Do Affluent Americans Visit Your Site?


How many Affluent Internet Users visit your site everyday? Though the site traffic quantity is important, site traffic analysts study the quality of web traffic your site gets. Online marketers prefer to buy advertising and on sites having rich Americans visitors (earning more that $100,000).

Compete, a leader in online traffic metrics, has published an interesting report about unique opportunities for online marketers to reach this high-value target segment. This data is compiled by Competeís Behavior Match product suite that scores the entire web and generates a list of the top sites matching the segment, in this case, affluent Americans.

They present a list of top torso websites (50,000 to 500,000 monthly unique visitors) that accept advertising and whose audience is overrepresented by affluent Americans… and say that these sites although “usually under-leveraged by ad networks and underused by media buyers, reach valuable niche audiences and can be efficiently and effectively used by creative brand advertisers to achieve success”.

I saw that a huge number of Affluent Americans are visiting some top blogs like Instapundit, GigaOm, DoshDosh, MarketingPilgrim … How many affluent American readers visit your site?


One comment on “Do Affluent Americans Visit Your Site?

  1. Abhijeet from Jeet Blog says:

    Well I would love to have affluent Americans visit my site but its still new and I think it will take a while :)

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