5 Secret Steps to Fail to Become a Success

Fail to Become a Success. If you are looking for things like make money onlinebusiness success or anything like that in the Internet, then you must have noticed that most people out there promise you to reveal a very secret N steps (insert the number you fell for) to make quick money online or become a success in an online business. If you are older than 5 and have more life experience than it takes to believe in any of those schemes, then the stuff is simply annoying. However, it is ever popular.

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We respect you too much and simply cannot afford even a thought of fooling our readers like that, but still the topic is too seductive to completely avoid it. Therefore, today I am going to share with you a very secret and very well hidden recipe on how to fail to be a success.

This secret is well guarded by the least successful people on the face of Earth. They do not want you to know how they managed to ruin their success in such short terms and with such a guaranteed result. Yeah, you read it right – these steps will guarantee you an absolutely 100% failure rate at any type of business. Seems too simple? But wait! There is more! (I always liked how those commercial guys cry it out ;->) If you follow these simple steps, in no more than 1 month you will become a complete failure.

Step 1: Believe in Themselves

There is no better virtue than trustfulness. Remember, people whom you have never seen want to make you happy by all means possible even at their own cost. There is no way anyone in the whole world is ever gonna want to fool you. Every piece of advise and every “Secret Success Recipe” (and especially this one) is a genuine piece of wisdom that was devised by the best professionals in “know-it-all” industry (yes, it exists and makes billions per year).

Step 2: Do Precisely What They Say

All the knowledge that was gathered by the gurus is so precious that it is impossible to over-evaluate its usefulness. You are too mediocre to understand even the smallest part of the genius of “know-it-all” guru, don’t even try. Just do exactly what they say and keep in mind that any creativeness is deadly for your failure. Moreover, if you try to be creative you may end being a success, and we definitely do not want that, do we?

Step 3: Be Afraid

Only if you are truly afraid of any challenge you can be overpowered by it. There is no other way! Fear is a must for every self-built failure. Any of the gurus would tell you that unless they were not that much scared of speaking to you (now that is a true skillfulness – watch and learn). If you attempt to stand up to difficulties it can lead you to self-confidence, and that is a sure step in the direction of success. Stay clear of it.

Step 4: Choosing What You Hate

Now, when you are familiar with the basics of failure, it is time to choose your business niche. This is a very important and responsible step and failing at this spot can be a key to your overall performance. As important as it is, this step is one of the most simple – just think of the stuff that you hate most in this world and start making it a living. You will fail in no time, trust me on that.

Step 5: Give Up!

The final step is to give up. Timing is critical here. You may ask, when is the best time to give up? There is a good rule of thumb here: the earlier the better. A true guru of failure will manage to give up even before he has ever started to do anything, but you are not yet prepared for that, so don’t even try. Just keep in mind that the earlier you give up the less chance for success you will have. Why to bother dedicating yourself to the cause, if you are going to fail anyway (well at least we hope so)?

We truly hope that you have found these 5 simple steps very helpless and pathetic. Just stick to them as close as you can and we guarantee that you will fail in no longer than one month. And feel free to visit our blog to see how hard it is to achieve great success and how simple people like you and me have turned themselves into successful personalities (and that was a hard job indeed).

Edward Nigma is the Chef in the kitchen of the blog Flavor-of-Success.com that is devoted to gathering and sharing all kinds of success stories. Being successful is not about being rich or good-looking, it’s about achieving your goals and often simply being happy.  Image credits Graur Razvan Ionut. You can also submit guest posts and share your success secrets.

Note: This is a guest article and represents opinions of the guest author

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