Frequently Asked Questions

Which Blogging Platform do you use?
This blog is proudly hosted on WordPress.

Who is your domain name registrar?
I bought my domain name from Godaddy – the worlds largest domain name registrar.

Who is your Web hosting Provider?
Quick Online Tips is hosted on an excellent web hosting service by A2 Hosting.

What is your site traffic?
I suggest you read the About Us section which details our history and current statistics.

I dont understand all the blog jargon you use in articles?
That is exactly why I created this giant blogging terms glossary.

What is the best way to get your blog updates?
There are so many ways to subscribe.

Can you suggest me a newsreader to start with?
Try Feedly– a feature rich online web based RSS aggregator.

How do I stop subscribing to your blog?
You can unsubscribe our feed from your news reader or the email subscription (via a unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email) any time you want.