Top Brands Introduce Extra Large Ads

What are extra large ads for you – 768x90px or 160x600px banners? Well XXL extra large size advertisements went live on top websites like CNN, New York Times as consumers continue searching for content between the ads.

I spotted this huge Mercedes ad on New York Times
Extra Large Ads

Online Publishers Association announced that several popular members, whose sites reach 68% of the total U.S. Internet audience, have begun offering the three new larger new ad units, namely

  • The Fixed Panel: 336 wide x 700 tall, remains constant as the user scrolls to the top and bottom of the page
  • The XXL Box: 468 wide x 648 tall, opens for seven seconds to 936 wide x 648 tall with 1/24x frequency
  • The Pushdown: 970 wide x 418 tall, opens to display the advertisement and then after seven seconds rolls up to 970 wide x 66 tall, with 1/24x frequency.

The Online Publishers Association (OPA) represents high-quality online content providers before the advertising community, the press, the government and the public and comprises of some of the most trusted andwell-respected media brands. Some of the top advertiser brands leveraging the new OPA ad units include Bank of America,  Cleveland Clinic,  CNA, Frito-Lay, Mercedes-Benz etc.

Some of the top 37 publishers brands on the internet where you can now these OPA extra large ad units now or some time in the near future include,, Bizjournals, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, CBS Interactive,, Discovery Communications, Disney Online, ESPN,, FOXNews Digital, iVillage Network, Lifetime Digital,, MTV Networks, NBC Universal, National Geographic, New York Media, The New York Times, Thomson Reuters, Time Inc., USA Today, Wall Street Journal Digital Network, The Washington Post, and

Of course bigger ads lead to better visibility and more brand presence. For CPM advertisers, the bigger the ads are, the better it is, as they pay for ad impressions. Since these large ad spaces on top sites would be very expensive, they will be afforded by only top advertisers. Moreover, these ads look great because of high ad quality as top brands would have engaged  top ad designers.

How large will ads get? I expect even larger ads in the future. They are still better than the full page ads!

5 comments on “Top Brands Introduce Extra Large Ads

  1. Chris says:

    1. I never click on ads. If I visit the New York Times website or one of the others you mentioned, I am looking for news and articles and nothing else.

    2. If a site has too many ads, and especially too many animated or Flash ads, I often stop visiting that site.

    Advertisers should take note. There are many more internet users like me who are fed up with seeing websites cluttered with ads. If I want to look at really big ads, I’ll go stand in front of a billboard for an hour. Online, I can manage quite well without them, thanks very much.

  2. Wallace says:

    The larger banner will increase the time of page loading and for me it’s not working whatever how large the ad it is if you have no interesting on it.

  3. Tinh says:

    Large banner is eyecatching and maybe get more attention from readers but it is not good for small publishers as it increases loading time and decrease space for contents

  4. Jared Lyvers says:

    Most of these ads require user interaction. This means that the initial banner that loads to the page will only be in the 30-80k range. Once a user interacts with the banner the rest of the content is loaded. Because of this the load time to the page should not be effected. This does not mean that the Flash file wouldn’t slow down your browser. We all know that Flash can be a CPU hog.

    All that aside, I really dislike the large banners as well.


  5. Ryan says:

    936 x 648 is nothing. My advert is way bigger than that.

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