Feedproxy to Feeds2: Feedburner Feeds Redirect Again!

While tweaking some feeds in Yahoo! pipes today, many feeds were returning strange errors. Now original Feedburner feeds are redirecting to feeds2.feedburner.com/blog instead of feedproxy.google.com/blog

Feedburner Redirect Changes

When our feeds were migrated by Google from Feedburner account to a Google account, they changed the original feed url such that our feed

http://feeds.feedburner.com/QuickOnlineTips redirected to

That worked fine for the last few months. Now when I check it redirects to feeds2.feedburner.com/QuickOnlineTips

So why are 2 Feedburner feeds a problem?

1. Now there exists 2 duplicate Feedburner feeds at


That is sure to cause some SEO issues.

2. Which feed should we link to as the default feed on our blog?

Linking to both feeds is not a solution. Google should clearly stop one of these feeds, or advise which feed they want us to keep as default. To add to the confusion, when I login to my feedburner.google.com account, I see that my feedburner address displays with the feeds2 url

feed2 feedburner

I wonder why Google has made this switch. I know of several feed indexing services which have stopped updating our new feed ever since it redirected to the new url. Maybe it is to fix those feed issues. Maybe it has to do more with the mass migration of all Feedburner feeds to the Google account.

Before you say our case is an isolated incident affecting only our feed, it is affecting most popular blogs like Techcrunch.

Their original feed feeds.feedburner.com/Techcrunch
redirects now to feeds2.feedburner.com/Techcrunch
and not to feedproxy.google.com/TechCrunch
which they link to as their default feed.

Do we all need to change our feedburner url? Tell me.

Update: @NischalShetty points out that Feedburner/Google also hosts another not-updated version of feeds at

5 comments on “Feedproxy to Feeds2: Feedburner Feeds Redirect Again!

  1. Pamela says:

    No, your case is certainly not isolated, as I noticed the same thing when I was updating some things today and researched on it. Why we’ve had a double-change, I don’t know, but apparently, according to a Google engineer (source) the feeds2.feedburner.com “should be the final address as part of this migration campaign.” I’d like to see a proper clarification from Google before I hold my breath on it though.

  2. Susan Salaki says:

    I am relived to find this article tonight. I have been pondering what to do about Feedburner showing my feed one way and my default showing another way. I did nothing at all at first (last week) but now I am changing to the new “feeds2” address on my blogs. Do hope it is the last time.

  3. Ray says:

    Hmm… interesting about “feeds2.feedburner.com” being the final address. One has to suspect the source of this information as it doesn’t seem legitimate.

    If it was actually addressed in the Feedburner Google Group or in some Google documentation that would be sufficient enough for me.

  4. Chung Bey Luen says:

    From what I understand from Google, feeds2.feedburner.com is the final address. I’m linking my feed to this URL.

  5. ddlinks says:

    yes,feeds2.feedburner.com is the final address andd it now stored in google servers

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