Flickr 888: Another 24 Hours of Flickr

Today’s date is 08-08-08 and Flickr is hosting Flickr 888, another 24 Hours of Flickr event like last year. Simply snap a photo any time during the twenty-four hour period on August 8th wherever you are and then share it with the group.

Flickr 888They will accept one photo per Flickr member into the group from noon PST Friday, August 8th until Tuesday, September 2nd, noon PST, 2008. MOO will later create unique Flickr 888 Postcard Packs with the high resolution (1795×1287 pixels) images that feature safe content. Get your digital camera and start snapping photos. Today is a special day.

One comment on “Flickr 888: Another 24 Hours of Flickr

  1. cindy says:

    ill grab this info!

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