Download Free Ebooks for Microsoft Reader

Its a great experience to read ebooks in the Microsoft Reader. And just in case you were looking to download free ebooks to read in the Microsoft Reader (which provides a “new standard for eReading”), there is an extensive collection of over 1500 free ebooks available on their site.

These 1500 free ebooks can be easily downloaded with a .lit extension which works in the Microsoft reader. Some popular books readily available are the Encarta Pocket Dictionary, The Time Machine, New York – A rough Guide and so on. Just in case you are looking for the download link – it is the logo below the text “Available from” on the right hand corner.

6 comments on “Download Free Ebooks for Microsoft Reader

  1. invadesoda says:

    Microsoft’s 1500 ebooks has an amazing 77 books written by Mao Zedong, which all appear to be provided by the University of Oregon. Only one by Lenin though. I guess reading books by evil people is legitimate, but I would be surprised if some controversy doesn’t arise about Microsoft providing a platform for economic hate speech.

  2. vishva says:

    it is gud!!!!!!

  3. LeeTK says:

    wow.. thanks

  4. Arunprabhu says:


  5. Frazzie says:

    The books are not free. A few are, but most send you to Powell’s or ediesel and you have to pay for the books.

  6. download ebook says:

    Microsoft Reader is really an amazing site for books lover. I find it quite interesting. Almost every kind of books are available there.This site is awesome.

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