How to Fix Errors and Format USB Flash Drives

How can you quickly fix and format your USB flash drives and make it functional again for optimal use. USB flash drives are a great data storage and safe data transfer gadget. But if you believe that flash memory is secure and stable forever, you are wrong.

usb flash driveFlash memory is considered insulated from jerks and related damage. However, these USB pen drive do get corrupt as I noticed. I use a top branded USb pen drive and am using it for the last 6 months and it worked very well. (Never rely on cheap unbranded usb drives – you never know when your data is lost)

So of late, when I started to open my powerpoint presentations, they would not open. Some error had occurred during transfer or storage as the main file from which it was transferred worked well. So the problem was in a data storage as the transfer was smooth.

Fix USB Flash Drives

An important precaution is not to remove the pen drive while the data is being transferred. Always remove the pen drive after stopping it. Go to ‘Safely remove hardware’ (green arrow icon art bottom right corner).

Safely remove drive

Stop the usb mass storage drive and when it says it is safe to remove it, then remove it.

remove hardware

Always check by opening your important files before that important presentation. If it does not open now, probably it will not open there also. If it works now, it should work there also.

If for some reason your file does not work. Transfer another copy of the file with a renamed version – it may work..

If you delete the file and retransfer the same file with the same name and size, it probably gets written to the same area and will not work. A different name with a different size gets written to another area and can work. Its better to transfers 2 copies of your file anyway.

If you want the presentation to work on older computers (like Windows 98), do not forget to take the drivers CD which will allow such computers to recognize your plug and play usb drive. Always keep this invaluable CD handy, you never know when you encounter an older computer. I also keep a copy of the Wind 98 driver on the USB drive, can become useful one day.

Flash drive data still getting corrupted

After going to My Computer, Right click the Removable drive, Go to Properties >Tools. Run Error Checking and Scan for errors and fix them. The files that are corrupt or in bad sectors already will not work but at least the new transferred files should work.

error checking

Format USB drive.

Remember formatting flash drives will delete all the data from your USB drive and make it fresh and hopefully remove all errors. The software for formatting comes on the CD or available on support sites for your branded usb drive on the net. For some reason, when I ran this formatting software, it would say the USB drive is not connected.

How did I format my flash drive?

Right click removable drive and select and format the drive. Then scan and fixes all errors.

Format Drive

In the File System drop down, you will see FAT and FAT32. So which one to select?

If you right click Removable Drive >Properties

Drive properties

The General Properties of the USB drive reveals it is FAT, so I use FAT in the format utility. Then just select “Quick Format” and “Start” and all data will be deleted and hopefully all errors are now gone.

If still none of these tips work – Get hold of the warranty and get it fixed from customer support. If all fails…. its time to buy a new high memory storage USB drive !

WARNIN: Please try this at your own risk. You may land up deleting all data or making your drive unusable. Seek professional help if needed.

477 comments on “How to Fix Errors and Format USB Flash Drives

  1. flyashi says:

    This is actually a really useful thing.

    I’ve had name-brand flash drives not always copy the data, and I’ve seen corrupted data be recoved by Windows. If this helps at least one person recover that vital data, then it was all worth it.

    So, thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Deleting and then recopying the file will most likely not copy to the same area of the disk. Flash memory has internal mechanisms that distribute data so that one area is not used more often then others; this improves the lifespan of the memory.

  3. Anonymous says:

    After pulling a USB stick out during boot of a PC, before Windoze had started, I found it was no longer readable. OK, no biggie, only non-critical data was lost. However I could NOT re-format the drive, Windows would fail at the task. I feard the stick was dead until I formatted it in a few seconds as a FAT drive using Linux!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had to do this a couple of times for a pesky SD Card on a camera. But, I use fdisk on a linux machine.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I bought a Lexar JumpDrive 512 and was horrified to discover that while I could read and write to it just fine, I was forced to use 8.3 style filenames.

    Turns out it was formatted in FAT, not FAT16. I reformatted it from windows file explorer just like it was a hard drive, and it’s worked perfectly ever since. I copied the autorun folder and it’s files back onto it afterwards, and it even installs the secure partition driver upon insertion.

  6. Mauricio says:

    i have an usb flashdrive (centrios, 256mb)..
    its not even 6 months old and its not working..
    i tried to format it but it doesnt work..
    the thing that finds and corrects all errors on the flashdrive doesnt work either..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Recently a friend gave me a flash drive to test (verify) it.
    As the documentation sais it’s a
    SONY Micro Vault USM8024 Mass Storage Device with a capacity of 8 GB!!!, with an
    unbeliveable low price of under 90$.
    It was suspicious at first, of course, so I plugged it in, and the system (Win XP OS)
    recognized it, installed the drivers automatically, and reported the capacity of 8 GB!
    When I re-connected the device, the system reports that everithing is O.K. but
    when I attempted to access the drive reported ” There is no disk in the drive”.
    I opened the properties to see the volume information which is reported UNKNOWN.
    I could,t format it under Windows, and it’s own disk formatter could’t access the drive too.
    If someone had an experience with a drive like this, i coluld use a help.
    Or, be carefull if someone offers you a flash drive like this!!!
    It may NOT be an authentic SONY product!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    i can get in to my flash disk i tried everything scandisk which didn’t work and it wouldn’t format i’ve also tried some programs on the net to fix the problem “no luck ” if anyone as any ideas email me @

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey I have a similar problem as

    Please if you have a solution, e-mail it to

  10. Anonymous says:

    SONY 8G Model USM8024 appears to be a FAKE. There are loads of these selling on EBAY, but they do not work (atleast with Windows XP Pro) When I contacted SONY support they told me the model was not valid and that the unit was likely a counterfeit. Hope this sways others away so they don’t get burned like I did. Buyer beware !

  11. Catcher says:

    Similar problem as Anonimous mentioned above..I insert it and click on it and it says please insert disk in drive:…properties show 0 bytes and this is a 1GB Mecer minidisc..the blue one.. tried the tools..yo, everything dude mentions I’ve done.. if yougot any ideas on how to repair this hit me at

  12. Anonymous says:

    Same problem to me. Email me pls daniel at 100mb dot ro if you have any sollutions. We got burned, but let`s find a way to repair them. I will search for solutions, and if i`ll have one, i will contact you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi all… just experienced something similar with a sony 8GB microdrive. It seems to worked fine for about a week then just died. Also going to try to resurrect it, cause i knew it worked once….


  14. Q-Dog says:

    I also had a usb flash drive that gave me a write protected error message when I tried to access it. I tried to format it using windows utilities and also the HP usb storage format tool. Still no luck. I was about to just trash it since it was just 128mb but then I went to the command prompt and formatted it there. Good luck

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have a problem with this, i have a 512mb mp3 flash player but can only format it to a max of 49mb, thus losing 9/10 of the space..
    Anybody that knows a fix for this(or a third person program)

  16. says:

    I have a 512 MB USB Flash Disk but it says its not formatted but when I go to the format screen it says “Unknown Capacity” can anyome help me?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much! We were desperately trying to recover our corrupted disk! Your info is very helpful.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I had the same problem as proxy.killer which I solved by going to control panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management and selecting disk managment.
    After that I found my removable drive which hade 486 MB of free space and no file system (it was detected as RAW). I right clicked it and selected somthing like create a partition. After that I just folowed the installer.

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the info about Admin Tools, worked perfectly.
    Same deal, 1 gig Sandisk, couldn’t read the capacity, fix it, or format it with windows.
    Admin tools = BAM!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Admin Tools didn’t work for me. I formatted the hard drive, then removed the device, but when I plugged it back in windows said the device was working properly, but computer manager couldn’t read the drive…Definately a rip off (we bought it in China though, only cost $6)

  22. Anonymous says:

    I also was duped with the 8G Sony drive on eBay. It is as fake as it gets. They are REAL USB drives, cheap 128MB or 512MB drives with a driver that tricks Windows into thinking its 8G. The drive works flawlessly until the maximum storge limit is reached. Then all files added show up as 000.0000000 and FORMAT is the only way to make it usable again.

    I filed a formal report to Sony and they confirmed that world wide Sony makes nothing bigger than a 2GB USB Memory Vault. ALL 4G and 8G drives are fake, with fake packaging, manuals, the works…

    So quit looking for a “fix” or a way to make the drive bigger, it does not have the space to begin with!

  23. Jayesh Akole says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  24. Jayesh Akole says:

    please Help
    i m having 256mb pendrive but ater formating it with FAT32 option it is showing just 119MB space so please help me i solving this problem.

  25. Paulo says:

    Ok that’s all fine if, when you format the capacity of the flash drive is known.

    But, in my case when I try to format it, there is no capacity recognized, and when I mount it on the system I receive the message of “Please insert disk into drive ….”.

    Is there any possibility to recover from such a case?

  26. Anonymous says:

    I have a 512 mb Lexar Jumpdrive. It works well and has not caused any problems. I formatted it with FAT32, and that made it faster.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I am Having a 128 Mb Genx Pendrive
    The operating system Detects the Pendrive but dose not display KIndly tel me what can be done to restore or repair it

  28. Anonymous says:

    i have a 1GB scan disk cruzer micro usb device. prob with that device is i am unable to perform any operations. i am unable to write the contents to disk n also i’m unlucky in formatting the device, i tried in all windows n linux operating systems.

    O.S’s are able to detect the usb device but are not able to perform any more actions. i tried all the ways to format the disk, control panel >> admin tools >> computer management to DOS format command.

    while formatting it display an error at 99% n while writing any contents to disk , error “the request could not be performed because of I/O device error ” gets alerted.

    i am least bothered about the data in the disk.

    so plz help me how to format the disk n make re-use of it.
    reply me at:

  29. Anonymous says:

    I use flash drives/pen drives every day and the only problem I have ever had is with the drivers on an old Win98 machine. I like ClipDrives because they are made in US. I’ve never lost any data or had any problem with them.

  30. amanda says:

    Hi there .
    well my centrios Mp3 iesent working.
    Everytime I try to send music to it
    It just says E:/ is not exessable.
    and its says something about I/O how do I fix it

  31. scott harrison says:

    Hello, my viking flash drive is not read anymore by the computer, can someone assist me in how to fix it?

  32. Ghazi says:

    I have Flash disk Named as MyFlash, it is not detecting in any operating system. before it was detecting but after using it for few days suddenly it stopped. i mean it is not atall detecting now. can some one suggest me how to fix this problem

  33. Rana says:

    i have a USB 256mb LEXAR pen drive.
    it was fine but it stoped working after i copied two large files of flex Sign boards. my PC detect it as unknow device. if there is any solution please any body E-mail me . I will be very thankful for that help.
    waiting a nice reply in my E-mail box
    take care

  34. Shiv says:

    I have a 512 MB pen drive cum Mp3 player. since i bought that, i can store upto 240 Mb of datas only. its not allowing me to store beyond that. Once you see the properties, it saying capacity is 488 mb, used space is 243 mb & free space is 245 mb. but there is no files in the pen drive. I have tried formating with fat & fat32, but nothing works…….. can any one help?

  35. aizee khattak says:

    hi all i have 8 GB sony flash drive.i formatted it on wrong software now it shows just 31 mb.i have than formatted again by computer option but doesnt work….if any one knows its solution or knows its software tahn plz send me on my email adress…

  36. Mehdi says:

    Dear All,

    I’ve been using a SanDisk Cruzer Micro flashdisk for 9 months. Just recently it sends a “Device I/O Error” when I try to copy anything to it. It’s still being found by the OS and I can read the data but very slowly. I already tried every solution that is presented here and all failed. however when I formatted the drive frm command prompt it returned an “Invalid media or Track 0 bad” error. does it mean that I should trash it and buy another one? Please some pro give me some suggestions.



  37. i.godfrey thompson says:

    i purchased a usb flash drive with mp3 layer with a capacity of 512mb but when i mistakeingly formatted it using windows xp under fat32 i lost almost 250 mb and i have only 235 mb now .please provide me with a solution for my problem.

  38. Daniel says:

    I have an MP4 MP3 player that acts as a USB flash drive. When i try to format it, all i see in the drop down menu is “FAT32” only, i can see the “FAT.” THis player specifically needs to be formatted in “FAT” mode, not FAT16 or FAT32. How do I format in FAT then?

  39. mach5 says:

    hey u guys. Please, I need ur help here. my flash disk being wite protected by itself. i cannot cut or del files. i have try to format it but no result even from command prompt

  40. gechame says:

    I am having a problem with my usb it is 256mb when I bought it but right now it is only working wit 30mb of its capacity if I copy a file greater than this size it will show only the folder or icon of my file but it display the folder size in the property of the usb.I any one who can help me with this pls send me ur advice ,thanks in advance for the help.

  41. godfrey says:

    i had a 512 mb flash drive with mp3 player when i formatted using win xp format option i have only 235 mb capacity what could i do

  42. Philip says:

    I have a sony maicrovault 2GB USB flash disk, from the first useing it damaged any data copied into , it was formatted FAT, I tried to format it in FAT32, the damaged files became less than before, i tried to san it by file properties/tools/check now, it toke long time formating, when the blue line indicator reached the middle, the home electricity is gone, when i swiched my coputer again and check the flash dick if says:”please insert disk into drive I” and its size became 0 KB , i tried to format it again or using disk managment or the included CD or any program, i faild, coud any one please help me to fix the USB, i just bought it :((

  43. Asif says:

    I have a pen drive 1 gb after inserting it in Win xp pro it doesnot shoe in my computer but it does show in device manager in disk management and when the drive letter is changed it does show in my computer as well as it auto pops up for diff options .any help to directly access it without any drive letter change pls help .any microsoft update to rectify pls help.

  44. cliff says:

    please help.i formatted my 1 GB mp3 player and now it reads only can i recover the rest of the space

  45. Ashenafi says:

    dear sir/madam
    it’s an honor to inform you that the information you provided on your site is very special but, i have still problem that you might solve. which is: my flash memory responds unknown device when I plug it. It is GENX 256 MB So I truely need you help.
    if you can help please send me a mail by :

  46. Ensha says:


    Hello. I think i have the same problem as Scott Harrisson, person leaving comment number 32. Computers could’t read my flash drive anymore, it’s an iMax 256mb. My friend thinks it got burned, and i do think too, because it got too hot it scathed my skin as i removed it from the USB port. The desktop did’t read my flash disk in the first place, nor my camera.

    I have a one very important question: Is the chance that i can retrieve my data?

    Please, please do comment on this. I hope somebody can help me with this.

    Thanks so much in advance!

  47. howard says:

    i have a siren mp3 512 mb player from china.. i cannot format it..and it always say’s “invalid format, pls reformat the player” ive tried almost everything exept using the disk.. pls hel me..

  48. pam says:

    can pen drive be converted to fat32 using win98 converter is it safe. my 1 gb drive of transcend is showing only 969 mb.

  49. ahmed says:

    Anybody that knows a fix for this(or a third person program) … I have a sony maicrovault 2GB USB flash disk, from the first useing it damaged any data …
    and get 0 byte are there any program to fix that

  50. flaw says:

    I have basically the same problem as #37, #41, and #44. I have a 512MB Creative USB flash drive with mp3 player. I made the mistake of formatting it ( FAT system ), then began copying my files, and right now I have 260MB used space, windows recognizes the drive but I can’t write on it or format it again, the mp3 player doesn’t work either so the usb drive is pretty much unusable. Is there a way the problem can be fixed ?

  51. chenda says:

    I apologize if i post the wrong topic.

    My computer detected the new USB device plugged into it, but the drive doesnt appear in the windows Explorer; my OS is XP.

    Please anyone help me list all the possible solution.

    Thank u very much.

    Best regard.

  52. nayan says:

    hi, i hv a sony flash with size 512mb, there was data on the flash which i could not delete so i used the format software which was on the cd that came with the flash disk, but after formatting the flash the size of my flash disk reduced to 64mb!!!! i tried formatting it again but it didnt help. can anyone help me out, plz mail me if anyone has a solution

  53. jayson esc says:

    i have a lg 1gb flash drive…
    my pc can detect it and and will assign a proper drive letter..but when i try to access the contents on my computer—-it says : Please insert a disk on drive E:
    I can’t format it nor open it…can you help me fix it?
    please send your replies on…..
    tnxz guyz

  54. Jitesh Jalan says:

    Dear Readers,
    i have a 40 gb external USB Data storage drive, which i am using since last 11 months. i found “Device I/O Error” these days, when i tried to copy few files from it. i formatted the device, but problem was still there.

    So finally i deleted the existing partition, and created a new partition for my external device.

    and now i am happy, as my device is working very fine.

    hope it will help some of huys like you, who are in similar trouble.

  55. Shandana says:

    I have a kingston datatraveller 256 MB. It worked well fro 5 months but now it has become write protected. I’ve tried to format it but its still write protected and won’t let me format. Doesn’t work on my desktop or laptop either. Please help me.

  56. Chris W says:

    The problem with the counterfeit Sony drives is not just the 4&8 GB. My buddy brought back a bunch of 1GB drives from China. They are really 512MB drives. Note that when you reformat, sometimes Windows will clue you in and say after formatting that 512MB is already used space, with 512 free. However when you use the “quick format” check box option, it doesn’t detect it, and says you have 1GB free. You can add data until you reach the halfway mark, then it says “sector not found” or whatever. Clever. Someone needs their ass kicked for this.

  57. kim chann sey ha says:

    my flash has error
    i want to fix it. when i open it they show insert disk in to drive F. how can i fix it?

  58. Alex says:


    I’ve got a 256mb flash player. And I’ve had to format my computer… Before I did that it worked fine.

    But now it says that it has “0 byte” of space on it. And it’s not even visible in the admin controls.

    I have formatted the flashplayer on another computer and it works fine there..

    What shall I do???

    Please e-mail me at:

  59. milind says:

    i have mp4 drive its capacit is 8GB but it is showing only 46mb.i tried to format it in fat & fat32 also it not worked.any one can help me.

  60. OLIVER BANDIRA says:

    I am having a problem with my exigo flash disk .I use windows 98 , i downloaded the drivers for win98 , so when i formated using the flash manager , i got an error message disk unfommated , and also delayed error message , whenever i want to save , reduced size to 1mb , i need help guys

  61. OLIVER BANDIRA says:

    I have an exigo flash drive 128mb i use win 98 operating system , i downloaded the divers for this flash but ever since my lyfe has never been the same , i formated using the flash manager , there after , the message came up drive not formated do you want to format now, the size reduced to 1mb , now the write and delay error message comes up, nothing can be saved , i am down and out please help me me

  62. OLIVER BANDIRA says:

    Hie guys i bought a 128mb flash drive but ever since i downloaded the drives for windows 98 , i had a problem , i formated using the flash manager that comes along with the device driver , then i got flash is not formated do you want to format it now , i formated using win 98 , the size was reduced to 1mb , nothing can be saved on it now , the delay error message on writing appears, when i want to foramt the disk says raw drive . i need help guys i am done and out

  63. eyob says:

    mi new digital mp3 player do not apear on my computer folder who can help me with this problem

  64. daniel says:

    hi every body who expert with this problem.
    I have a problem with my mouth its stop working all of a sudden after that when i pluged out my mouth and insert on other computer the second computer olso stop its working with any mouth what is the problem
    pleas help me!

  65. shubham says:

    i have sony s-81 digital mp3 player its capacit is 256mb but it is showing only 119mb.i tried to format it in fat & fat32 also it not worked.any one can help me.

  66. Trung says:

    Sony Micro Vault 8GB is not true. It made in China and capacity is “Illusive”.

  67. diky says:

    i have 8 bg sony usb flash disk, but i had formatted the capacity is 32 mb. i don’t understand, may be any body can help me. plz e-mail

  68. c. Batch says:

    I had the same problem. I first tried to reformat the player using Windows.

    This did not work for my player. I contacted the manufacturer via their website and they emailed me a program to re-install the firmware. The software for the player was basically corrupted. They sent instructions on how to install the software they sent.

  69. Chris Cornish says:

    I was silly enough to believe that I could buy a Sony 8 GB USB pen drive from China for less than $100 and rave about it to my colleagues. I was able to get a techie to waste an hour trying to format it.

    The old rule if something sounds to good to be true then it isn’t.

    Doesn’t that ring so true.

  70. Jeremiah says:

    I thank you sooooooooo much i tried i didn’t think of lookin this up on the internet until now(2 years later) my warranty was over.But thanks a million if this wasn’t free i would pay u lol.But since its free i will leave a big thanks you = D

  71. joe says:

    i have 8 bg sony usb flash disk, but i had formatted the capacity is 64 mb. i dont understand, may be any body can help me. plz e-mail

  72. Kerry Rock says:

    My favorite 128 MB USB drive has suddenly become a floppy drive. When inserted into any xp pc, it shows as a 1.44 mb floppy on Explorer and will not accept files in excess of that. However in Disk Management it shows up as a 119 mb FAT healthy active removable drive. If I try to reformat it, it claims that that the volume is not enabled and that the computer should be restarted, but that does not change anything.

    What goes?

  73. sha says:

    My 512 Mb USB thumb drive suddenly stopped working. When i plug it into windows or mac, they won’t recognise it.
    The light on the usb works but the drive doesn’t appear in my computer or under removable disks

  74. kjm says:

    I have a SanDisk Micro Cruzer 1gb the older kind with the translucent skins. For some reason I don’t know why but in XP the drive shows up under it’s own letter, but it seems in Windows Explorer you don’t see the capacity and used/free space in the right pane like you do with hard drives. Weird thing is I used to see this info, I don’t know why now the only way to find out the capacity and space left is to right click on it and hit properties. I tried re-formatting it in FAT and FAT32 and it is the same not showing the details.

  75. Amy says:

    I have 8G SONY pen drive but cannot store the file. When I try to reformat it, it’s claims unable to format and my pen drive become 0 byte.
    Anyone can help me.

  76. kingsten says:

    i have bought an 1gb usb pen drive. i wrongly formatted it. now instead of 1gb i have only 230mb. what to do plz help…

  77. kingsten says:

    i have bought an usb pen drive of 1gb with mp3 player and by mistake i wrongly formatted it. noe the memory space from 1gb now shows only 250mb. plz help me to bring my drive space again to 1gb.

  78. Satyajit says:

    I have 128mb flash disk
    I too face a problem as computer fails to recognixe the disk ang vie out he message

    insert disk in drive F:

    Any body has a solution for this

  79. azman says:

    Cannot Format usb Flash drive.error write protect

  80. Phil says:

    i have a 1GB scan disk cruzer micro usb device. prob with that device is i am unable to perform any operations. i am unable to write the contents to disk n also im unlucky in formatting the device,

    O.Ss are able to detect the usb device but are not able to perform any more actions. i tried all the ways to format the disk, control panel >> admin tools >> computer management to DOS format command.

    while formatting it display an error at 99% n while writing any contents to disk , error the request could not be performed because of I/O device error gets alerted.

    i am least bothered about the data in the disk.

    so plz help me how to format the disk n make re-use of it.
    reply me at:

  81. Mussa says:

    I have 1GB sony flash drive but it can only stor up to 10.9mb more than that all the excess data can not be oppened.I tried to format several times but still the problem exist.Can anyone help me to fix the problem.

  82. TAHIR says:

    hi,i have usb 2.0(256 mb) and when i m formatted this drive it will formatted it but when i see the property it show me the 188 mb is free and 66 mb is full after formatted and when i trasfer the data of 10mb(for example)it take almost 30 min what can i do plz help me i m wiating for ur reply

  83. Neil says:

    I recently had a Crucial Gizmo 128MB flash drive which developed the ‘Please insert disk’ problem after I installed a new HP PSC2355 printer (it had worked perfectly previously). I tried the re-format option mentiond and the drive formatted ok (win XP). I still got the ‘Please insert disk’ problem though. I noticed that when I right clicked on the pen drive in Windows Explorer and selected ‘Explore’ the contents of the next drive down the list were displayed. I then changed the drive letter for the pen drive (right-click my computer > manage > right-click the drive in question > Change Drive Letter and Paths. It has worked ok since then! Note that the drive letter I used was not the next available (I had C: – E:, M: – P:, so I used ‘K:’ for the pen drive. Maybe I was just lucky, but hopefully this might help resolve the problem for someone else.

  84. AJULO TITILAYO says:

    I have a flash drive of256MB zbut it’s displayed as 251MB,can someone tell me why? Also, now I cann’t accessed it, it’ s telling me it’s write protected. Looking forward for help. Thank you.

  85. Amandeep k Sohal says:

    its very useful comments but i need to know that when i right click on drive(Sony 1GB)to format it shows “you don’t have sufficient rights to perform operation” and also in case if i delete some file or copy files in drive. I know that there is virus in drive but still how can i format my drive

  86. sachin shah says:

    sir, i have taken sony mp4 player of 256 mb but due to formatting it is only showing 118 mb memory tell me something for it

    please it is my friend’s

  87. I was unable to check for error or format my U.S.B flash disc.itresponds you dont have sufficient right, why? please help. says:

    i have usb2.0 flash disk,i ued it properly for the past one year,however, now it gets a great problem,when i open it the folders/files inside were like 0000…and unopenable,unscanable and undeletable.more over,it says you do not have sufficient right to format, check for error when i what shal i do?

  88. Vara Prasad says:

    Hello Everyone
    i had a 512 Mb usb drive
    iam trying to load data, or deleting the existing data , it shows an error saying that disk is write protected,
    Please help me
    Thanks in Advance

  89. Zulf says:

    your USB drive is ‘write-protected’. to stop this there is:
    1. a little switch on your drive whoch you can move
    2. software protection which can be removed following the instructions in the software itself.

    If that doesn’t help post the make/model of the usb drive pls!

  90. Nazir says:

    I have a new 4G Flash Drive. I tried coping files that are more than 2G of data, but no files copied on the 2nd level subfolders after removing the Flash Drive using Flash Unplug Hardware icon AND Plug into another computer. Both PC were using Windows XP. Does any has faced such problem, if so can you suggest how to fix

  91. jomal mathew says:

    when i formatted my SOMY TD-11, 512 MB digital MP3/WMA/REC player,its capacity reduced tO 245 MB.initally i could store upto 470 MB but could play only about 250 MB.then i formatted using windows and the capacity reduced.kindly email me any solution at

  92. Khurram says:

    I am Having a problem with my 256 mp3 player ! Its not opning! and on Computer is shows I/E error ,i am traying to formet it but when i click on formet.. nothing come!! What should I do?

  93. JS says:



    As far as I know, a quick format doesn’t format the whole volume (disk, pen), only erases the FAT — that’s why it is quick! I’m thus pretty sure it won’t detect bad sectors.

    If you wish to format a volume to detect bad sectors, you must perform a full formating. Isn’t it so?


  94. azzie23 says:

    My flash drive stopped displaying in explorer – hardware working but can’t access it. Ran diskmgmt.msc and the drive was displayed but with a drive letter already in use. Changed the drive letter to an unused one and now it appears in explorer.Hope that helps someone.

  95. bikash says:

    i have a pen drive.virus attack my pen drive .i want to remove that file which contain but i can’t remove.and format also does not take.waht can i please write me solution about this to remove antivirus doenot work.what can i do?

  96. Morteza says:

    I also was duped with the 8G Sony drive on eBay. It is as fake as it gets. They are REAL USB drives, cheap 128MB or 512MB drives with a driver that tricks Windows into thinking its 8G. The drive works flawlessly until the maximum storge limit is reached. Then all files added show up as 000.0000000 and FORMAT is the only way to make it usable again.

  97. Inforisk says:

    For all you people that are having difficulty formatting your flash drives try this HP utility – it has been reported to work with many types of drive and I have used it to fix several broken drives..

  98. pushkar says:

    I am doing the project in the USB, i want to know the frame format that USB sends to the PC. Whether it is fixed or variable

  99. Nick Sayers says:

    I hav a 200 Gig external hardrive. I recently formatted my computer and now I can’t access the drive it just says that it is unfomatted and offers to format it. I copied all my info onto the drive before the format. Any suggestions?

  100. teched says:

    Thank you to ‘inforisk’! I used the HP driver and fixed the flash drive I had inadvertently formatted (forgot to remove it from the machine I was rebuilding) it was my husbands flash, so I am very happy to recover it!

  101. Mathuranathan.V says:

    Recently i have used the HP Disk On Key utility to format my USB Drive. It supports FAT,FAT32 and NTFS file systems for formatting. It is a nice utility which can make your USB a bootable one. Tool can be found at

  102. moncy varghese says:

    some body please help me out,
    i have a pen drive with 256mb
    memory,i formatted with xp now i have only 119mb
    how could i get the lost space back

  103. Ennio Lorenzi says:


    After hanging in the middle of a copy to my 40GB Toshiba external USB drive, Windows would always prompt me to format it. I did just that (FAT32), also repartitioned, but now the drive reports only a 19GB capacity as opposed to (almost) 40GB as it did previously. How can I solve this issue ?

  104. max says:

    i feel the same problem like “insert the disk into drive” with my 8 gb pen drive…. please help me…….!!!!!!

  105. Sandra says:

    A year ago I got a HUKE platinum drive, and yesterday, by mistake I tried to use it in a PC with windows 98, I unppluged the memory and when I tried to use it in another PC (windows XP) I got a window asking me to format the device, so I tried and got another windows explaining that windows was unable to format the usb (something like Mauricio said). Is there a way to fix this or my usb memory is DEAD. Help!

  106. Manish says:

    Hi guys,
    Now I wonder why didn’t I come to this site before.
    Well, my situation isn’t really that worst but yesterday I bought a cheap usb flash drive / mp3 player (fake SONY 2GB).
    Sometimes it works fine but, here’s what I have noticed while playing around with it.
    1) It show 2 partitions, 1st with 1.86 GB and 2nd with 1 MB. 1st can be formatted fine and 2nd gives error.
    2) If you copy multiple folders at a time, some files gets corrupted.
    3) If you create a new folder manually, it can’t be deleted and there are lots of garbage files inside it.
    4) Once, a file is copied fine, it works fine only.
    5) Transfer rate is much slower than Transcend (which I used before).

    So guys, my recommendation is that, please don’t go for cheap flash drives. You never know what you may losse. Let’s see how long it works and then I am gonna get a flash drive not less than Transcend or Creative.

  107. suresh says:

    i have a pen drive with 512mb
    memory,i formatted with xp now i have only 119mb
    how could i get the lost space bac

  108. Stuart says:

    Hi. I bought a 512 mb sony mp3 player/flash drive a week back. I copied some songs to it. Now, i get an error saying “Cannot delete file USBS`0. Cannot find the file specified.Make sure you specified the correct path and file name”

    Can someone help me?

  109. sarvesh says:

    when i formatted my SOMY TD-11, 1 GB digital MP3/WMA/REC player,its capacity reduced tO 245 MB.initally i could store upto 950 MB but could play only about 250 MB.then i formatted using windows and the capacity reduced.kindly email me any solution at

  110. Mat says:

    In this week i bought a SONY usm2gev flash drive and connect it to my pc(win XP pro sp2),XP can detect my flash drive but when i copied a movie and run it,it can not play.The SONY software can not detect my flash drive…plz help me to format the flash by another software(win XP also can not solve the problem)…TanX

  111. manolis says:

    i have bought a usab flash drive and my pc doesnt see it.i have windows xp service pack 2 and the usb2 drivers installed.the flash drive works on other computers.on my pc the light doesnt switch on.what can i do? please reply me.thanx

  112. Raul says:

    when i try to put my usb stick in any of the computers of my university lab it pops a message that says that i don’t have enough privileges to install this device. Since I am not an administrator of the lab how can i make my usb stick work on every computer of the lab.

  113. chaz says:

    I had the same problem with my cruzer micro 1 GB, i solved it with the following.

    Try right clicking on My Computer, Select Manage,
    expand Computer Management and then select Disk Management( in the storage part).
    Choose your 1 gig drive,
    Delete the partition and make a new one again, i made the partition the same size as the drive, then format it as FAT.

    hopefully this should work for you as it did for me,

    my drive no reads 973MB but not sure what it read before it corrupted.


  114. evergreen says:

    please i need a solution to my problem,
    my sony micro vault 2.0
    alway lose datas after been saved

  115. Gabe Cy says:

    My flash drive (Lexar 2.0 512Mb) does not show as an icon in ‘My Computer’ when I plug it in to the USB port. However, the flash drive shows a presence in the icon on the Tray at the bottom of the computer. This means that I cannot access the drive. I have to unplug it as normal or an air message appears noting that I should do this. I have many documents on this drive, thus, how can I access it? Thank you for this very important help.

  116. SIMIYU says:

    Having problems formatting my flash disk because of the insuffient rights.

  117. vanex2k says:

    MP3 MP4 4GB from ebay: files copied get corrupted, I guess they’re FAKES.

    they say “do not format the drive”: another reason to think they’re FAKES.

  118. mon says:

    hi! im having a problem with my flash disk. everytime i insert it into the USB port, a message pops out that says, “The disk is not Formatted”. so, i format it of course… after that, i can save files etc…. then i removed the device using safe remove, after that, i put it back to the port then there goes the problem again and again… the file system type becomes “RAW” instead of FAT. i hope u could help me with this… TY!

  119. nikhil says:

    hi frnds,
    i have sansa m230 512 mb mp3 player n by mistake i formatted it using windows(plz never do this). Since then it is not getting detected on my PC.plz help me…..i have the firmware but i cant install it unless my player is detected

  120. david says:

    I doubt anyone can help me but maybe someone can. My problem is (i think) different from anyone elses. Upon turning my mp3 player on it says “Error! Reformat Media” – which is fine but whenever I plug the thing into my PC (or any PC … or even a Mac for that matter) the host system freezes up when attempting to access the drive. Therefore it doesn’t appear as a drive. But as soon as I unplug it, everything unfreezes. It wants me to reformat but i can’t because no computer in the world will let me access it!! The only thing i haven’t tried is linux, which i will try soon. any ideas??

  121. ANIL says:

    sir , i have sony 8GB pen ,
    once i format by “portfree producatio programe v.3.27” after that it capisty only 250 mb, what i can do,how could i get the lost space, plz help me
    I will be very thankful for that help.

  122. supu says:

    i have a 1gb sony mp3 player. once i formatted it. and after that i cannot copy more than 350 mb in it. although the proprty show that it has 660 mb free space but whenever i try to copy some file it displays “cannot create directory” message.
    plz someone help me fixxing my mp3 player

  123. khaled says:

    when I try to connect my USB to the PC(win xp sp2 installed)nothing appear on the tray neither my computer. I tried to change registry settings and drivers folder security but nothing happened.
    please I need your help
    thanks a lot

  124. Lokendra Rana says:

    i have a pen drive of 126mb , window xp is not able to format it showing ‘Window can not format it’ when i am formating it using dos it showing RAW filr sysstem and requiring /FS switch to complete formating pl help what how i can format it

  125. Ronnie Reagan says:

    why is it that the PC recognises the flash disk when i plug it in and does not display its contents?
    in he menu options it is recognised as a Removable Disk but when trying to access it, no items are shown
    Please help its a new 2GB Sony Vaio Flash disk

  126. SomeFooledPeople says:

    I bought sony pendrive and got the same problems. This is crap, dont buy. I?ve paid US$45 and it came from China (Hong Kong), just burned my money!
    I find it on ebay, and like the other?s when I have filled it with some files (1.5gb more or less), the files get corrupted, the folder inside the drive looks like 000.00000, and I cant format the pendrive.
    Be aware!!

  127. Wassim says:

    Hay all i hope some one can help me on this one
    i had got an 8G USB memory i kind of messed with it and format it with a program but after i had format it i can only see 250 MB ….
    what should i do :S

  128. Steve says:

    Just a thnk you to this site for helping out with a PNY Attache 512mb which suddenly became unreadable by XP. Using disk management and reformatting in FAT32 worked great. I’m decent with computers, but it never would have occurred to me to use XP’s own disk management system for the fix. Thanks to all who help out here.

  129. emma goligher says:

    Hey recently bought a usb flash mp3 player but when I put it in the comp it says I have to format it. When I say yes or no it doesn’t do anything. Any answers from anyone or should I just through the thing away?

  130. Manu says:

    To all unfortunates who were cheated………………(I am one of them..)

    If you bought a high capacity flash disk mp3 player and after formatting the size has been reduced, its most likely that u have been cheated by the vendor. The flash chip inside will be of lower size. They modify the firmware to show higher size to the operating system(like 2gb, 8gb etc). Once you format, that modification is somehow gone and it will show the original size. (Less than original size actually, because the firmware takes some space). You can confirm if you open the player and check the flash disk part number.

    I bought 2gb mp3player which showed 2gb when i checked in pc at the shop itself. but once i formatted, it has become 482 mb. i opened it and the flash chip inside is 512 mb. So the best way to check whether it is 2gb is to copy 2gb data at the shop itself.

  131. cakey says:

    Hi everyone. I use a Sony 4G Mp3 player (not genuine I guess)
    A few things I’ve noticed to make it work properly:
    Look in the settings on the player itself and make sure the “online mode” is set to normal (not encrypted or multi drive)
    Also, when copying files to them don’t drag folders across (only drag files)
    I hope this can help some people

  132. Gene Du says:

    have an MP4 MP3 player that acts as a USB flash drive. it is a 2G capacity when I purchase,it was fine at the begining, then the disk show Error, I tried to format it, however it show 0nly 1G in the player, where is the other half went,please help. I format it with FAT and FAT32, both show it has 1G. thanks in advance.


  133. Umesh says:

    My Sony MP4 Digital Player has 2GB capacity. I also confirmed & written almost more than 1 GB data. But when formatted it shows only 477 MB capacity.

    What is the problem?

  134. Emma says:

    Could any one help me!! I have a 1GB Kingmax Flash drive which has failed to open when I double click the icon. What should I do in order ti fix the problem!! Thanx

  135. Sero says:

    I am getting the sama errors like other guys here!

    First i could format it …but cannot read what was copied to USB FLASH Sony PEN driver 4GB.
    Now i cannot even format it … it’s obvious a fake stuff! It last for two days :))
    So we’ve been cheated! No workaround nor solutions … just dump it in the trash!


  136. rashid says:

    I have my genx pen drive 1 gb i am unable to copy any data from the destkop it is displaying write protected.

    please help

  137. Andy says:

    I’ve tried to format my 1gb sony flash drive and i have this message after formating ‘windows was enable to complete the format’.I also tried Flash/properties/tools/error cheking and still the same message.Some help please!

  138. yuli wijaya says:

    I have 512 exigo flash disk.
    After i made 2 partitions on exigo flash disk by flash disk manager, partition on set as boot disk, and the second as basic disk. Then i restarted the computer. Soon i found that my computer did not recognized my exigo flash disk. The Removable flash disk icon on windows manager did not appear.
    I need help how to fix this. What should i do regarding to this problem?

  139. De Anti Virus says:

    I am having 1 GB USB Drive refused to Format. How or which step should i follow to format this drive?
    sign: De Anti Virus

  140. Shepherd Nhongo says:

    I have a usb flash disk 8gig that is being read as 1TB. i can not format it using windows or dos.

    Can anyone tell me how i can do this ?

  141. Kaushik says:

    All of you guys are reporting problems but no one seems to give a solution!

    Well, I have a problem too though -> I formatted my 1Gb USB drive under FAT, it is now showing 512MB. When I try to format it under FAT32, it says “format could not be completed”.

    Can anybody give me a good solution to solve this problem?

  142. rafnex says:

    i have a sony 8 gb brought abroad and it was delivered by my relative w/o box, manual etc. when my data reached 1gb all data that is written beyond 1gb becomes corrupted it displays as folders with folder names “000000.00000”

    please help me fix it!


  143. jas says:

    hey i got 4gb sony
    cant format nd wont do the partition thing
    helpppp if possible

  144. bilal sadiq says:

    my flash memory is infectected by virus then after it became off and even it doesnt work as flash memory plz help me !

  145. paquitodiaz says:

    my pc hangs when i try to insert my flash disk.. what should i do?

  146. rey jo says:

    my sony flash disc that detect my computer but i cannot open it and it requires a insert disc into drive e:

  147. Hasan says:

    I use a USB drive to transfer data where I can enjoy MP4/MP3 also but suddenly properties showing that 0 MB available,why?I’m trying to format also but can’t!Can anyone gtve me a solution?

  148. Atul says:

    Formatting a flash memory device!!!! I don’t agree with you there. Manufacturers issue strict warnings against formatting flash drives. I once formatted my Sony Micro-Vault and it became unusable. It was only after I reformatted it using a special tool from Sony that it became usable again.

  149. http:/ says:

    Its so dangerous to flash USB device. I agree with Atul. It can cause permanent damage to the device. Not that i have personal experience in that, but my friend had.. just my 2 cents.

  150. Raman says:

    Dear Friends,
    Use firmware updatation, If your usb drive is not excessable or to fix I/O device error. I fix this problem using Firmware updation from software cd pack available with my EM606s mp3 player usb device

  151. Kapil Agrawal says:

    I bought a 1GB Sony MP3 + Pen Drive which initally was of 1GB capacity but when i formatted it with windows using FAT32 its capacity reduced to 245MB. How can i restore its Capacity?

  152. amit says:

    i have transcend 1 GB pen drive but unfortunately it shown only 240 MBS and cant contain any data when ever i insert in usb it ask to format and after format if ii put some data and then again insert in usb then again it ask for format

    so what i do with it for outcome from this trouble

  153. subhani says:

    I bought a 1GB Sony MP3 + Pen Drive which initally was of 1GB capacity but when i formatted it with windows using FAT its capacity reduced to 119MB. How can i restore its Capacity?

  154. Andrew Pakpahan says:

    I have 512MB Kingston Flash Driver that I can’t use right now.
    When I clicked the Removable Disk Icon on My Computer, I go message

    “The disk in Drive J: is not formatted
    Do you want to format it now?”

    When I clicked yes, there was a popup window saying that The Disk in drive J can’t be formatted.

    Anyone know the solution?

  155. nicky says:

    i formatted my sandisk cruzer micro 1 gb , now the thing doesnot work, it doesnot get formatted again, says ” windows cannot format” , sandisk doesnt provide any help in its website,
    some brainy dude come n rescue me

  156. Michael Fechter says:

    Re your

    For some reason, when I ran this formatting software, it would say the USB drive is not connected.

    Had the same problem but was setup up as a Power User in XP. Once I gave myself Administrator rights was no problem – found the drive.

  157. JOHN says:

    my pen drive read 108 MB instead of 1G

  158. mattz says:

    i want to repair my USB flash drive

  159. ACE says:

    Hey I stopped my Dad’s USB flash drive for his company after backing up successfully- now I try to back up and the USB will not let me back up on it …
    If anybody has an idea y I would appreciate it.

    Thank you

  160. Bhushan says:

    I have MP3/WMA/REC.
    I wnat to formay it and reload the software.
    Can I get the software.

  161. Joinx says:

    I have a usb transcend..Same prob as many..IT has errors or viruses on it..
    None is working..scandisk, format etc..none.Sometime when i want to copy a file, there is an error saying file in use by someone..
    what should i do..
    Please help!

  162. Oleg says:

    My porblem Is sometimes when I turn on computer In the morning it say’s “there Is a problem with your USB drive or something” when I reboot again everything Is fine.

  163. jo says:

    It worked, thanks! I knew it would be something simple like reformatting and lo and behold your site was googleable. Thanks, you saved my life today, the drive was on loan!

  164. Andy G says:

    I have a peak 3 usb pen, 1gb. It worked twice, well almost. First time was a 15kb document (on win 2kpro). Second was a freespire iso image of 658mb. It got to 56mb then stalled. Now it says write protected, on linux, win, dos.
    Tried the makers lock / unlock program and formatter, but still no good. Tried the HP formatter (sp27213), same. Now downloading the bigger hp program.
    Not holding out much hope, its not even fit to be used as a suppository! Seems like they are all a bit unreliable.

  165. khuram says:

    i have a 512MB flash drive of kingston that had become read only due to infected by virus plz if some one have an idea for my send it to my email address waiting

  166. prateek says:

    i have recently (in dec 06) purchased a 1Gb usb drive and when i plugged it onto my pc it was not detected there and on my other pc it was detected once but now it is not being detected anywhere, i have tried it on several other pcs but it it not working. my other usb drives are working perfectly fine on my pc. kindly help!!!!!
    thank you

  167. Babak says:

    Hi, I Have a 512M flash disk which worked properly on my computer till yesterday, but now windows tells me “USB device not recognized!”. I test my disk driver on other computers and it works as before. thank you for helping me.

  168. rohit says:

    I have purchased a new Transcend 1GB JetFlash pendrive.When I attach it to my usb ,my PC get hanged. There is alternative but to restart my computer.
    Can anyone help me out?I am using USB 2.0 to PCI converter on PIII with 128 MB ram & 550MHz processor

  169. aruna says:

    i have a 1GB usb drive but when i plugged it the pc shows found new hardware but the flash drive option doesnot come.what should i do
    kindly help me

  170. abu khalil says:

    when i play my mp3 genx flashdisk so long, its got hanging like “zeeett” or short..its took a long time..when i format and then i try to set in some of mp3 songs, its gone..what can i do to repair that trouble..please help me

  171. Ram says:

    I want to open the flash memory but i couldn,t. how could i?
    plz help me.

  172. nahganom says:

    i just bought a flash drive. i installed the driver and went to format it. however, just as the load bar is nearly complete a message appears saying that “windows can not complete format” how do i fix this?

  173. Fahim says:

    I bought a 512Mb Sony MP3 + Pen Drive which initally was of 512Mb capacity but when i formatted it with windows using FAT its capacity reduced to 119MB. How can i restore its Capacity?

  174. marlon says:

    pls,can you help me to repair my flash memory 128mb. thnks.

  175. loi says:

    i have 2 flashdisk which is not functioning now(a 512 and 256). I accedentally restarts my computer without removing them on my pc. When the pc turns on, my flashdisks did not light anymore and it pc don’t detect them either.

    Someone please help me, maybe i can help your problem too…


  176. ranjit says:

    can anyone tell me why on some computers my pen drive doesnt open by double click on icon so i have to choose explore option whereas in some computers it simply get open by double click.. please tell me the funda !!

  177. Jeanna says:

    With a Sandisk Cruzer Freedom 1.0 Gig drive, I started getting ‘the drive is not formatted’ errors, and it would consistently fail to format no matter how I did it. The drive worked fine on other computers.

    The same computer was having the problem with several other flash drives, but NOT any problem with my Memorex 1Gig drive which automatically assigned drive letter K (rather than F that all the others used.)

    I found that reassigning the drive letter to something other than F (I chose drive I) fixed the problem! In Windows XP, this can be easily done by right-clicking ‘My Computer’, choosing ‘Manage’, then click ‘Disk Management’ under storage — right click your flash drive in the lower right corner (be sure to choose the right one) and choose ‘change drive letter and paths’

    Just a tip in case it helps anyone else :)

  178. deepinder says:

    i have a sony 4gb micro vault i think its fake for a few months it worked fine but now when i enter it in usb and try to open it it gives me an message “please insert disk in drive g:”
    please help

  179. Deb says:

    hey, great! I had a pesky USB Attache 1GB drive with files that had long character filled names and I could not delete! I needed to in order to save some files to take home tonight. I fiddled with it forever, then saw this website and did a quick format. Took 1 second! Gone! Yea!!! Thank you so much for providing helpful information like that!

  180. Raghu says:

    I am having a problem with my flash disk .I use windows 2000 pro … The light on the usb works but the drive doesnt appear in my computer.

  181. Bknob says:

    My sony vaio 4Gb USB 2.0 pen drive is not recognized anymore by XP just after formatting in FAT32. HELP!!!!!

  182. Shepherd Nhongo says:

    I have relied on linux RedHat Advancd Server 4.0 in solving flash disk formatting. I have formatted the USB in ext3 format similar to FAT system.

    Hope you will find it useful…

    Try any other LINUX it should be ok…

    Give me feedback

  183. anonymous says:

    My USB is stuffed, i kept on trying to delete a corrupt file + Folder but it did not work. i even tried reformatting it but it won’t finish reformatting. so now i can’t even access my USB. Know any SOLUTIONS

  184. srinivasa raju says:

    I purchased SONY NS-11 512MB mp3 player last month.After formating the player its memory came down to 119 MB tothat of 512 MB, i dont know how to get it back to 512MB, its still working with a memory of 119MB,
    hope any one of you have a solution to this.if you have a solution please mail me.
    i am satisfied wit its battery life and sound quality but where the hell is memory!!!
    its easy to use and download songs and delete songs. the manual book is useless.
    you have to scratch ur brain a lot to understand it. but once you understand the opperations, its very easy to use. i have also managed a software to compress the mp3 songs to 1/5th of its memory, a 5MB song can be easily converted to 1MB.
    This gave me some relief after I lost the memory of my player. still i can store around 100 songs in my player.

  185. Pramod Shetty says:

    I bought a 1GB Sony MP3 + Pen Drive which is of 1GB capacity but when i insert in my PC it shows 118 MB adn doesnt store data more than that. How can i restore its Capacity?

  186. ratna says:

    I bought a 1GB Pen Drive which is of 1GB capacity but when i insert in my PC it shows 118 MB adn doesnt store data more than that. How can i restore its Capacity?

  187. Nishith says:

    i have a SONY 4gb usb flash drive
    when i insert it into the port,it recognizes tat a flash drive has been inserted
    but on trying to open the flash drive,
    it just says
    wat do i do
    please help

  188. Hemant says:

    i have lost memory in my 2GB pen drive,
    now only 245mb space left, how can i fix error? can anyone help me

  189. Arindam Chakravorty says:

    I had bought a 2 GB Pen Drive of IBM. It was showing 1.95 GB capacity and working fine for data upto 300 MB or so. When I tried to copy 1 GB of data, the data got corrupted and could not be read. Further, the copied files also could not be deleted. I then formatted the pen drive (quick format – from Win XP). Now my system is not recognising the disk (showing “there is no disk”). Please help.

  190. amanuel says:

    My USB flash coudn’t be formated it says write protected error and could not be formated
    please is there any solution can anyone help me

  191. chris says:

    I have a sony micro vault 4gb which was given to me, i went to transfer the my data from my old pen drive to it. All the data on my old pen drive and the sony became corrupt. resulting in all my school being lost. Now every time i save my work to the sony tem files also become corrupt can someone please tell what the problem may be. Thanks!

  192. oli says:

    I wasn’t able to format my pen drive(DIKOM 4 Gb)then I tried this hp utility
    and I resolved my problem. I strongly recommend it to format or fix a flawed flash drive.

  193. Aiko says:

    I bought a SONY Micro Vault flash drive with a capacity of 1 GB and my Win XP OS recognized it, installed the drivers automatically. The system reports that flash drive was O.K. and ready for use. The next day when I attempted to access the flash drive, windows gave the following message “Pleas insert a disk into drive E: Drive E: is the drive I inserted my flash drive. Please kindly help with this problem as I need to recover my valuable data in the flash drive.

  194. shahid says:

    i have 1 GB FLASH DISK. It have 2 partition. one is password protected. but i forget get the password. now i cant get the data from it. plz help me how can i retrive the data.

  195. saad says:

    i wan to format my pen drive 256mb.but i am not able to do it coz there is an error it has raw fs

  196. clarck says:

    I bought a 4G Kaser Jumbo Drive USB over one month ago at a best buy store. When I want to use it these days, I found the USB can not be identified by the computers. I really want to know whether I should crash it or try to repair it.

  197. bhaskar says:

    i wan to format my mp3 player 256mb.but i am not able to do it coz there is an error it has raw fs

  198. Vipul Singh says:

    i am using 512 mb kingston pendrive but it show only 16 mb total space and it also shows RAW system file it does not format too. Please send me some information to coorect my pendrive.

  199. chaszy says:

    i also have this 8gig flash drive … too bad were not that hightech to invent this kind of flash drive..

  200. fidel says:

    feel the same problem like insert the disk into drive with my 2 gb pen drive. please help me.!!!!!!

  201. Sallam says:

    I have a mesaage in my MP3 Genx
    ” Error! reformat Media ”
    please help me
    God bless U

  202. Sohil says:

    i have sony USB MP3 player with 512Mb,
    but it will show only 119 Mb ,

    so, help me to recover lost space,
    please suggest me some tips…..

  203. Tester says:

    I have a USB 1GB
    After a short time using it. Now, cannot format it, the size becomes 16MB
    Pls help

  204. Mrityunjay Prasad Srivastava says:

    I am not able to delete any file from my pen drive i am getting the comment that the drive is write protected how to remove write protection plese help me and send me the solution to my email id please

  205. j says:

    i am borrowing an old fujitsu laptop…CD drive is broken, floppy drive broken, wont read USB flash drive. tried downloading device driver, still says cant find driver…please help!

  206. mohammad says:

    when i want to format my mp3 player, when it comes to 99% it will be stoped.and windows give this message”widows unable to complete the format”
    what do i have to do?

  207. Toan says:

    I have bought a Sony Mp3 Player.
    Capacity is 1GB. After i format it, it’s size becomes 128MB.
    Can you help me ? Pls.Thx

  208. rajkumar says:


    i m having sony 2gb pendrive with mp3 player and fm. now i got virus in my pendrive, i deleted t virus, bt if i copy sum mp3 songs in pendrive, it get stored bt while hearing in pendrive my drive gets restart. i want to format it. i want to know whether i can format it or not, bcos it has mp3 player features and fm features. pls help me

  209. uncutest says:

    My problem was about a wrong reformat with bad parameters to use it with partiton magic, so my 4GB USB pen drive now it’s show me 1024gb yes a 1TB unformattable and unusable please someon e heard about?

  210. salem says:

    When trying to open my flash memory it gave me a message:

    “the drive g is not formated;
    Do you want to format it now?”

    and i dont know how to retreive my data

    please help me,,,,,

  211. Eillbar says:

    I had the same problem regarding the usb memory stick ending up as RAW. I inserted it into the pc the opened disk management,scrolled down to the stick (K) right clicked & selected partition, and it formatted by itself. I hope this helps someone

  212. Santhosh says:

    my pen drive is kingston data traveller 1gb. when i insert the pen drive into any system, system hangs. System recovers only wen i take out the pen drive. please tell me wat to do?

  213. Milimo says:

    I have a 4GB Sony Flash drive that says its write protected,but has no switch to remove write protection.please help

  214. Rahul says:

    I have a sony’s Digital Mp4 player of 2 Gb capacity which acts as a USB flash drive. when i connected it to my pc it showed the drive needs to be formatted when i formatted the drive it shows its capacity only 470 MB . what should I do

  215. jogr crazy says:

    I have 4gig jogr flash of which was given to me without the password. How do I reformat. When I attempt to reformat with xp home it only shows 32mb space to reformt. Lock MFC application has the flash drive locked. Can anyone help?

  216. RamS says:

    hi all, anyone can help me regarding the below issue….

    My computer is not detecting the new USB device plugged into it( bought last week), but old drivers which are using since long time are working properly. my OS is XP. i checked the New USB drive with another system and is working fine. when i connect the new device to my system the power light is turned on. and nothing is showing in mycomputer.

    Please anyone help me ……
    Thank u very much.


  217. Toni says:

    Hi, I have A-data V-disk 1 Gb flash drive, when I plug it in PC it says that isn’t formated when i start formating it says that the flash drive is write protected, but there is no switch on it for removing write protection is there some software so I can turn of that protection and then to format the flash drive. I don’t care about the data lost. I tryed varius ways for formating but everyone give me the same result that flash drive is write protected

  218. Mazi says:

    i tried ti format my flash drive but to no avail. so whats the big fuss, so ihad to visit the shop for a new one.

  219. $alim says:

    i have ibm pen drive, 256 mb.
    its morethan 2 yrs old.
    now recently when i formatted it suddenly its capacity was reduced to 65 mb. do any body hav a soln for this?????

  220. atmane says:

    thanks for all;
    i have an usb SONY 256 mb with mp3 reader and FM and…
    there is 6 month when it lost capacity it becomes 118 mb and i still work with it.
    but now it’s worse because I have data in the memory but it’s nor detected in any pc. i need my data i don’t know what to do.

    it works (the radio FM, and I listen to the mp3 in it ) but it’s bot detected to copy my data or to add or modify an other.

  221. Jennifer says:

    my mp3/mp4 player keeps coming up with disk error and I cannot add songs to it anymore. I was thinking about formatting it, but the file system is RAW not FAT or FAT32….so what do I do now?

  222. pratik says:

    i used sony micro vault usb 2.0 pen drive (1 GB). once i fomat it. it lost all memory and don’t saw any icon of pen drive when i plug it. please help me?

  223. Manjunath says:

    My Mp3 size is 2GB but its showing 230 M.B Only what is its solution

  224. Jess@le says:

    When i plug my flash memory (AData 4Gb) i can’t see the content (folders and files), the windows explorer show me that: “Removable disk”, then when i click in this item the system show me a dialog box with this text: “Please insert a disk in H: drive”. Some body have an application to reprogram the flash controller chip? I think that the problem is around there. Thank anyway…

  225. pspec says:

    it works ! thanks

  226. ezz says:

    my laptop was acer abd installed win xp sp2 on it
    but win cann`t see my flash memory it said to me find new hardware but cannat see it and cann`t see usb mouse ?
    what can i do

  227. sisay says:

    I have a genx 1G flash,but it is not being detected as a hardware by a computer.Can any one help me how to fix it.thank u in advance

  228. raju says:

    i have a pendrive sony micro vault usb2.
    it works only in my system.any data store,in this pendrive is not available in any other system.even when i unplug my pen drive,again its gone from my usr pendrive in own system. how do i solve this problem?

  229. Chaitanya says:

    i m having a problem with my pendrive that, when i m trying to access it, it’s asking for format the drive.i m having valuable information on this.can u resolve my problem please…

  230. Eduardo says:

    Thank you number 19, that admin tools saved me a rare windows vista 256MB flash drive =). it kept appearing as RAW and I kept trying to format but no success until i used Admin Tools. Thanks again

  231. cesar magno says:

    sometimes you need to reboot the pc to have complete control of your unit.

    just plug the device, wait until it is recogniced then clic safe remov, but DO NOT remove the usb, restart the pc and the system will configure it appropiately, if not check the bios utilities

    is usb properly configured?

    bye have a nice day

  232. Annonymous says:

    I’m encountering the same problem as the others having 8GB flash drives with the only difference that i”ve IBM 8GB flash drive, infact 2 drives. My experience is that; at first the drive was shown properly in Winxp Pro with correct size of 8Gb. when I started transferring data it stopped transfer after sending about 2Gb. Then i entered the drive; but found no files in there. when I wanted to enter the drive 2nd time I couldn’t. Now it gives error ” Insert Disk in Drive X:” in roperties capacit used “0 bytes” available “0 es”. I can’t evern format it. same is the case when i try to acces it from winxp disk management.
    so I would suggest not to buy 8Gb flash drives. coz same is the problem with all 8GB flash drives and when you search it on the net u’ll find only
    1GB, 2GB and 4GB flash drives most of the time.
    so 8GB is just a hoax and fraud.

  233. lexar help says:

    i have a 1g card and have tried to copy pics from my hp computer onto the card, but it will only take roughly 230mb. i thought the card was defective and returned it for a replacement, but had the same problem. then i used another brand (other than lexar). same problem. please help!


  234. Kapil says:

    i have the same problem as ‘ezz’ laptop is acer abd installed win xp on it
    but win cann`t see my flash memory it said to me find new hardware but cannot see it.
    what can i do. normally when a usb flash drive is connected it automatically starts, but i have restart the computer to make it work. please help…

  235. k says:

    my friens had a 512mb pen drive. i formatted it on a windows 2000 system and now it’s reading as 7.92 gig! I tried reformattin on different systems over and over but it still reads the same. However, when tested, it in fact holds the stated capacity, he’s happy and eveyone’s askin how i did it! Anyone knows how that happened

  236. M jayakumar says:

    I have a Kingsten datatraveler 1GB USB Drive Model DT1/1GB. I am operarting XP and my system is not reconising it. THough drive is getting detected, shortly I am getting a message that your USB can perform faster if you connect to USB 2.0. My motherboard is KOB693a via chipset and PIII processor. whats wrong with this. cani use the usb in anyway.

  237. Kapil says:

    Well friends, my USB flash drive started to work. I had to change setting in the bios, in the bios i chose disable for USB 2.0 and Legacy USB support. But one set back, when i plug a 2.0, then it gives a message that a high speed somthing is connect to low speed port. But is works, so thats pretty good

  238. ramgith says:

    my 512 mb pen drive not opening, when it opens asking please insert disk..pen drive capacity also not showing … i cant format this drive ..
    how can we sove this problem

  239. noone says:

    I have a PNY Attache 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive, but i also have a laptop with Windows 98 on it… and it would be wonderful for my jump drive to be able to work on it…but i don’t have the driver… is this even possible to get the driver for it?

  240. Evelyn says:

    I have an Imation 1G flash drive that I use to take work back and forth from home to work. Its been working fine. Today when I plug it into the USB port, nothing happens and the removable storage device drive does not appear in “My Computer”. It was working yesterday and my laptop at home recognizes it. Not sure what happened to either it or my work computer. I did have this happen Memorex travel drive. Works at home, not at work. I gave it to my son and it works just fine for him. Very strange.

  241. Manoj says:

    I am Having a 1 Gb Kingston Pendrive
    The operating system Detects the Pendrive but dose not display KIndly tel me what can be done to restore or repair it

  242. Reza says:

    i can not format flash memory.Please Help Me
    i flash memory error “There is no disk in drive.Insert a disk and then try again”

  243. Mama Ican says:

    My KINGMAX, when i try to format it, it says “write protected” and there is no switch button on my pendrive. Could someone help me please? I can’t do my study without my pendrive.

  244. Eje says:

    i have a 2GB USB flash drives, is formally working properaly, but now, can not be accessed.
    what do i do? I can i retrives my imformation out of it?
    lawrence e.

  245. Andy says:

    Hi thia is andy and i am having the problem to format my usb, after follwing your instructiions, still it doesnt works,my file system is RAW, so pls let me know how to come out with this as i want to download some indian songs in to my mobile, and for this i have to use the usb drive.

  246. Preeti says:

    I’ve a Sony 512MB pen drive cum mp3 player.. when i formatted it, it shows only 90 doirecover the data?
    Please help..

  247. inga says:


  248. salem says:

    There are currently several viruses spreading undetected by flash drives, I used Avira antivirus to clean mine which was not detected by my AV. So if you have a problem reading the drive, try right clicking/explore instead of OPEN.

  249. sajib says:

    i have a ipod suffel(fake) 1gp.but i
    Cannot Format usb drive.its says error write protect.

    i try hp disk tools . but not work .. not working …

    Plz some body help me…………


  250. jhon says:

    Hi i just want to say that i had 1GB flah disk.It broke and couldnt write new files but i could read the old ones.I formatted it in FAT32 and that fixed it.I just wanted you to know!

  251. blademaster39 says:

    Hi,I hav an “axiz” 512mb mp3 player/flash drive…
    that seems to be write-protecting itself!
    I cant format it,only can listen to the OLD songs on it :-( …..

    Is there any way around this catastrophe?

    Tried the hp utility…never work…

  252. blademaster39 says:

    Hey everyone,try this prog….

    HDDGURU-Low-Level-Format-Tool (+- 496 kb)

    Never work for me though :-|

  253. Omkar says:

    hey HI to all I am having SONY 32 GB PENDRIVE IT is having sm wierd problem
    It’s getting detecting properly and also showing the drive capacity properly but whenever I am coping the data on it. after that when I remove that drive from my pc & then reinsert the same on my pc the full data inside the folder is LOST. the blank folder is there but not having data .

    I have tried to format the same but after that also same problem is there pls help me out


  254. Radji says:

    This behavior is related to the system to witch the drive is pluged ,to ensure that try another PC
    the drive will be writable.
    this problem is due to a pc lock program that protects the whole PC or drives with passwords .
    after this type of program is uninstalled before removing protection of the USB drive.the drive became write protected.
    The sollution :
    1- Remeber the program you installed recently and reinstall it. if you have forgotten or think you did install such prog at all.install another one for exemple: USB Lock AP.
    2- Form the program choose unprotect USB Drives.
    3- The Pen drive should be writable now.

  255. Kusse says:

    I use 512MB JOGR flash. When I plug it in to my computer it says that it has found a new hardware but when I try to open the flash it says insert disk into the drive. Formatting was also impossible. What can I do to use the flash?
    Please send me solusions.
    Thank you in advance!

  256. kisha says:

    how to fix my usb??? i think it has virus but its still working,, how to avoid it being damage??? tnx, hope you can help me wth this prob?

  257. raj kumar says:

    actually my friend is coming and inserting his pen drive in my system and reading notes for himself and then removing it after completing.He is not storing in system.But i want to get the notes from Pen drive,if i am asking he is not giving. so is there any software that when he inserted pen drive the files should get copied in to my system with out knowing him.

    suggestions mail to me

  258. Zodak says:

    my USB flash mp3 player does not work properly when i try to open it it says u have to format ur device and when i try to format it it can not be formatted

  259. wendy says:

    will you help me fix my computr

  260. chris says:

    when i inserted my 512 usb flash drive kingston.. it detect but cannot display in my computer.. when i see in system device manager it is unknown.. i used windows xp.. anyone can help me this problem?

  261. Jess says:

    Help Please,

    My Kingston Flashdrive is detected by computers when i inserted it to a USB port,the problem is when i click it on my explorer and computer promt “Please insert disk to a Drive”.Please help me to solve my problem.

    Your Prompt response is very appriciated…

  262. winkod says:

    is there a program to make a flash disk bigger
    or in a double size

  263. prashanth says:

    whenever i connect any device to my USB port the device gets damaged…..can u plz help me in this regard….is the problem due to high voltage ????plz help me thank u …..

  264. Mark says:

    Hi, my PQI 1GB USB drive was f’d up so i tried formatting it. After having done this, the size of the drive changed to 7.94GB! Now its all slow and when i try to add files that are quite large it will eventually hang and become unwritable. Any tips? Or should i just throw the gd thing away? Thanks

  265. lewis says:

    i have bought a new sahara flash disk 256 mb and when i insert it into the computer it say new device then your device is installed and ready for use but when i go to the explorer and try to open it it say PLEASE INSERT A DISK
    what is the prob

  266. Narasimmha says:

    some of the files cannot be deleted in the flash USB drive.
    Give Some suggestions?

    I have tried all the above tips.

  267. M says:

    When i plug my flash memory (AData 4Gb) i cant see the content (folders and files), the windows explorer show me that: Removable disk, then when i click in this item the system show me a dialog box with this text: Please insert a disk in H: drive.
    Could be repaired or restore the files and folders?
    Please any hent could be usefull

  268. mohammad says:

    if your flash card apear this error “plaese insert disk” you should remove your windows xp and install win98 then install your flash card from the cd i tested it and its worked if you have any problem please contact me

  269. Nhlanhla says:

    Well mine is being read but keeps telling to insert drive wen i have already done that.

    Now its a matter of use and not size


  270. sonu says:

    i have formatted my usb even till it shows virus when scanned by the antivirus. Why?

  271. Segun Oladipo Adewale says:

    guys i have a solution for your problem
    the only way you can solve this problem is to follow this simple tips with a raw drive problem
    1. get a windows xp cd
    2. shutdown your pc and plug in your flash drive
    3. boot ur pc from cd to where u have to install windows
    4. you will see ur flash drive listed in the drive selection window, select it and delete the current partition on it.
    5. create a partition on your flash, make sure it is 5 mb lower than the real size of the flash drive cos it will give u something like (128mb will become 128Gb) so this will be 123. enter and reboot to windows then format the drive.
    Bingo!!! its back working

  272. Manijak says:

    I have big problem…I use my USB Flash stick (8GB) on Linux for Boot, and when I use it on Windows it have 544GB, and cannot be format or something other, don’t work in Linux too…What to do? How to format it…it say unable to format…please HELP…

  273. reshadat says:

    Well the newer flash drives are hot swappable.That means its not necessary to stop the drive!You can take it out once the file read/write action stops.But anyways its a good idea to take precautions!

  274. Terry says:

    i got this 1GB pendrive, used 4 a couple of months and now is currruoted, it can’t be formatted and when i insert it, it says pendrive not formated and also also shows 8MB as the total disk size…. what do i do…. help!!!

  275. anonymous says:

    As I try to format my flash drive, I get a warning saying that all data will be deleted. Does this mean that I will lose everything I have saved onto my drive so far? I’m afraid that this is what will happen so I canceled the action. Will someone please let me know if all files have been lost as a result of formatting flash drive? Thank you.

  276. G.Sujatha says:

    when i inserted my 128mb usb flash drive Transcend Jetflash.. when i see in properties the device is working properly.. but I can’t open & copy anything….. not accessible and the request could not be performed because of I/O device error… can you help me this problem?

  277. nithin says:

    I have recently bought an Amkette 1GB flash drive. Whenever I connect thru the usb port (either in WinXP or Win98), it say that the drive is not formatted. The format option shows memory capacity to format as only 8mb. I did format it, but it still gives me the same error when I try to access it. Please help.

  278. Ziggy says:

    what if the USB stick isn’t regocnized in diskmanager?

  279. Mita says:

    when i insert my pen drive in my pc …
    send messages………….no disk

    what can i do? pl z help me

  280. Jad Atris says:

    I have Toshiba smart disk U3, 4Gb, i have abt 3gb data on it, when i try to remove it by safty remove tool, it didnt work, so i remove it directy and manualy, now it gives me RAW file system. i dont want to format it, i need the data on it because i dont have backup copy.i tried many recovery programs,but no result, so any one have solution for my problem, please help me.

  281. revz says:

    re-detecting mobile disk after safely removed without restarting computer…?

  282. Jad Atris says:

    yes revs, it detects the disk even if i made safty remove. any ideas?

  283. Rajendran Pillai says:

    My Flash memory pen drive Transcend Jet Flash V10 was working correctly in my computer ‘Brio ba410’ with XP professional SP2 OS. Few days back while in using the USB device icon on task bar disappears and after that the LED indication on the Jet flash lit but the drive icon not come in ‘MY Computer’ or in task bar. It is not sensed at all. In the Device Manager, the USB component that is listed under USB serial bus controller (Controller or Root Hub) indicated that device is working properly and no conflict. I tried with the JetFlash in my office PIV computers with ‘W2000 OS’ and WXP it is working properly in both. I suspected that this is due to some virus attack while transferring data to my system while using the Jetflash and destroying the device driver. How I can rectify this. My system not having the internet connection. Please email the required drivers to my mail address ‘’or to ‘
    Thanks with regards.

  284. naveed zia says:

    well due to some advice i read here
    ma usb did get fixed

  285. oras says:

    my sony usb flash drive 2.0 1GB, the light does not come on and my os can not read it. what do i need to do to get my dead usb back on track.

  286. mke says:

    plss help my USB pqi 512mb has a problem the computer..if i plug in the USB nothing happen the computer can’t read the UBS? plss help how to fix the USB..thanks

  287. stephen says:

    i deleted a super hidden file on my 4G pen drive and it is not working any more. please help me

  288. Gunjan says:

    I have a SONY portable mp3 player cum pen drive. By mistake the display language has been changed to the one that I dont understand. I wanna know how to change the Display language of my player. If anybody can solve this query, is requested to reply on my email id.


  289. Anonymous says:

    Ok, my problem is stranger yet…

    I have an 8gb usb drive. After awhile whenever I make a new folder, it opens and I’m VIEWING the root folder… like it’s a link to root or something

  290. Cassey says:

    I have an mp3 player that is made off a samsung flash drive. I bought it off ebay and havent been able to get it to work. My computer knows theres some sort of drive there but everytime I click it says “please insert disk into drive g”. When I try to format it the same message comes up. What do I do? I mean it is possible its a complete peice of crap but the seller has been selling these for a long time and has had no complaints about them.

  291. solo says:

    My problem was like most of you. I hav an MP3 flash player.last night it got corrupt and failed to be reformatted. “Invalid media or Track 0 bad” msg as from DOS attempt. MY COMPUTER format also failed and LINUX couldn’t format too……so did I dumped the player?

    Ah…just chose FAT instead of FAT32 type in format command as
    format f: /FS:FAT
    and it worked…..perhaps flash drives dont support FAT32.

  292. dr_eindhatre says:

    Hi there

    i have been having a real problem
    my USB was plugged into 1 computer, and after saving the appropriate documents and exiting properly, i unplugged it
    i then plugged the USB into a another computer, and found that i was unable to access the files
    i tried multiple times on multiple computers to make it work but i just couldnt
    i then wondered if all my information had been erased or not
    i opened by properties and discovered that all my information was on there, taking up 931MB of 1GB
    i was still unable to access the information/folders/files

    can anyone suggest any techniques or programs or tools to help me solve my problem?
    any advice would be greatly appreciated
    URLs are alos OK

    PS my USB is a DSE 1GB USB
    PPS the information stored on the USB before ‘corruption’ were simple Word Documents

  293. hammed says:

    if i want open my flash it did not open it said please insert a disk into dive E: so what i can i do to it to continue using it pls. i need instantly feed back

  294. shahrukh says:

    once i format my usb it says ‘windows cannot format usb.’


  295. PatrickMCG says:

    I formatted my 4 gig mp3 player. Now it only has 960 mbs capacity on it. How can I recover my 3+gigs? when I right click on the drive and click format. it reads there is only 960 mb’s on it, so that’s all it formats. I even formatted it on dos with the same results. If anyone knows how i can fix this i’d be thankfull..

  296. elliott says:

    i bought a flash disk three weeks ago,but now its not working.first the pc couldnt complete its formatting when i tried to,now it cant even recognise.if anyone knows how i can remedy this problem,then please advise me via my e mail address.

  297. LatchJohnson says:

    When you try to format through the properties in My Computer, sometimes it won’t format. Try this. Right click on My Computer, click Manage. Then click Disk Management. Even if your ubs drive isn’t showing up in explorer, it should show up here formated/partitioned or not. Delete the usb’s partition and set it up as a new primary. It will forcably format it that way without a problem. I’ve used this method many times and it has never failed me when i couldn’t do it any other way.

  298. mohit says:

    actuall i hav borrowed a 2GB pendrive of amkette earlier 2 months ago. and it is corrupted .i have use all the methods like formatting it .bt it is not opening .when i used to explore that it says

    “please insert the drive”.so do something .my trust is going from amkette. plz give me imiadiate response as soon possible

  299. mohit says:

    if i want open my flash it did not open it said please insert a disk into dive E: so what i can i do to it to continue using it pls. i need instantly feed back

  300. vahid tahmasebi says:

    pleas help i have one software four formated usb flash 8gb

  301. valoni says:

    if i want open my flash it did not open it said please insert a disk into dive K: please can anybody help me

  302. Hoppy says:

    LatchJohnson, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Finally, something that really works.
    I’ve been struggling with a write protected stick for an embarrassingly long time.

    Your quick procedure worked perfectly on a 2K box, however, not on Vista or XP. Go figure.

    Again, many Thanks!

  303. Gerry says:

    I cannot format a 64gb flsh Drive. I have formated it with FAT32 but when i close my flsh drive the files was gone and i cannot recover it. What shall i do.

  304. sameera says:

    I have 8GB flash drive 2.0usb Sony. Accidently i have Run a program. this will include the program. []

    Now I want to Convert it to 124MB to 8GB.
    any one can help me please?

  305. Tapiwa says:

    I have a flash drive whih has got aproblem of being able to be formated. If i format it says its 8mb when its capacity is 512mb. what does this mean. please help.

  306. Pothana says:

    i have 256mbpendrive, but it detects only 128mb, I was trying to format the pendrive, its formated but it shows 128mb only. Please hel me

  307. abdul al jahir says:

    i have a 256mb kingston, it does the all the stuffs but one thing. i can’t save my files, it only says it is write protected,but it doesn’t have anything like protect/unprotect switching! what should i do? i already scanned it for viruses with several anitvirus utilities but not any one of them worked!

  308. onabolujo says:

    i have a problem with my usb bought newly and i’m trying to format it in the way i was told to do so here but it keeping giving an error sign again In the File System drop down, where FAT and FAT32 were wrote,my own usb was wrote raw after right click the Removable Drive >Properties please i need anyone who can assit me in another way of format my usb.

  309. Oscar says:

    I have a sony micro vault 1 GB. Initially i couldnt copy files larger than 500 MB so i tried to format it, now the system says it can’t be formated. I tried using command line and this is what i get.

    C:\Users\Oscar>format q:
    Insert new disk for drive Q:
    and press ENTER when ready…
    The type of the file system is RAW.
    The new file system is FAT.
    Verifying 967M
    1981408 bad sectors were encountered during the format. These sectors
    cannot be guaranteed to have been cleaned.
    Invalid media or Track 0 bad – disk unusable.

    is it really unusable?



  310. Dominik says:

    I’ve 6 USB-Sticks which get write-protected after I’ve copied a Large Amount of Data.

    Any Help?

  311. says:

    I got a 2GB Lexar Firefly jumpdrive from a friend but I cant use it cause I cant delete its content, it says is “write protected” and doesnt allow me to delete anything or format it.
    If anyone knows how I can fix this issue please feel free to help me.


  312. Timber Abudul nasser says:

    I have a 256mb jogr,which i have been using for about months but now its not recognised as a USB.I have tried to fix it on more than one PC but still shows the problem.
    If anyone knows how I can fix this issue please feel free to help me.
    Timber Abudul nasser

  313. punkos says:

    i have Sony usb 2flash drive 30gb capacity but now cannot use anymore, my windows detect that drive but i can’t use it.. and cannot format either.. can someone help me pls..

  314. tetea05 says:

    i have a pen drive which show a message when i copy data on it:It says

    The disk cannot be writen to because it is write protected.please remove the write protected from the volume “drive name”\device\harddisk2\dr11.

    Help Please.

  315. Manjunath says:

    I brought a new SONY TD-11 mp3 player with 512Mb capacity and i got to format it unknowingly & its capacity reduced to 256Mb & i was using it … But now it’s not getting detected in any system i connect it…If i connect it to a system then it’s displays it’s connected to a system message in the player but it’s not recognised by the system..I dono wat to do ?? Please help me..

  316. arun m surjuse says:

    I purchased 8GB SONY CHINA (CE FC)made mp4 playerform Sara Market VT Mumbai. Oneday when I connected it to my pc for updating data & charging the battery , it got hanged tilldate and I’m not getting how to reset or restart or boot it sothat I can reuse it; pl. mail me if soembody got its solution . Thanks!

  317. Cheng says:

    i have a new sahara sony VAIO 1G pen drive. When I insert it into the computer, I can see the “Removable drive” at the folder when I click on “My computer”.

    But try to open it it say PLEASE INSERT A DISK.

    I cannot format it either.

    Please help and advise how to fix it.

  318. John says:

    I have a 1gb flash drive. I was using it with a linus boot cd to copy files off of a corrupted windows box. Now I can not access the drive. I have tried disk management/ the hp file/ swiss army knife/ With those tools it tells me my drive is write protected. It is not. Formatting with dos I get the message Error in IOCTL call. Some users above have mentioned using Unix to format it but they don’t tell me how. What is the command using Unix? Any other ideas. John

  319. Ankit says:

    Just use the CD software provided with your product to installed the firmware and it will start working for sure…i have solved the similar problem in my t.sonic 610 IPOD-pendrive
    thanks for the help

  320. bitzworld says:

    (,” SONY 32 GB PENDRIVE IT is having sm wierd problem
    Its getting detecting properly and also showing the drive capacity properly but whenever I am coping the data on it. after that when I remove that drive from my pc & then reinsert the same on my pc the full data inside the folder is LOST. the blank folder is there but not having data .

    I have tried to format the same but after that also same problem is there pls help me out

    Pls… 2long nmn…

    Pls. send to comment
    e-mail add:



  322. arun says:

    i’ve chinese mp4 player cum camera and sd card slot also but when I insert sd card in my mp4 player it’s showing disk error, but it will show only memory used and free space.

  323. Chandimal Dahanayake says:

    I have a Kingston pen drive. It has a error when format it as “You do not have sufficient right to perform this operation”. How to fix this error. Thanks.

  324. Stephanie says:

    When Im trying to format my usb it says “there is no disk in drive F”. I bought samsung 8gb usb 2.0. I have no idea if its still gonna work. I dont know how to fix it, can you please help me. Thanks

  325. abu_maurice says:

    i have a usb flash disk ‘MyFlash’ 1GB with password encryption file and i accidentally deleted these file. After that my flash drive became empty, size became 208MB only and was in WRITE-PROTECT mode. Even i cant format the drive with any format utility tool. Is there any more powerful tools to format this WRITE-PROTECTED drive or any way to reset the flash drive to its FACTORY DEFAULT state? ANYONE….????

  326. Reza Nikfar says:

    I had same problems with my USB flash memory. when connecting to the PC every thing was fine and it recognized by windows but when trying to copy from/to USB flash memory, I/O error appearing on screen.
    I have tried every thing but didn’t work. Finally I removed my USB extension cable & connected it to the back of my case. My problem solved immediately.
    Check this item and send me scrap on

  327. mehdi khajooie says:

    HI to all I am having SONY 32 GB PENDRIVE IT is having sm wierd problem
    Its getting detecting properly and also showing the drive capacity properly but whenever I am coping the data on it. after that when I remove that drive from my pc & then reinsert the same on my pc the full data inside the folder is LOST. the blank folder is there but not having data .

    I have tried to format the same but after that also same problem is there pls help me out

  328. sankara rao says:

    i have pendrive sony td-11
    when i copied songs in that it is showing no files but when i am checking in the system there is songs in mp3 folder what i have to do

  329. Xuan Dinh says:

    I have a memory card MMC 64mb
    It always get an error “The disk is write protect”. So I can’t do every action on this disk by my PC, but I can do it with my phone (nokia phone 6260). How can I fix it? I try best but every solution can’t fix it?? Help me pls!! thank

  330. golferguy says:

    bought an 8gig nonamed usb drive on ebay, first time I have gotten krap from there…….it is about 1-1/2″ overall length. teeny thing.

    POS it is, however I have to format before using every single time. Otherwise if I copy off and then start to load data again, you can see the data in WinExplorer, and verify it, and safely remove the USB drive, and the data is then gone.(shaking head)….to think I could have bought a REAL usb drive for the same $100.

  331. Dandapani says:

    Get one of your Linux friends to format it on their system using:

    mkdosfs -c -F 32 -n NAMEIT -v /dev/sdg1

    assuming the stick mounts as /dev/sdg1

    It will find bad blocks while formating. I was SHOCKED how many bad blocks I had on mine.

  332. xcarstanx says:

    hi the file system is coming up as RAW it wont let me format it and it keeps saying to insert disk?? i’ve been reading same of the other answers and questions and i cant even do a partition…..says the disk is unreadable.

    please help me as my memory stick contains all my coursework….is it saveable?? if not can i at least save my memory stick?

  333. mmp430 says:

    I have a Mp3 player that uses a flash drive. After copying a bunch of songs and disconnecting it, I’m seeing a error saying: flash error! plesae backup the data and format the player. It’s completely frozen. I even have to take the battery out to turn it off. I tried hooking it back up and the computer can’t recognize it. Can’t re-sync it either. E-mail is

  334. aaaorrr says:

    How to use HP boot utility? I’ve used it, but there’s no change, my drive still can’t be used.
    Imation 8gb, when I tried to make secure partition it failed, and the drive capacity became 0b. When I try to access it, it says ‘Please insert a disk into [drive]’.

  335. Steve says:

    Please please PLEASE HELP!!!!
    After reading all of the probs peeps on here have and tried all the solutions similar to mine. Here goes; I cannot open my usb drive neither can I explore the drive, I get told that the drive isn’t formatted would you like to? But that doesn’t work, windows cannot complete the task! I try to format using the disk mangement…same result. I then try to delete the partition but that option is grayed out. I’ve even used the HP Drive Key Boot utility and gues what…still nowt!

    Please any ideas give me an email:


  336. Peter says:

    I have a really nice compact flash drive (8 GB)
    I did something wrong and now I cannot access it and delete the files on it.These darn things are very expensive and cant afford anotherone.
    I have tried formatting it in windows several times with negative results.
    I guess these things arent what they are stacked up to be.
    If anyone has any other suggestions, I would really appreciate it. email me at
    Thanks, Peter

  337. vahid says:

    my flash memory dosen’t work corectly .I can not format it . when i wanna the format USB , the following message will appear .
    “Invalid media or track 0 bad-disk unusable 8MB”


  338. Halil says:

    hi, i have got a 1gb mmc disk. when i plug it in, it seemed to have 2 partitions.
    The first partition’s filesystem was FAT or FAT32 and had got a capacity of ~ 1gb.
    The second partition has the filesystem RAW and the capacity is ~279gb.
    And i can not access any of the partitions on my computer, but my mobile phone can access and use the first partition and it said my isk has one partitiion of FAT32 and 1 gb.
    I killed my disk for a solve via a program named Active KillDisk. Now my disk has 279gb of free space but still i can not access to my disk and can not format it. Please give me some advice. What must i do to take my disk back? Waiting for reply. Thanks all.

    You can contact me via email.
    Hee is my e-mail address:
    halilturkoglu (at) gmail (dot) com
    thanks again for your replies.

  339. peter says:

    Hi to all you people having problems with you flash drives. This worked for me, although I lost the data.
    I purchased a 4gb sony pen from Hong Kong on ebay. All was well until I overran its capacity while saving data. The result was that my win2k OS refused to recognise it as a drive and would not even let me format it in the usual way, or even from the command prompt.
    However, choosing ‘Computer Management’ from the control panel window, then selecting ‘Storage’>’Disk Management’. I them right clicked on the offending item and selected to create a partition. Part of this process enables a format operation which requires you to choose the FAT file system. After this back to Windows explorer and Bingo! there is my clean usable pen drive back in action. There is software out there that says it can restore lost files from formatted disks so there is still hope for my data so long as I do not start using the drive before trying. Good luck.

  340. g10dra says:

    My 1GB transcend v30 pendrive had a same problem .In properties file system seen is RAW . I ‘m not able to corect using disk manager ,statues there seen is unreadable disk. it can’t be open /explored , niether it can b formated in win xp /2k. Ihavenot tried o/s cd method.


  341. gh0st says:

    This software formats SD Memory Card and SDHC Memory Card(SD/SDHC Memory Card) using a formatting program that complies with the SD Memory Card specification SD formatting provides quick and easy access to the SD Memory Card.

    Generally, SD/SDHC Memory Card file systems formatted with generic operating system formatting software do not comply with the SD Memory Card specification.

  342. Ralen says:

    Sad to say but, “I’ve been there”, “done that” already. and the worst thing is, i’ve lost my O.R. receipt and the container of my newly acquired flash drive. and at this point, I’m desperately looking for a software that could fix my flash drive.

    btw. I have an ADATA 2GB flash drive and after a couple of months use, I’ve been living like hell dragging my personal harddrive in and out of the office just to save my works.


  343. Herbert says:

    My friend have a Transcend V30 2Gb flash drive.He lost all data and when you right click properties it reads as a RAW file. What I did is check some software to recover his file. I use “EasyRecovery Professional software” to recover the file and save to another hard disk before I format the usb using “HPUSBFW.EXE” HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool with DOS System files Software to make a simple USB bootdisk.

    I tried disk management and windows format but not working for the USB.

    You try this it works for me. My friend now is happy because the USB is working and retrieve all the data. nothing is loss.

    Good Luck!

  344. victor oriaku says:

    i inserted the flash drive and was told to insert disk in drive E pls help me out can`t afford loosing it

  345. Antonio Q. B. says:


    I purchased a Genx flash disk ( 4 GB smart X ) almost one month ago, I used it for some time it was very slow in coping files from and to the flash disk. So I format it using the normal windows format with fat32, after that I was using it then could not be recognized by windows, after that when I insert it in the USB and check the properties it was RAW file system and have only 8 MB in size. ???? I do not know why ???

    I have been trying to fix it but unsuccessful with my tries.

    Can some body help please

    I cant return it because I purchased it form Abu-Dhabi, UAE, then I traveled to another country.

    Waiting for help.

    My email is:

    Thanks again

  346. Neil says:

    Hi. I have a USB flash drive prob. The system can read that you inserted the drive. But when you click on it from the My Computer, it always say to insert disk. I cannot reformat the drive because of this. PLEASE HELP!

  347. Leo says:

    i cant format my flash drive due to drive is write protected.. can someone please help me remove or fix this problem.. i need my flash drive badly.. thanks

    please email me

  348. Fifi says:

    i insertedmy USB to save some of my important files., but after formatting it, it can’t now be detected by the computer., it says that “Please insert drive..” please help me how to troubleshoot it.. thanx! please e-mail me any one who can.. thnx a lot!

  349. Lizette says:

    I have a 2gb Micro SD and my problem is that it is malfunctioning because it cant be formatted and I’ve tried to use my own methods and these methods in fixing this but still…. *sigh*

    Whenever I store something, it just disappears but then it still consume the same space as it did when I have stored something.

    This started when I was transferring video clips from the Micro SD then a window popped out of nowhere that said ” Parameter is Incorrect” then it hang up. I closed it and ended its process, and opened it once more to find out that the files are corrupted and I cant open the MMC anymore. Hoping to recover my files, I formatted it and installed different programs that promised they can recover different files from formatted MMCs. SO Ive tried it and none worked. At least I think one or two worked but they’ve also said that the parameter is incorrect.

    Now, I cant format the mmc, my pc cant, my phone said that it was formatted but there is still 60mb consumed though whenever i open it, it always has the message “empty”, using the Digicam, it can’t format it and was rejected.



  350. Mona says:

    i have a 2 GB GENX flash disk. i did not Safly remove it so the driver is removed. i need a web site that i can down load the driver from it for free

  351. PS2 User says:

    I had my 128mb USB flash drive working fine in my Windows 98 laptop today, I pulled it out without “safely remove this device” because there is no safe removal on Win 98 anyway. Then I plugged it into my Windows XP PC and it said “The disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now?”. I can’t get to my files. When I go to the properties of the USB drive, it thinks it’s using a RAW file system. When I put it back in Windows 98 laptop, I can’t access my files there either. I restarted my computer but it still keeps doing the “disk not formatted” error.

    So I then booted my PC with a Knoppix Linux Live boot Cd to see if Linux to access the files on my USB drive but Knoppix couldn’t mount the USB drive and didn’t spot a file system either.

    Then, I plugged my 128mb flash drive into my Playstation 2 and loaded up uLaunchELF and it could read the files on my USB flash drive no problem! SMS can read the files and play the videos on my USB flash drive no problem either on the PS2. So why is it that my Playstation 2 can still use the USB flash drive like nothings wrong, but Windows and Linux are unable to understand it? So I obviously haven’t lost data, it’s all still there, the PS2 can understand it fine. Unfortunatley I don’t have a way of transferring it from my PS2 to the PC.

    So if anyone else is having a “disk not formatted” error message, try and access the USB flash drive on your PS2 with uLaunchELF or SMS.

    Why is the PS2 still able to understand the USB flash drive, but Windows and Linux can’t?

  352. prince says:

    My Trasncend JF V30/4GB pendrive is detecting and appear in My Computer but I trying to open it but appearing a message “Please insert a disk into drive k:”

  353. Muhammad Yaseen Lakhany says:

    hello friends,

    i bought a DT100/2GB datatraveler of Kingston from KArachi Pakistan.

    It first worked well in my office computer and two my laptops one running WinXPhome and other WInVIstaHomePremium and it didn’t work(didn’t detect) in my home desktop pc.

    after 2 dayz i used it in my home pc it worked and detected properly.

    1 day after that i wanted to use it in my office desktop it didn’t work (neither detected nor any driver problem)

    and when i took it back to my home and tried using it on both the laptops it is the same neither detected nor any driver problem means it didn’t work on either of the laptops.

    when i tried to use it on the home deskptop pc it also didn’t detect on it and didn’t work.
    Where as i’ve another 128MB Kingston USB 1.0 it is working properly on all of my computers(desktops) and laptops. I don’t know how to fix and resolve this prolbme. if anyone of you knows how to solve my problem then do contact me.

  354. dan-ksa says:

    how can i remove write-protected on my lg 4g flash disk

  355. Andria says:

    When I insert my 6GB SmartDisk, it shows me that I have a removable disk inserted, but shows 0 bytes and when I try to open it it tells me to “Please insert a disk into drive E:” is there anyway to fix this???
    Thank you!

  356. lokesh says:

    how i can open my trencend flash drive which was protected and some bad sector are in my flash drive and tell me how i can format my flash drive. Its properties are on ntfs how to change the properties of fat32. please send me rly as soon as

  357. lokesh says:

    “How to Fix Errors and Format USB Flash Drives and how to open a protected trencend flash drive and remove the bad sectors and change the properties ntfs to fats32. Please reply as soon as.”

  358. joseph says:

    Pls help me,each time I save something to my IBM flash drive, it does save. Once I unplug it the stuff is gone.

  359. thiru says:

    When I plug in the USB Mass Storage Drive into my USB port it finds the hardware and installs drivers for it but will not detect it in MY Computer. Also when I go to Device Manager and check the properties it shows that there is a Code 10 Error

  360. safetydancer says:

    Basic summary to all readers with this sort of problem. Two times this has happened to me with drives purchased cheaply. Sad news is that it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that anything mentioned here will work, I have tried just about everything mentioned and had no SUCCESS. This means if you haven’t backed up your data you are probably OUT OF LUCK. DO NOT STORE IMPORTANT DATA TO ANY DRIVE THAT YOU HAVENT TESTED FULLY. That means A) write and read back several files of test data. B) read back the data on different machine or system. Check several time, different amounts up to near the claimed capacity of the drive. It has been suggested in many forums that several “dodgy” drives have been appearing on internet sales sites. You may only discover flaws in such drives after nearly filling them up with important data. You may not notice for some time so ensure you do not trust crucial data to these drives until you are satisfied… it’s BUYER BEWARE, I am afraid.

    Of the two possible solutions you can try that *may* possibly help, there are a couple of “restore data” software that can be found – both “for cost” and “open source” software is available, I have used “testDisk” with success only once, and that depended on not expecting too much. It did find files from the flash disk, but not on subsequent attempts. You need to ensure you have PLENTY of spare space on the HD to which to transfer the files. Read the documentation, and read it again before just running this software. I cannot stress enough taking care and preparartion when attempting to restore data.
    Finally, you may get lucky and retrieve some files. Your best bet may in the end be to reformat, but it’s most likely you have a damaged disk. YMMV.
    The most likely solutions are those revolving about using low-level format to reformat the disk, but this will destroy any data, and may not even wind up with a disk of the capacuty claimed – many discover the disk only is 512MB instead of 8GB as claimed.
    Finally one thing I might observe is that for disks which work on one machine but not another, it *might* be a lack of power on the USB port, try the things mentioned earlier in the forum relating to USB hardware.
    Sorry I can’t be more positive, but LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES MADE BY OTHERS, AND BACKUP! BACKUP!

  361. Mezzum says:

    Some interesting posts here. Basically what I am reading and I had already assumed is NEVER put originals on the Flash Drives for obvious reasons.

    Also note, I got an 8 GIG flash drive on Ebay, $12.50 (Yes, thats 12 dollars and 50 cents)

    I have read of many scams on these types of items, got it today, ran it through MANY tests. While it is semi-slow, it will sometimes pass the ReadyBoost test. But for 12 buck and 8G of space, I can wait a few extra seconds for the write speed. Shop around, and as always, you get what you pay for, Flash Drives are no exceptions.

  362. ammer aslam says:


    I am having problems with my usb and was wondering if anyone can help.
    When I plug in my usb flash into my computer it picks it up straight away but 5 minutes later I get a warning on my desk-top saying that it is not recognised by windows.
    I have tried it in the computers at work and in tried it in my car and I have not had any problems with it.

    I would appriciate any help in this.

    Thank you very much.

  363. Skully says:

    Generally you get the “windows cannot complete format” message when the partition itself has been corrupt. Windows now sees it as a “raw volume”, and cannot format it if it does not have a valid partition. In Windows XP or Vista, go to Administrative Tools\Computer Management\Disk Management and find the drive…Create a Fat volume, and Windows will now be able to format it.

  364. PS2 User says:

    When you buy a new USB flash drive, make sure to test it before putting your data on it. The best to use is a freeware program called Checkflash chkflsh, which writes test patterns to the whole entire drive and then reads back looking for errors. If it finds errors, then you will know the drive is faulty. You can also use chkflsh to make a backup/restore image of your whole entire drive incase of corruption.

    chkflsh can also be used to do a low level initialisation on your USB flash drive too, so its a very handy tool to have. Click on the link of my name for the chkflsh website or do a search for chkflsh.

  365. djmai says:

    Hai,can you please help me to solve my problem?I have a 40GB external hard disk, when i connect it on the PC it is detected but the drive do not show in “MY COMPUTER”. what seems to be the problem? Thanks a lot!

  366. bernard says:

    i have lost memory to my 1gb flash disk to 0 bytes and says no disk in the driive what do i do.
    someone plaease help.

  367. welee says:

    i have a problem with write protection on my sahara flash disk and cnt save data in it. please help

  368. Anonymous says:

    The way I fix mine is I buy a cheap lighter and hold it under the usb drive while its formatting. I was shocked that it worked afterwards as I was attempting to destroy it in a stupid way XD!

    Since then I’ve never had another problem with it. Before I did this all the files in it would get corrupt almost every week.

  369. majid says:

    i have a problem with write protection on my sahara flash disk and cnt save data in it. please help me

  370. gridi says:

    i have a problem with my usb. i have a TakeMs computer reconized it but when i want to open it a window came out “do you want to format”..i pres yes but an other windows came out “Windows cannot format (X) drive”….what can i do…can some one help me with this … ???

  371. festus says:

    i bought a 2Gb pen drive and for sometime now anytime i insert it into my usb port it tells me to insert a drive.
    pls help me.
    what should i do? i need help.

  372. Leon says:

    Is there a possible way to restore the flash drive back to the way it was when I just bought it?

    There were many files on my flash drive so I decided to remove then by reformatting my flash drive and what happened was it use to show 1GB now it is 512 MB.

    Please reply me a way to solve it.

  373. H K SHAKYA says:

    dear all
    i have one toshiba pen drive was working fine and recognised as toshiba trans memory before i put some software files in it.Now it is being recognised as usb disk 20x usb device in windows xp. when trying to open it it gives massege that the device is not formatted. when try to format it shows capacity 245mb. it splashes message that the device is write protected . in properties it shows used space as 0 mb and free space as 0 mb.
    can anybody help me to find out what gone wrong with it ?
    can it be repaired or not ? i have some personal memories with it


  374. Sundeep Mukherjee says:

    I am not a computer pro, so my knowledge is more practical.

    I had the same problem with my USB, which I could not format, nor could I erase data. It dint have any switch as well.

    After hours of fiddling with the hardware, I chanced upon to press the bottom of the drive on the broad side. There was a click sound and the hardware was ready to format and/or delete data.

    What I feel is, there is a hidden push button below the outer shell at the lower side of the USB, which on/offs the write protect feature of the drive.

  375. Victor Ganescu says:

    Hey i have a USB flash drive and i can not format it or change anything to it because it says its write protected.Iv also checked and found no switch to turn the protection on or off.
    Any ideas on what i can do?

  376. Glenn Paul Limaco says:

    Greeting! You see i have follow every instructions given. But my 2 gig fdrive still have error. if i copy at least 650 kb file it still displays the error. disk is full. Can you tell me what to do about it? thanks!

  377. Dancho says:

    Hi everybody,
    i want to put a password on my USB flash, so i case i loose it no one can see the information it contains. How can i do this? Thanks.

  378. Ata says:

    When I plug in my flash memory, the blue light on it turned on but the computer says that the device needs to be formatted. When I tried to format it, it says “windows was unable to format the drive”. The computer shows me the capacity truly. I typed in command prompt “Format i:” but it says that the file system is Raw. It is written under the drive letter in computer management \disk management “healthy”.
    What should I do?
    Thank you

  379. Shylee says:

    I have a GB Imation Flash drive but it is write protected I can’t able to format or delete or veven save files what shall I do make it back again…please help me

  380. Shylee says:

    I have a GB Imation Flash drive but it is write protected I cant able to format or delete or even save files what shall I do make it back againplease help me
    ..just mail me at

  381. Imran says:

    my pen drive shows 0bytes but its real capacity is 1.89GB. what heppen to my pendrive

  382. Kushal says:

    hi…i have a flash drive det requires formating…but wen i format it i get a message”windows was unable to complete the format”…if any one knows how to fix this please mail me to

  383. Dr.Rahimee says:

    hii have a flash drive det requires formatingbut wen i format it i get a messagewindows was unable to complete the formatif any one knows how to fix this please mail me to

  384. Bobkaare says:

    Thanks to blademaster39, the HDD Low Level Format Tool helped me after trying all the other tricks to fix my Corsair that refused to get formatted :)

  385. sartaj says:

    hi i have 8gb usb with a problem
    when it attach with cpu there are make an icon of
    drive but it not open and give a msg
    (insert disk in the drive ) what i do
    kind regard sartaj

  386. akram says:

    my kingston 512mb flash drive get problem,show file sys RAW,there for not format,what i do.?

  387. warren says:

    my usb flash drive sony 4gb ther’s a problem any file.,when i open it, somtimes my files can’t open, and somtimes if i was creat a new folder, then if you open a folder,there is an error file on the folder,, i dont know how to fix this problem

  388. babe says:

    i av this problem wiv my flash and i formatted it like 5 times but still it still the same.

    prob: whenever i save any document on it, and insert it in another system it makes the document corrrupted. i dunno wat to do. someone pls helpppp!!!

  389. The Star Tatius says:

    Well, I still cannot reformat my flash disk, oh My>>>

  390. Maxson Chris says:

    There is a solution…..
    Go to tools and resources

    get the formatting tool and do a complete format on your drive… This did a complete resurrection on my pen drive… Thanks PNY!!!
    TTFN Chris Maxson

  391. Chuongmv says:

    I have a 8GB Usb driver, I’ve used it about 5months. Now, it can’t delete and format, I try format it and get a message : Invalid Media or Track 0 bad. Even i can read any documents in it.,,,Any solution to repair it.
    Thank you very much,

  392. Leo Constantine says:

    My 2G kingston flash drive is copyright protected and I cannot save and delete any folder or document.And the worse I Cannot format the disc.It always promp the message “The Disc is copyright protected!”.I myself don’t know how this happen?
    How can Ifix the problem?

  393. Dubem says:

    i have a Sony (1 Gig)flash drive that is no more recognised by any computer. Instead, it becomes hot after removing it from usb port. Please someone should help me fix this problem

  394. Troy says:

    We had a usb flash drive that couldn’t be formatted using windows vista or windows xp. Happened to have a windows ME machine stored away. Got it out and used it to format the drive and it worked! Hope this helps.

  395. Mohankumar says:

    HI i had got the transcend flash drive it 2GB it s detecting in my system but i cant able to access that one please me to resolve this problem friends

  396. Raju Shahi says:

    How to fix ‘ Window was unable to format the drive completely ‘ probelm for the flash drive ?

  397. Ramesh says:

    Little while ago I brought Samsung USB 2.0 16GB OEM Pack. For few week I have copied data from one computer to another (with different operating system). Last time I used my Memory stick in XP…copy the stuff from memory stick to computer with 2000 and plug the memory stick into win 98… as it didn’t have suitable USB driver it doesn’t work. So I took out the memory stick from it. Next day when try to copy some stuff on it (Win Nt) system said it write protect, I need to remove write protection. I try to format it but same result . Now it has happen on every computer and every operating system. I can’t see any physical switch…
    Please help …. Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP

  398. Roshan says:

    hi guys,
    I have 240 GB flash drive but now its not working. the fault is i can send data to the drive but second time i cant see stored data but in the propaties i can see the used space but no data i can display also icant format the drive. in format window only i can see the 240GB only no file system and no aocation file size

    Sorry for my bad english if some one can help me please send me a mail to thanks


  399. Ramesh Sanga says:

    i cant format my flash drive due to drive is write protected, but I cant see any physical switchcan someone please help me remove or fix this problem.. i need my flash drive badly.. thanks

    please email me

  400. eric says:

    i cant format my flash drive due to drive is write protected, but I cant see any physical switchcan someone please help me remove or fix this problem.. i need my flash drive badly.. thanks

  401. afshin says:

    I have an usb flash memory 1G I insert it and click on it and it says please insert disk in drive:properties show 0 bytes .

  402. Randy says:

    My whole USB just went blank.
    Is there a way to get it back ?
    Mien was a A-data 4gb PD9
    and all the memory and crap went dead.
    Im like freaking out becausei had stuff on it.

  403. jamiu says:

    i need help my flash drive detect but cannot open please help me ins 8gb i need it badly.

  404. jokhio says:

    kingston datatraveler dt100\2gb no format rite protected help.

  405. stephen says:

    hey can anyone have a solution for my kingstone 1gb file system detect RAW

  406. hani says:

    i have 128gb falsh usb its from made in china site when i used it i put 20 gb first then 10 gb after that every think delet it .

    this usb coust 95$ i will give you all adviser. do not buy 64gb and 128 if you see it in the market its counterfeiting and only you will use it one time then it will damage.

    there are no soluthin to repair this usb throw it and buy external hard disk


  407. chiranjeevi.k says:

    hey i have a usb of 50Gb when ever i fix to my system it is showing 40Gb only can any one tell me what would be the problem and i have tried all the prob. like checking the virus and delteing and formating and also replacing the hardware and also tried on several systems but the same result ….

  408. stephen says:

    cant format 8 gig flashdrive , properties show it as raw, i have tried in xp vista 98 but no solution , is there any sofware to do such.

  409. TeRrYZaI says:

    thank for sharing save a lot of time to format my USB

  410. Wilson says:

    i have allways this error 0x80070052
    what i do?

  411. stephen says:

    I have a usb flash drive that gives me the following response when i insert it into the pc. insert disk
    Any solutions

  412. carlson says:

    madam or sir
    i have a problem with my apply ipod when i put it on it shows a blue light and a written insert usb line to use usb disk press restart button to restart .please what is wrong and who can a fix the prolem

  413. Bongani says:

    Hie madam/sir
    i have an axiz usbb flash drive that i formated recently.After formating it could not be recognised by any computer because if inserted to the usb port,it shows the info ballon written unrecognised device connected.
    How can i fix this problem

  414. zt says:

    my usb kingston datatraveler has corrupted by unknown viruses…how to reformat it back?

  415. gudfriend says:

    how to recover the 40gb pendrive which have bad sectors ?

  416. HAJEBI says:

    1. My 2G kingston flash drive is copyright protected and I cannot save and delete any folder or document.And the worse I Cannot format the disc.It always promp the message The Disc is copyright protected!.I myself dont know how this happen?

    2.When i plug my flash memory (8Gb) i cant see the content (folders and files), the windows explorer show me that: Removable disk, then when i click in this item the system show me a dialog box with this text: Please insert a disk in H: drive.
    Could be repaired or restore the files and folders?
    How can Ifix the problems?

  417. Almir says:

    I have cruzer micro 16GB but it’s fake. i buy it realy cheap, only 15 euro. when i transfer larger file then 2GB to USB flash drive it go realy fast more then 20MB per second (like “virtual memory”). how to format it to show and use real size of the drive, because if i transfer larger file, it’s corrupt. excuse me for my english

    If anyone have soltuion, please contact me:

  418. goldphase says:

    I have a flash drive and any time I want to store anything on it….. a command shows the flash is full….. but by clicling on the drive it is empty…please help me

  419. Abdul Razzaq says:

    I 1Gb Kinston USB. It was working fine but when data was taken from one computer and I try to open it on my system it does not show the USB drive actual name but show the name as Removable Disk. It shows the format option when it try to open it but it cannot formated, also it show the toatal memory of usb zero bytes. please guide, thanks.

  420. RAJEEV KUMAR says:

    probable solution (tested only 15 minutes back wherein I could recover my flash drive from hardly 1 MB TO 1.96 GB,originally 2gb player) to all those friends having problem with their flash drives can be use Actve @ File Recovery software 7.1 and after installation use active @file recovery for windows option.Make sure your flash drive is connected to your system. Select your device under active file recovery window and click on quick scan and let the programme recover all you files and the flash drive original capcity.this is my first posting hope it will help all my friends out there.thanks

  421. Sayan says:

    Guys I have a toshiba 8 GB pn shows capacity of 7.6 GB,which is quite normal.but when I try to copy some large files or folders,it copies bt at the time of opening the file or the folder it shows a message”The file is broken”,or simply cant open the file or the folder. plssss help.

  422. mikibabs says:

    hey guys, PQI has released a utility called Dr. UFD, this fixes problems in PQI USB Flashdisk only. It resets your USB Flashdisk to the original factory setting, problems such as write protection error could usually be resolve by this utility but this works only for PQI USB Flashdisk, have tried using this for my Kingston Migo 512mb USB Flashdisk having write protection error to no avail. Take note that using this utility will delete all data stored in your flash disk. here’s the link to PQI’s Dr. UFD

  423. mikibabs says:

    finally fixed my write protect error on my Kingston DataTravellerMini 512mb using Apacer Handy Steno 2.0 Repair Tool

    please take note that using this tool erases all data.

  424. nazish says:

    i got a transdent 2Gb flash drive and its not geting formated any idea??

  425. rajaram says:

    hi i have 4gb transend pen drive when i am inserted os will detect the drive after that i will try to open the pen drive the following error msg display on screen INSERT DISK ON F: how can i fix the problem

  426. rony says:

    hi…what if my flash disk can’t be formatted, and my monitor displays ” error read partition table”…please somebody help me..thanks 4 ur attention..

  427. proxy says:

    I had the same problem with the some the guys in here. I bought a 16gb flashdrive in less that 2 months. Everything was ok until one day when i used it, it says “insert disk on drive” and i check the byte its 0 byte already. I had important files in there that i need to retrive. Can this be fix??I tried formatting this one using the format available in windows but it will not format because there no disk in drive.What should do?please send me your reply to Thanks a lot for your help.

  428. Dima says:

    I have found a way how to fix “please insert disk in drive” errors on usb drives.
    It seems to be a problem with specific drive letter, and you should change it.
    To do it:
    Go to Administrative Tools\Computer Management\Disk Management
    Select properties “drive letter” for the usb disk and switch the letter to something far like “R”
    For me it worked, hope it can do it for others as well

  429. rahman says:

    hi my usb drive is transcend fj v30 2gb. I did format the usb this not formatted why? the error report is displayed is your drive is proctected. whats problem please gave me suggession

  430. manish says:

    how can i create partition and formate my 40 gb kingston pen drive?

  431. Juan Arias says:

    sometime the usb pen drive doesnt work because the driver on your pc is corrupted just because.

    you can uninstall the usb driver of your pc then re connect the usb flash disc and thats is it start working again

  432. Ajmal says:

    I purchased a 32 gb kingston pendrive, is there any software download into pendrive to protect with virus

  433. shanu says:

    i have a pen dive with 512Mb. I was working with so quietly for nearly 2 months, now the problem is that i can`t format this thing. when i get into format option system says that “windows is unable to format” and in the format menu in capacity shows that “Unknown capacity”.

    Why this problems about ?

  434. jing says:

    i have a 2Gb kingston flashdisk which i cant format coz after trying to format it for the nth time, d option system says windows is unable to can i solve this?pls help!!!

  435. zamil ahmed says:

    Pen Drive format problem:my pen drive of 1 GB shows an Error Message – that is : “Windows can not format this drive. Quit any disk utilities or other programs that are using this drive, and make sure that no window is displaying the contents of the drive. Then try formatting again.”

    Pen drive can not open normally, it opens through windows explorer shows a folder in pen drive named new folder

  436. Desmond says:

    I used a command line to format my drive when i had the message that the disk may be corrupted. You can do this by typing this command in command prompt for fat file system: format x: /fs:fat
    for fat32 file system: format x: /fs:fat32
    where x: represents the drive letter. It will also be more convenient if you use linux terminal

  437. Desmond says:

    Zamil ahmed the new folder you are talking about is a virus called try scanning it with kaspersky 2009 or kaspersky 7.0

  438. ansar says:

    not suport for windows

  439. ken ken says:

    help me. . .my flash drive is cannot detected after i formatted it.. help me fix my problems

  440. marc says:

    hey. im a gamer and i like to store games on usb.
    i got this watcha u callit sony 8gig usb surprisingly for 950 pesos(philippines)( in US its likely to be 19 bucks). but for its low price its a heck of a deal so i purchased it immediately. at first it worked well but slow in its copying. last nyt i played a game on it then it worked well, this morning my laptop cannot read it, well it recognizes it as a usb2.0 but hell i cannot format it and i cannot open the usb. i named my usb as marc but lately this morning its removable disc. when i try to open it it says not formatted when i try to format it, it says windows cannot format. i think with its low price it cannot withstand the work. oh well,,,, good bye 19 bucks,, buyers watchout for this usb. well i think its fake!

  441. John says:

    I have 8G flash USB but when I connect to my pc or other computers but it does not work. How do I know it’s still working or broken?
    I have also MP4 USB 1G, unfortunately I connected to PC when I resetup window xp so that can not run any more and requires for format. but when I formated it have message that “can not format”. How can I fix this problems? thanks so much!

  442. Hussein yasin says:

    I have flash disk a-data RB 19 and need his memory because my comp. WIN 98 and not accept and i cant use it please help.

  443. rainbow says:

    I have a memory stick that eventually cannot be recognized from my computer. When I connect it to my pc it automatically opens as usual but the pc doesn’t react…I see no window opening and i cannot find it in my computers’ devices…So i can’t format it.. If you have any idea of what might help pls contact me to

  444. Alex says:



    It doesn’t do anyone any good!

    If you have a solution, post it.
    If you don’t, SHUT UP!

  445. johnnybob says:

    How I fixed mine from the whole”uable to format” thing is I went to “My Computer” icon and right clicked, manage, then disk management and in My case it showed the flash drive with a blackbar at the top so I right clicked on the drive and “create new volume” dont tick the “quick format” option and let it do it’s thing, sorry if ya got important data Your gonna loose it doing it this way but at least You’ll have Your flash drive and the ability to format it next time ;)
    If You are unwilling to loose Your data You might try searching for a USB manager program on the internet that may help You recover Your flash drive without loosing data ;)

  446. taiwo says:

    i have a flash, but i can not format and open the flash the name of the falsh is kingston 1 GB. pls, HOW CAN I FIT IT.

  447. Ehsan Ghanbari says:

    I have a 240GB Flash Memory and I can’t Format It.
    Fat & fat32 don’t support it and NTFS don’t support removable media.
    What can I do?

  448. nabel says:

    my pendrive is Kingston Traveller 4GB..
    all this while i use was ok..
    but last week i open my pendrive..
    i want to transfer some says memory full..
    but i thought that i check last time i had many space..
    but now i check the properties it shows my full capacity is now 300MB..
    why?? email me at

  449. David Shepherd says:

    I cant guarantee i’ll be able to help im self thought love helping people i’ve been in every situation you can think of and i’ve always gotten thru it be prepared to be comitted to problem solving ;) I dont give up easy. If I help you out leave a comment for others to become aware of my skills thanks.

  450. Stefanie says:

    Nabel,maybe when you format the wrong size and your computer minimize your drive….

  451. FAISAL says:


  452. Maddy says:

    Thanks! my new flash drive was corrupted and i followed your instructions and now its fixed!

  453. Geon says:

    I have a Lexar 8G. I just found out that my computer can not recognize it. How will I know if it’s still working or not. If there’s a way to fix it, How!!!! the USB is not important, it’s the files…

    please reply at

  454. urmish says:

    in start menu of windows select run
    type cmd and press enter
    type cd..
    type the following exactly as it is
    format h:
    (this is if your flash drive is h drive) there will be a message if the program from the flash is being used by neone else
    continue forced unmounting
    the flash will be formatted any type of virus will be deleted the option for formatting using windows does not work sometimes as it happened with me because of a virus

  455. Anonymous says:

    I have had a Memorex Flash Drive 1GB for 5 years and I’ve never had corrupt files, have never reformatted it and have never used the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ to remove it from a computer. I have it filled up many times so if there are bad sectors there are not very many. If it is common to reformat that often I feel lucky. The don’t build them like the used to.

  456. Sudip Chakraborty says:

    Hello , everyone.. My friend’s pen drive is showing I/o device error.. Any possible tips on removing the error other than formatting.. please help…

  457. tyrone says:

    I accidently hit my USB2.0 Flash Drive and broke it. Can the data already storage be retrived?

  458. firoz says:

    the disk cannot be written to because it is write protected. please remove the writre protection from volume in drive\device\harddisk2\dr11

  459. Bharatveer says:

    hi friend when I connect 300GB external hard disk with my pc and I try to copy some data from external hard disk to system disk its done successfully when I try to copy up to 50-60 MB. But when I try to copy 1GB or more video file or any folder then its give the error and showing unplug to external hard disk automatically and plug automatically after some time 4 \5 sec.

    This is error “can’t copy “file” cannot find specified file”

    Its working properly in other system in laptop or in other pc
    If any body have sufficient answer plz tell there its os problem or some hardware

  460. flood3 says:

    Thanks to blademaster39, the HDD Low Level Format Tool helped me after trying all the other tricks to fix my Corsair that refused to get formatted

  461. Gio says:

    Please need help :(

    I have an usb flash memory 8G I insert it and click on it and it says please insert disk in drive:properties show 0 bytes mbr error

  462. davetee says:

    @flood3 that software doesn’t work with my 2Gb microdia flash drive. still comes up with errors when i try to format it

  463. LordVoldemort says:

    need help…

    my 2gb. sony usb will turn to junk and waste my money for this item.

    and the most difficult error is incorrect parameter. cannot be formatted. its RAW. if you click format, the menu wont display as if there is nothing happened. need help.

    and another thing, my 1gb. usb cannot be formatted because it is write protected.

    tnx for reading.

  464. Squiggles says:

    Hello i have a LGear 8g flash drive, it was working fine but then it wouldnt accept any files so i tried to format but when i right click and click format nothing happens!

  465. ramnath says:

    i have 64gb kingston pen drive some time it is not working on win xp its messagimg format your pen drive etc. when i try to format on xp version it is not formating in any way but the other side win98 format my this pen dirve very easily fat32. and scandisk complete the format work why xp not able to format 64gb pen drive.

  466. robert says:

    i have a 1gb usb. i can only save 80 mb of files. when i check its properties, it says my usb has still more than 900mb free space.

    what went wrong?

  467. Avijit says:

    facing problems with my pen drive – it shows ‘no name usb flash device’ – it has a capacity of 32gb – can bd formated easyly – data can be written on the drive – but the problem is that the files wont be played or read. some of them are readeble some are not

    please solve my problem

  468. Deepanshu says:

    I Cant understand what you want to say.
    Can you tell in simple words

  469. Anil says:

    i have kingston 32gb pendrive .when iam copying files some erros are occuring ,it means some files are not transferring .if it was transferred to usb drive it displays but inable to open it and not playing ,only small files such as images are opening .please help me.

  470. Leonardo says:

    Im sorry, the answer for the last comments is that your memory is a fake, the capacity showed is false, because of that the first sectors, where the three of files is (localization of the files in the device), think that have that capacity but there is no space where save the information, if you open the files, really are a sector that does not exist…

  471. misbahu says:

    i dont know what happen to my genx usb flash 2.0 4gb.its only show me ready to use i can not open it and was unable to faormat

  472. Laird says:

    After placing my flash drive in the USB port I then went to my computer and clicked on the E:drive to open up the files and folders. I immediately received a screen that reads: E: Application not found. I don’t understand since upon placing the flash drive in the USB port I immediately received the green check at the bottom of the screen and a message saying that the newly inserted device was found and recognized. What is the cause of this and how do i get the USB port to allow me to open up the folders in my flash drive?

    Application not found!

  473. ashton says:

    i just got a 16gb usb flash drive off ebay it seems to be working fine on the laptop so i know it works fine, my problem is my ps3 doesnt seem to pick it up could anybody help me.

  474. daniel says:

    i have a kingston data traveler mini slim 4gb it worked well untill one day i pluged it in my pc (wi xp os) and didn’t recognise, i cant flash or acces it, can anyone help me?

  475. jari says:

    If you cannot format your USB flash drive, try to format it on an other computer. Worked with me when every attempt, described on this thread failed.

  476. mani kumar says:

    recently my pendrive was attacked by virus when my pendrive was connected to system it asks the format so,please tell me the solution for open my pendrive without format my pendrive or without loss of my data

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