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Sitepoint is distributing a free ebook titled The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques as a free PDF download for a limited time. Author Corrie Haffly shares her extensive Photoshop experience and will help you master the photoshop secrets of professionals.

The Photoshop Anthology will teach you to design attractive web graphics, touch up photographs for web use, Create web site mockups using Photoshop, improve your digital workflow, create master menus, buttons and background tiles and use nondestructive editing techniques and much more…

Originally priced at $29.95, its a no-catch complete 278-page copy of Corrie Haffly’s brilliant Photoshop web primer available for free. However, there is no direct download link and you need to enter your email address, where they will send you the download links. I downloaded the amazing book and believe me it’s totally worth it with amazing practical photoshop tips. So why is the book free? Its sponsored by 99designs.

(NB – I could post the download links here, but I guess it is not fair and maybe not allowed).

34 comments on “Download Free Photoshop Anthology eBook PDF

  1. Sumesh from Blog Creativity says:

    I’ve downloaded it already. I’m waiting to settle down with a cup of coffee before I read it (just kidding, that’s what I do when I have a real book)

    I don’t think it is unfair to post the link. Digital Inspiration had posted the link (from where I downloaded it), and that link had not been taken down during my last check.

  2. teno says:

    great that lots of your pain are free for use

  3. channel_7 says:

    where do i need to enter my address to get download link

  4. surendra says:

    i am not getting this book for free from anywhere so plz givw me the link so i can download it.

  5. rasheeduddin says:


    i would love to learn new tech.


  6. vasanthan says:

    would i like learn new featuchers in photoshop

  7. Manpreet says:

    ple send me the photoshop ebook in PDF format

  8. Zolile says:

    need a photoshop ebook

  9. bhavesh says:

    it takes very long process to just download a simple ebook

  10. Neha says:

    Very Good, its help me a lot

  11. Paras Limbu says:

    Please send me visual full photo shop course.

  12. nasar says:

    it is very usefull for me

  13. Prem says:

    It is nice.

  14. vanji says:

    this very useful to learn about Ps

  15. Kimpheng Tea says:

    I want to become a designer.

  16. minmin says:

    I want to study photoshop.

  17. LAMIAA says:


  18. mostafijur says:

    i want like this book more

  19. punit yadav says:

    not able to download free ebook on photoshop

  20. saikumar says:

    need plugins for photoshop

  21. mohammad says:

    free pdf photoshop

  22. MUHAMMED says:

    How do I download free photoshop cs4 program? help please!

  23. Aftab says:

    I wanna be a web designer and dis book is surely gonna help me a lot..

  24. Irshad says:

    please help me learn Photoshop
    if you can help me by sending Photoshop eBook
    to my email.

    I am much appreciated


  25. leo44aries says:

    can you send me a photoshop ebook

  26. leo44aries says:

    need to have the book… send me please

  27. lha says:

    Please send me Photoshop Free Book to My Mail.. Thanks

  28. lasintha says:

    plz send me the photoshop ebook in PDF format

  29. Richard says:

    I havent used it yet

  30. tenzin tsering says:

    i had like to download the free version of the photo shop tutorial hope u will provide me with the link in
    no time

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