Feedburner Analyzes TechCrunch’s 100k Subscriber Milestone

Are you still struggling to increase the numbers of your feed readers? Premier and popular blogs like Techcrunch can easily collect thousands of new feed readers everyday easily. Techcrunch recently surpassed the 100k subscriber mark and their feed provider feedburner analyzes the milestone.

It is always a learning experience to analyze the feeds of top blogs and popular bloggers. A break up of the feed readers shows most Techcrunch readers subscribe using firefox live bookmarks – 28% (over 28,000) – that is lots of firefox users, followed by Newsgator 13%, Bloglines 12%, Newsvine 8%, Rojo 8% and so on. That shows you what the popular RSS feed aggregators are and which feed subscribe buttons you should use. Although my numbers are much smaller, 32% of my readers use bloglines, followed by 16% with firefox live bookmarks.

A quick look at the 4000 email subscribers reveals that over 3800 Techcrunch users subscribed using the feedburner email subscription service. That must be the default email subscriber service they offer, so that is a matter of preference of Techcrunch. I offer Feedblitz, many others offer squeet, rssfwd…

Another interesting information Feedburner provides is called Uncommon Uses, that shows a handy snapshot of “all the other places your content is going” beyond your usual subscriber base. Recently Feedburner acquired Blogbeat, and I am looking forward to a more detailed analysis of my feed subscribers.

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