How to Display Latest Tweets in Your Email Signature

How to display tweets in your email signature? Till now we used to insert links to social sites profiles and display them in our email signatures. is a twitter tool that allows to shows the latest tweets below your email signature. With Twitfooter whenever you post new tweets your twitter status gets updated automatically in your email, even the ones already sent.

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You can use TwitFooter to show your company’s latest news and to attract new followers. You can track the number of clicks per tweet also.

Twitfooter works with popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, Entourage, etc.. Visit TwitFooter, click “Sign in with twitter”, allow TwitFooter to connect to your twitter using Oauth (so no fear of losing your password) and then Twitter redirects you to Twitfooter page.

setup TwitFooter

This page shows your twitter account’s footer, click “Show Latest tweet” under Setup and copy the code shown on the page and paste in the email signature option. Here TwitFooter generating an image for your latest tweet. Twitfooter currently supports Firefox and Google Chrome browsers only.

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21 comments on “How to Display Latest Tweets in Your Email Signature

  1. Ravi Reddy says:

    Thanks venkat good to know about tweetfooter

  2. dotcompals Prashanth says:

    How to put the code at gmail?

    • venkat says:

      Copy the code. go to Gmail settings and select Signature option and paste the code and save changes.

  3. Musicblog says:

    Nice to hear about this. I will try tweetfooter.

  4. Andrew @ DUB turbo says:

    This is a really cool tool. I love the fact that your Twitter feed will continually update, regardless if the email was sent weeks or months ago. This tool allows you to attract even more clicks when a person opens up your email.

  5. Bill Lehane says:

    This sounds really great and I’m going to try it out. I’m just wondering if anyone thinks there could be spam filter implications? I would hate for my emails not get through because of some restriction on this type of feature.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Its basically a simple html image code, so unless you email client is blocking images, you should see it. I don’t see why any spam filters should block it.

  6. Cara Barone says:

    Will it update when you send out a new tweet if you selected latest tweets? Just tried it and it wasn’t working!

    • Rolo says:

      Doesn’t update for me either – I’ve tweeted @twitfooter – Did you find a solution?

    • Rolo says:

      Doesn’t update for me either – I’ve tweeted @twitfooter – Did you find a solution?

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      After Twitter Oauth login, you have to select “Show latest tweet” and then update the new code in your email signature. Works for me.

      • Rolo says:

        I’m using Outlook 2007 and I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t updating, even when re-inserting my signature.

        Playing about with it, I have found that by going into signatures, selecting the sig in question (I have several), clicking into the edit sig area and then clicking save, this updates the tweet in my signature for the next time I use it.

        However, test emails I have sent to Outlook accounts and gmail are still displaying the same tweet they were before, so the claimed auto-update isn’t working for me. I’ll be interested to know if this is the same thing Cara is seeing. Perhaps it’s a cache issue?

        • QuickOnlineTips says:

          Its basically a linked image. See our image code.

          So if your client is caching images, I guess it would not update.

  7. Somenath Sen says:

    Nice info Venkat….TwitFooter is a very good tool….

  8. Tech Crates says:

    Never thought that these kind of tool exists….Will definitely make use of it

  9. tinathorsen says:

    Just installed Twitfooter. Sounds so cool! Thanks for the tip. Can’t wait to see if it increases my traffic.

  10. Rajib Kumar says:

    Can I use these code in any where??

  11. Sarah says:

    I can’t get this to work in Entourage. Help, please?

  12. Jennie says:

    I have twitfooter through my outlook account, but it will not automatically update the email footer picture, I have to manually change it – does anyone know why this is?

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