Download Internet Explorer 9 Final

Now you can download Internet Explorer 9 final version and experience a new web. Microsoft has revamped IE9 and made it faster, simpler yet more powerful and advanced.

Download Internet Explorer 9

internet explorer 9Internet Explorer 9 features a simplified interface to put the focus on websites. The address bar and search bar have been combined into the One Box. Tabs stack along the very top. Sites load incredibly fast in Internet Explorer 9, and can also be pinned to your taskbar for one-click access. Tracking Protection in Internet Explorer 9 provides an added level of control and choice about the information that third-party websites can potentially use to track your browsing activity. Browse Beauty of the Web that IE 9 promises to create.

Chakra, the new JavaScript engine, compiles the JavaScript into highly efficient machine code in the background, while interpreting the JavaScript in the foreground. Internet Explorer 9 provides built-in developer tools which aid developers in rapid prototyping, testing, and debugging webpages by making changes to code from within the browser itself which can then be previewed. Hardware-accelerated text, video, and graphics mean your websites perform like the applications that are installed on your Windows-based computer.

Download Internet Explorer 9. As IE9 is launched there are increasing efforts to help people convert from IE6, as IE6 still powers 12% of computers worldwide.

18 comments on “Download Internet Explorer 9 Final

  1. Tech Crates says:

    Woah !! Good to know that the address bar and search bar are combined like as in chrome…Will try this !

  2. AL-AWM says:

    “Fast is now beautiful”… I like the branding, but will it ever catch Firefox’s rising popularity?

  3. Indiran says:

    Internet Explorer 9 is only available for Windows 7, Vista & Windows Server 2008 platforms. Still Windows XP is dominating most of the PCs. Moreover, there are 45% of IE users are working with IE6 only. Then what is use of Microsoft’s ‘kill-IE6 campaign’? ( This will become possible only after launching IE9 for Windows XP.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      They want people to upgrade to the latest version. To get more features and security.

  4. LiAqAt says:

    over-hyped i must say!
    people like me who are in love with chrome or firefox won’t ever switch to IE
    i had a bad experience with it in the past, and even its new design can’t make me forget that
    sorry IE, thumbs down for you!

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Still there are many sites which work on IE only.

      • LiAqAt says:

        yeah true, but majority of the sites work perfectly fine on chrome and firefox. And in my case, all of them open without any issues!

  5. Praveen says:

    IE does not show websites as firefox and chrome displays. That’s the main reason I don’t use IE.

    Anyway I tried this IE 9 it’s cool :)

  6. Floyd says:

    IE 9 is a lot better than Opera I feel but still needs to catch up when compared with Google Chrome and Firefox.


  7. steve brown says:

    look 4ward to tryin it

  8. binil says:

    let me allow for download internet explorer 9

  9. bre says:

    cant wait 2 try it out

  10. Jose says:


  11. joseph says:

    Thanks for this post, i will try that.

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