Find Missing Madeleine McCann: Site Gets 75 Million Hits

The web is abuzz with attempts to find a missing girl called Madeleine McCann. This 4 year old girl was missing from her apartment bedroom in Praia da Luz holiday village (Algarve, Portugal) on 3 May 2007. Her parents have launched websites to find her which have received more than 75 million hits making it one of the most popular sites on the internet.

The website called is the official website to find Madleine McCann. It seems several unscrupulous businesses are cashing in on the interest in the internet campaign to find Madeleine McCann by attempting to trick the millions of visitors with bogus websites.

The family of Madeleine McCann have launched a Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned appeal. The funds will be used to help find Madeleine McCann, support her family and bring  justice. They have already got over 25,000 Support Messages and the balance on the fund account current stands at over 70,000.

A video of missing Madeleine McCann will be broadcast during today’s FA Cup Final to an estimated worldwide audience of half a billion people and Yahoo UK News is tracking breaking news. Wikipedia is tracking the updated news in depth and points to top celebrities are raising the reward money to millions of pounds.

Over 300 Youtube videos are being circulated to spread the message across the world. It amazing how the web can spread the word so quickly across the world. Send a support message and pray she comes back fine.

37 comments on “Find Missing Madeleine McCann: Site Gets 75 Million Hits

  1. Christina Doran says:

    in the search to find madeline has touched me deeply my deepest sympathies to the family and i pray she comes home safely.

  2. Shuroma-S.A says:

    I pray not a hair on her little body has been harmed…May the person who is responsible for this,suffer miserably!BLESS YOU MADDY,WEREVER YOU ARE ANGEL,I PRAY FOR YOR SAFETY EVRY SECOND…COME HOME BABY…

  3. Shuroma-S.A says:

    Another time,another place,another heart,another face,another tear,another cry,another laugh,another sigh…Maddy,you are irreplaceable,Baby!I pray you come home safe,sound and unharmed.GOD,PLEASE,WE NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER!PLEASE WATCH OVER MADDY AND GUIDE HER HOME!PLEASE DEAR GOD. . .

  4. Rosie O'Neill and Rebecca James says:

    Find Madeleine, We are all praying for little Maddy, Hope you find her, we got our fingers crossed. Poor Maddy Shes a star

    love Rosie and Rebecca

  5. xxxAmyxxx says:

    I really hope that Madeline is found the pictures of her on the internet are so cute.
    Whoever did this are horrible i don’t know how anybody could take a cute little girl like Madeleine.
    I hope she is found and back with her family and friends where she belongs.

  6. Lauren ..x says:

    Just want to say that thinking of you lil maddie.. Hope you return safe and well…. Many people are praying for you and hoping you are okay… You are a stunning little girl… really pretty… i just hope that whereever you are and who you are with they let you come back to your family and get back on with your life…. Love Lauren….x

  7. hayleigh says:

    i hope little maddy is found and i hope that when she comes home she will be ok and i hope that the police get the horrible people that have done this to poor maddie and her family

    please bring maddie home to her family


  8. samantha says:

    we are all praying 4 u maddie, plz plz plz plz just bring her home, her family and friends are missing her lyk mad she misses her mummy and daddy and brother and sister plz plz plz just bring her back safe xxxxx

  9. sophie says:

    hello ive been touched deeply and have been thinking about you and madelien for a long time and am still wishing and hopeing that she will be found alive, no human being should be put through what she is going through.
    so me and my friends from etonbury middle school stotfold have decided to raisemoney for you. it doesnt matter what i would do anything.

  10. Claudia M. says:

    My prayers are with Madeline in my heart I pray for this little girl to be okay. One thing why not hire a Psychic. They are really good at trying to help. I believe a psychic is helful in these situations. A situation of the sort is not a funny matter it is a serious one.

  11. Mandy says:

    Just wanted to say you are in my thoughts daily i never miss the news i hope little princess Maddy will be returned home safe and sound and unharmed.
    Dear god i am a Roman Catholic i have faith in you that little Maddy will be returned home safely in the arms of her loving family who need her soooo much please make the parents wish come true. And whoever took this angel may he/she they be severely punished when caught.
    I pray for little Maddy’s return love and hope to all the family god bless you all.
    I am doing all i can on my website for Maddy i just pray it’s enough please god bring her home PLEASE.

  12. evelyn brewer says:

    our prayer are with maddys family i can’t even imagine god will watch over her i’m sure of that and she will be found

  13. philippa jupp says:

    everyone is praying and hopeing that maddie will be rought home safely back to where se belongs with er family x i can’t imagin what her family is goin through right now x i tink she is still out there somewhere all my hopes and wishes are with madeline right now x i dont know what kid of sick person could do this to a little girl and her family and not feel guilty about it!!!!!!

    PLZZZ bring maddie home safely and soon everyone misses her soo much even those who dont no her :(:(
    plz god bring maddie home!!!:(

  14. Deirdre Banfield says:

    Our family watch the news every day and hope and pray that Madline will be found soon. She has two wonderful parents and our hearts go out to them.

    A thought occured to me- an emphasis on an add. with “u could make a difference” to emphasise that some one person might send that vital e-mail which will lead us to her.

  15. zobia says:

    i pray 4 little maddy everyday, please cum back home safe, may god watch over her.

  16. jade-x- says:

    all our hopes and wishes are devoted to MADELINE for her safe return and 1 day she will return safe and with her friends and family you always in our minds MADELINE …. just dont give up hope everyone and espically not the family never give up ….whoever done this the madeline and her family should be badly punished for putting them through all that grief xxxxx always in our minds and praying for you to return safly

  17. nicola and susan says:

    Maddie is a cute little girl and it is so sad that she is missing. we pray that whereever she is she is safe and alive.PLEASE help find her and if you see anyone like her tell the nearest police station .
    XXXXX Susan and Nicola

  18. hollie says:

    maddie bbe u will be found and u will be put into ur mother and farthers n ur brave brother n sisters arms people said that sum one heard u say wen will i see my mummy again u will see ur mummy again and they luv u loads and just keep being strounge and u will be found bbe luv u loads and thinking bout u

  19. mag crawford says:

    if the next person that sees wee madeline could follow her and lead police to her would be a great help, keep up the search everyone out there.i wish i was well enough to join in the search,it is so prayers are with all of the mc cann family.

  20. Bri says:

    I have her parents in my thoughts and prayers. I too have a little one around her age and it is devastating what her parents must be going through. Please, if her parents or family are viewing this there is a well-renowed pscyhic in the states sylvia brown who helps in missing cases. She has helped so many cases and it wouldn’t hurt to contact her go to her site I pray and have postive thoughts that maddie will be united again and soon with her mom, dad and siblings, God Blesss the family!

  21. Penny Reid says:

    Madeline’s Parents: I am praying for you and your precious angel. I have been very touched by this terrible event and I know that there are no words to comfort you. Please know that me and my family are praying for Madeline’s safe return to you.

  22. Vicky Fulelr says:

    Madeline…come home safely babe. And her parents are in all of our hearts here in Southampton xxx. My Prayers are for you xxx

  23. Mary says:

    I could’nt believe it when I read where Jerry and Kate were asked if they were involved in their Daughters dissapearance. Only a very cold nasty person could have asked that Question and fair play to kate and Jerry for keeping their cool when answering.
    Noone believes or even thought either of you could be involved in the dissapearance of your daughter.
    God bless you both and I admire your strength so much.
    A Mother of three grown up children.
    Love Mary xxx

  24. Elaine says:

    Dear God help this little girl get home. We pray for you every day, no words can describe what you are feeling you. some one will guide you home to you mam and dad, never give up on hope, I wont.

    This is to who ever has this beautiful girl bring her back what if this was your child that this has happened to, you would go to the ends of the earth to her.I am a mother myself and I know any mother would. PLEASE, PLEASE bring her home.

    With all our love little princess
    Elaine & Brendan & sarah & lauren.


  25. jane says:

    Please help to find Maddie, i am the mother of 3 young girls, i could not even begin to understand how her Mummy and Daddy must feel. If you or anyone that you know have any information about Maddie, please do the right thing and contact the Police, Maddie has done nothing wrong,how would you feel if she was your little girl? I pray maddie will be found soon and be reunited with all her family, you are in my thoughts.

    Love Jane xxx

  26. Ruth says:

    I just want to lift Madeleine up to God in Prayer..Allmighty God and Father In the name of Jesus Christ you Son hear the cries of Madeliene and her family God and allow her to be found and Protect her from any harm God..Lord You know where she is We are only human and we are limited We need your help Lord We call on you God and ask you bring this little child safely back to her parents Oh God I just pray in the name of Jesus ..I pray God if she is alive Lord that you would protect her from harm and cause whoever to have her to not have her anymore and she will be safe in the name of the Lord Jesus amen and Amen!

  27. Ruth says:

    I just pray to Allmighty God and father in the name of Jesus Christ the Risen Lord to bring to light all that has happened to dear little Madeleine. I pray she is unharmed and out of the hands of the one or ones who may have her..God only knows and I pray that she will be reunited very soon to her parents. Father God send forth help to this little one in Jesus name I pray..amen!

  28. Amber says:

    I hope Madeleine will be safe back to her parents and that we all know that Maddie has done nothing wrong to deserve this. And if you know who has taken Maddie please could you contact the police. I hope Maddie will be back with her sister and with her brother.


  29. Elina says:

    My heart is broken about this smal angel.
    I pray for Maddy and her familly every day.
    God bless all of this familly and bring Maddy come back to home.
    I would kill the monster that cause so much pain to this child and her parents.
    I keep looking for her.

  30. leanne says:

    I feel deeply sorry 4 the mcann family and hope 2 god that the little angel is found soon! I personally think that the sick demented person who has her needs to realise this is not a game give yourself in your going to get caught anyway so stop making a huge drama out of it and do wat is best! I bet your instincts are telling you that you are doing something wrong! It is such ashame the little angel missed her 4th birthday! She is only a child for god skae she has got the whole of her life ahead of her give her back!!

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