FatBlogging : Bloggers on Weight Loss Program

I was amused when I saw posts titled 221, 196 etc across my news reader. Jason Calacanis is well known for starting a new buzz in the blogosphere. This time its about bloggers losing weight and blogging about it.

In a post titled has Fatbloggers unite! he motivates bloggers in a weight loss program and encourages them to join the fatblogger movement.

“Basically the goal is to share what’s working and support each other in being not-fat. Format: One blog post a day with your weight as the title. You can also add to the post what you’re doing in terms food consumption, exercise, and what’s working for you–however, the base line for involvement is three numerical characters a day in the subject line of a post.”

It seems more fat bloggers are getting inspired to fatblog their health and fitness program. People are seen attaching their computers to their treadmills. You can view some fatblogging experiences at 260.2, 196, 221.5, 242, and 199. Jason himself lost weight to 191.2.

Are you fatblogging? Health and fitness is essential for bloggers. Blog and share your weight loss experiences with others.

2 comments on “FatBlogging : Bloggers on Weight Loss Program

  1. TheDietPulpit says:

    I am definitely fatblogging :) Only recently discovered the term, but it is definitely a good thing so folks can connect who are all on a similar road to get healthy!

  2. Canister Set says:

    weight loss is sometimes difficult to attain, it all depends on your motivation and genetics :~”

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