Facebook in Real Life [Video]

Everyone is on Facebook, but as Facebook invades your private life and blocks your productivity time – Facebook does get annoying sometimes as seen in the video below.

As Facebook continues to grow bigger than Google, keeps winning Crunchie awards, yet support is gaining for the Quit Facebook day. Latest I heard was Zynga (makes of Farmville) have partnered with Facebook, so those Farmville annoyances are not going anywhere.

How is Facebook affecting your daily life?

3 comments on “Facebook in Real Life [Video]

  1. moon$hine says:

    Awesome skit, who’s the director?

  2. Daniel, Napoli (Italy) says:

    honestly? I seem that the people on FB are anxious to add “friends”, but all do not share really own life. For this, I have only 16 friends I really go out with.
    A my girl friend, for example, plays how amateur actress but she does not write on FB about this.

    I apologize for my bad English.

  3. Technolic says:

    Its true people are getting addicted to facebook,now facebook is life one of the family members.

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