Download Firefox 3 Alpha 2 (Gran Paradiso)

Mozilla has announced that Gran Paradiso Alpha 2 (or Firefox 3 alpha 2) is now available for download and testing by the Firefox developers and testers. This is an early developer milestone for the next major version of Firefox 3.

A look at the release notes reveals that

* Core layout code affecting the calculation of widths in tables, floats, and absolutely positioned elements has been rewritten.
* Resolved remaining issues with ACID2 test compliance.
* Support for the Web Apps 1.0 API for changing stylesheets.
* The inline-block and inline-table values of CSS 2.1’s display property are now implemented.
* XML documents can now be rendered as they’re downloaded instead of only after the full document has been loaded.
* Greatly improved Mac widgets support since Alpha 1.
* Improvements in the Cairo graphics layer.

The new version also discontinues support for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME and OS X 10.2 (OS X 10.3.9 or better is required). Also the non-standard JavaScript Script object is no longer supported. Download Firefox 3 Alpha 2 and test it out

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