DocuPen Handheld Portable Scanner : Worlds Lightest Scanner?

Docupen by Planon System Solutions is ideal for scanning any document, anywhere and view or print it later. The first smallest FULL PAGE portable scanner is finally available to the market. A perfect portable handheld scanner for people on the go.

  • DocuPen R700 Scanner features a dual-roller guiding system and optical registration technology to enhance the user experience by creating a smoother scanning operation and a more accurate scan.
  • It includes a battery rechargeable feature that allows the DocuPen scanner to remain perpetually charged without utilizing a separate charging unit. Once a user plugs the DocuPen R700 into a computer’s USB port to download the scanned information, the scanner’s batteries are automatically recharged.
  • It is different from other pen scanners in that it scans a FULL PAGE width and therefore scans the entire page including text and graphics in just 4 seconds. Other pen scanners only scan single lines of text or records handwriting and cannot scan graphics making them much less practical.
  • The DocuPen is the ideal handheld scanner that allows users to conduct their scanning needs. This handheld scanner comes bundled with free ScanSoft PaperPort software.
  • The DocuPen has a patented ultra light weight technology that operates on batteries for full portability purposes. This handheld scanner is very useful where people need to capture various documents and information in the office, out of the office and at home.

You can order the DocuPen R700 online at their corporate site at for $199.99

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