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The popular Adobe Reader has got a major upgrade. The free Adobe Reader 8 software lets you securely view, print, search, sign, verify, and collaborate on PDF documents. Steve Snell, Group Product Manager for Adobe Reader, announced the general availability of Adobe Reader 8 in English, French, German and Japanese for Macintosh and Windows.

adobe acrobat readerThe Reader user interface has been completely reorganized, is cleaner and much more functional with maximized work area. Beyond Adobe Reader window lets you see the main features of Reader, and click links to start tasks, get Adobe news, or learn more about features. There is 2D GPU acceleration, combined find & search, integration with Acrobat Connect, booklet printing, new tools, shared reviews etc. Leverage Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server and the new Adobe Online Services Document Center with Reader 8 help to enforce access rights at the document level. See the list of new features.

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader 8 [20.8MB]
Add on Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition [27.5MB]

Update: The latest version is now Adobe Reader X.

31 comments on “Download Free Adobe Reader 8

  1. Terinea Tech Tips says:

    Does it start up quickly? I advise my clients to install Foxit PDF Reader, it does the job and loads straight away, not 2 days later like Adobe Bloat Reader.

  2. David Martin says:

    Adobe Reader (Free)

  3. erf4f says:

    it is a very nice software.

  4. Loretta Jackson says:

    this is free right?

  5. paul says:

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  6. astasheel says:

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    We are working in a research Center.
    We found it very useful for us.
    I really thank all ADOBE members for their great help to us.

  9. amit says:

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  10. agus says:

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  11. Suresh says:

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  12. joy says:

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  13. Pat says:

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  14. Phil Beukes says:

    It is excellent – needs it for personal use only

  15. habib says:

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  16. peter wong says:

    It’s a very useful software.

  17. dune says:

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  18. rahman says:

    I need tha free adobe reader 8 badly.

    Thank you

  19. richard scribner says:

    Want to see if this will be as close to solidworks as I’m told it will be?

  20. Paul A. Tessier says:

    I had Adobe Reader 8 on my computer but seem to have lost it somehow. I have Adobe Reader 9 now on the trial bassis.

    Paul A. Tessier

  21. Sawsan says:

    I like to get adobe reader 8 to help me get to some websites that I can’t use without it. Thank you so muuch

  22. Uket John Igri says:

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  23. brian flannery says:

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  24. SALAH says:

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  26. N.M.C.S.Kularathne says:

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  27. Sunny says:

    I want Adobe Reader 8 free download.

  28. Hadi says:

    Yup, i hope it will better than before (light, fast and stable). Sometimes IE or Firefox hang for loading PDF file with Adobe Reader integrated in browser and i must restart my windows xp for solving the problem :-(

  29. pss says:

    i like adobe reader 8.0

  30. Louis says:

    Help me to convert/edit Pdf to Word

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