Disposable Email Addresses – Protect your Email

PookMail is a disposable email account system. When someone or some site asks you for your email address, just pick one from pookmail.com. Use any unusual email id name like account23@pookmail.com

Login to PookMail.com typing the same wierd name like ‘seemyaccount23’ in the login form, and click GO. And you can see your emails. It is essential to note that after 24 hours, your received emails will be deleted from the system.

An excellent way to give out short term disposable email addresses. Takes care of spam from suspicious sites, and protects privacy of your original email account and maintains its security.

It is in the beta phase, so there must be bugs which they are trying to work around. Save your email, if it is important to you. After all google’s gmail is also in beta phase.

It gives option to save the email, see headers and delete the email. You cannot compose messages, reply, forward or store email addresses. So very useful if you just want to read emails or want a valid email login to suspicious sites which want to verify your email

Choose a difficult name
as the email id as the site does not require any password. So it seems anyone who knows the unique email id can access the emails. So the more weird the email id is, the better it is.

It is not a substitute for your permanent email id, but is a good option for giving out at selected suspicious sites prone to spamming. Anyway, as it is disposable, if you dont like the email id, create out a more weirder one. Simple and fast and great for privacy – truly disposable!

15 comments on “Disposable Email Addresses – Protect your Email

  1. David Parrott says:

    There is another service that provides the same service, and has done for quite a while.

    It’s at http://www.mailinator.com/.

  2. Anonymous says:

    https://www.spamgourmet.com/index.pl provides another disposable account service, but in this one, you specify the number of messages the disposable address receives and forwards to your main address before self-destructing. A bit more private than the other services, but I use mailinator frequently as well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Another is mytrashmail.com.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you are tired of spammed emails dumping into your mailbox everyday,
    please check out this free site


    4warding.com provides quality Email Forwarding service (or Disposable Email service) for FREE.
    4warding.com’s Email Forwarding service is built around the idea of an endless supply of disposable e-mail alias addresses that you can give to anyone. E-mails they send to the alias that you gave them are automatically forwarded to your existing e-mail account.

    Emails -> Disposable Alias Addresses -> Your Email Address

    4warding.com provides you with a virtually endless supply of disposable email addresses (we call the aliases) for you to pass out to anyone you want. All of them will forward to your existing email account, and you decide just how many emails you want to be able to receive on each. If you’re getting overwhelmed by junk mail on an alias, just delete it and create a new alias. 4warding.com will reject any future email sent to the deleted (or expired) alias address with an “Invalid Email Address” error message – and even if it gets sold and resold a hundred times, the spammers still don’t have your real email address and their database will be polluted with email addresses that do not exist.

    Check it out, 4warding is the best value on the Internet!


  5. Anonymous says:

    definitely check out spamgourmet for a very comprehensive and easy to use service

  6. Joe says:

    By far the best of these disposable email address sites would have to be http://www.MailEater.com. No registration and its free

  7. jc says:

    shortMail.net has a service that offers both anonymous email and email forwarding for your existing account

  8. Fenriz says:

    Spamgourmet is the most thorough free remailer solution. Tons of “disposable email” services, but why go through the bother of having to check a website for the mail? Spamgourmet lets me create addresses on the fly, limit their lifespan, and recieve forwarded ail in my regula POP3 inbox, all without ever visiting their site again after registering. Sweet.

    ShortMail is cool because it requires no signup and forwards email from a dummy address only for a specified period of time. I use it to send friends invitations for web services without revealing their addresses.

  9. Paulie says:

    I like Guerrilla Mail. It is simple, fast and does not require registration.

  10. Csin says:

    4warding.com has been down couple days now.I wonder
    just how reliable this site is?

  11. Emily Scanlan says:

    A site I use is like the next generation of spamgurmet. Its soodonims.com.
    It provides unlimited disposables, never requires you to go back to their site unless you want to stio emails, lets you secify not only maximum emails, but expiry dates.
    It also reports on WHO sent the mail, so you can limit just some senders… not just the entire address.
    Worth a look for sure.

  12. someone says:

    Thanks Emily…

    soodonims.com is pretty neat!

  13. Ilyas Kazi says:

    But what if these tool owners sells our email-id??

    Some may be spammers itself for their business…

  14. Mike says:

    To add to the list try https://www.hugedomains.com/domain_profile.cfm?d=expiremail&e=com its a free, anonymous 15 minute disposable email account service. It comes complete with the ability to send & receive emails with attachments upto 2MBs in size as well as the ability to reply and forward emails. Other features include a resetable timer, randomly generated email address and no limit on the amount of accounts you can create. No registration required. Try it, you’ll like it.

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