Doing Business Online? Facts and Fiction

It should come as no surprise that, based on what they think doing business online is all about, most people believe that it’s all smooth sailing. They most likely associate the idea of an online entrepreneur with a person wearing elegant clothes, attending conferences, a person to which doing business online represents signing a few papers here and there.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that making the difference between facts and fiction nowadays becomes quite a challenge. There are all sorts of impostors out there, who would like to make you believe that everything is easy, and you can hear them go on and on about the lifestyle you are able to secure as an online entrepreneur.

Yes, some entrepreneurs have reached a point where it may seem that all they do is make decisions, since they delegate just about everything else, but they haven’t started out this way. They have worked their way up to a certain status and naturally, are reaping the rewards as well, but that doesn’t mean that everything has happened overnight, not by a long shot.

Before thinking about how much you will enjoy a certain lifestyle, wouldn’t working towards actually reaching those goals seem like a wiser decision? Sure, you can start planning how to spend your first million but wouldn’t your time be better spent working towards earning it in the first place?

No, being a successful online entrepreneur is not impossible but if you don’t stop dreaming and start acting, your chances at making it are slim to none. There are millions of entrepreneurs out there, most of which have started out thinking that everything will be a piece of cake. Are all of them successful? Of course not and in fact, only a small fraction of them are, the ones which have decided to keep going even after realizing that the road does tend to get bumpy from time to time.

You may see all sorts of people promoting the idea that the road to success is an easy one, but that’s 100% fiction and the people trying to trick you into thinking something like that always have a hidden agenda. There is a fine line between facts and fiction in the online business world and a fine line between an attitude which will help you get and stay on top and one which won’t get you anywhere.

Yes, there are a lot of successful online entrepreneurs and yes, doing business online can secure a certain lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to fight for everything, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a long journey ahead of you. Never fall into the trap of believing that you can reap the rewards of success without giving it 110%, because things don’t exactly have the habit of happening this way.

What about you, do you know exactly what you’re getting into, do you know what it takes in order to reach your goals or are you still living in denial?

Guest post written by Alan Johnson. Be sure to claim your free copy of The Online Business Handbook over at  

Note: This is a guest article and represents opinions of the guest author

One comment on “Doing Business Online? Facts and Fiction

  1. Tellman Knudson says:

    Great advice, Alan. Most people fail online because they’re more interested in “the dream” than in rolling up their sleeves and doing what it takes to be successful. I certainly wasn’t successful overnight, though it may have seemed that way. I had to learn Internet marketing and doing business online just like everyone else.

    Taking action is at least 90% of ultimate success.

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