Indian Rupee Font Symbol: Download Free for Word

The new Indian Rupee symbol is officially released and now download India Rupee font in word use for your documents. Typing the Re or Rs text is no longer a good idea as India now has its own Rupee symbol and fonts have been developed for universal usage.

Install Rupee Font

Indian rupee font

Fordian Technologies has created this new Indian custom font for free download. You need to start by downloading the .ttf Rupee font file.  Download font (.ttf)

This will download a .ttf file which you will need to install in your computer ‘Fonts’ folder. This is typically located in C: /Windows/Fonts. If your version of Windows differs, simply search ‘Fonts’  from the Windows key, click on the Fonts folder and drag the .ttf file to the folder (In Windows Vista – Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Fonts).

install rupee font

Use Rupee Font in Word or Excel

Wherever you want to use Rupee symbol in Word, simply click the Font selection > select “Rupee” Foradian font from the drop-down list of your fonts, and use Rupee symbol in your text in Microsoft Word.

rupee font

How type Rupee symbol?

It’s easy to type the Rs font. Most keyboards have the grave accent symbol on the top left, also known as back tics. It is ` key (the key just above “tab” button in your keyboard) is used to type the new Rupee symbol.

grave accent key

But remember, that for this to work, the font must be installed in the correct fonts folder, else it will not appear in the dropdown. Also note that if you share the document, the symbol might not appear if the font has not been installed in the user’s computer. You can download Rupee font installer free. Learn how to add Rupee Symbol in blog posts instead of Rs and astound your readers. You can now get a dedicated Indian rupee keyboard key to use Rupee symbol on the keyboard.

Still using Rs? Download Rs symbol font and use the new symbol for Indian currency in your publications and daily use.

21 comments on “Indian Rupee Font Symbol: Download Free for Word

  1. Raju says:

    Here is a better alternative font.

    In this font, the rupee sign is mapped to Unicode Rs symbol, so if the font is not present in the PC where a document containing this symbol is viewed, then the old Rs sign will be shown, which is better then showing a accent sign in place of Rs sign.

  2. vishnu says:

    thank u …
    but that font not work in ms office 2007 ..

  3. libin says:

    thanks for free downloading

  4. Rajesh S Doshetty says:

    Thanks for the font. from a heartly indian.

  5. Atmaram Sharma says:

    thank u …
    but that font does not work in old PageMaker 6.5 software

  6. jayesh rathore says:

    this symbol is not working in the insert symbol option – how to use in insert symbol?

  7. shreeram says:

    thanks!! i dont think its going to be that easy to get the symbol.

  8. Rahul says:

    Thanks. It was easy to download & install. Would be useful to me in my office work.

  9. Ajay says:

    Its fine and useful to any one. Thanks for this great tool making with general font family.

  10. chandrashekar says:

    How to use this in excel currency symbols in a spread sheet and to use it as a number.

  11. gowtham says:

    it is not working in my computer and it is not automatically updated, how to perform it without errors

  12. kk says:

    Nice, But how to set in control panel as a currency symbol.

  13. vinod says:

    Very good.. TTF and the tip to install it.

  14. Priya Majethia says:

    Thanx dear!! It’s really very easy to download and use. Now people will take this symbol seriously and will use in daily transactions.

  15. Rajesh says:

    Thank you very much for the Font, easy to install

  16. Santosh says:

    Hai Rahul this is santosh to use the currency symbol we need to change the font every time? and hoew it used while e-mail?

  17. R.Venkatesh says:

    How do you download for MAC? zI downloaded the font, however, post installation, I do not see this in the Font pull down menu.




    yaa thats true, but these fonts are not universally accepted, so we should work for implementation of it.

  19. Sourav says:

    good to have our own symbol… thanks

  20. Mahadev says:

    Our country also becoming like America. The Rs. Symbol is the first step. In Future our India will become strongest
    in the world. It is very powerful country. Because Indians are true.

  21. Pankaj lakhara says:

    very easy to download and install, but the formatting is not so best of this font……..
    u can use it for symbol only….words writing are not too good

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