Facebook Green Graffiti Contest Winners

Facebook Green Graffiti Contest asked users to depict what we can do to go green, or what a greener future might look like. After a huge 4,900 entries and more than a half a million votes from the community, the judges have selected the art and text winners.

Check the top 150 art submissions that remained after the voting ended – all amazing. And the overall winner was Nick Tustin who won a green Dell Inspiron laptop.

Faceboo Graffiti

This piece represents the door we are all able to open, that holds the refreshing beauty of a clean earth. By doing simple things such as turning off the lights when they arenít in use, unplugging appliances, riding a bike instead of a car, carpooling, as well as more major changes such as widespread windmill use. Together, we can make this drawing a reality.

2 comments on “Facebook Green Graffiti Contest Winners

  1. duenpen says:

    That Good post. I found your blog from google…

  2. Denny Sa says:

    CABE is advertising on Facebook now. Apparently the cuts haven’t made a dent in their marketing budget.

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