resembles? Has the page been hacked?

Who is the Mystery Face on Digg?

If you look carefully at the source code, it reveals some links and a password also.


The link goes to the site, which asks for 6 passwords, and this seems to be one of the passwords which you see in the code. It has other links pointing to Dante’s Inferno, which it is one of 2010’s Most Anticipated Videogames. So this is basically some promotional advertising game going on as Dante’s Inferno hits stores on Tuesday Feb 9, 2010. You can Preorder Dante’s Inferno right now.

View the Dante’s Inferno ‘Go To Hell’ Super Bowl Commercial

Update: The game creator EA had embedded faces of different game characters of Dante’s Inferno into source code of various websites so people can find the 6 passwords. View Source code of,, etc.

dante's inferno code dante's inferno code

2 comments on “Identify Mystery Face in Source Code

  1. Arun Basil Lal says:

    Nice find there, hacking is everywhere this year, so you can never be sure if its a prank or a hack

  2. Sarimin says:

    nice post… :) thx…

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