Free Custom Laser Engraving of Ipods at Apple Store

Want to engrave your name on your brand new ipod? Or add a special personalized message on your ipod nano? The Apple store makes it easy to add personalized engravings on your ipod for free.

Visit the Apple Store online and select the iPod, iPod nano or iPod shuffle of your choice. Enter your message on the personalization page. Click to buy your laser engraved iPod, iPod nano or iPod shuffle.

Whether you’re giving it as a gift idea or keeping it for yourself, you can make your iPod truly unique by adding a personal laser engraving / custom message!

8 comments on “Free Custom Laser Engraving of Ipods at Apple Store

  1. lau says:

    i want an engraved ipod, but is it necessary to buy it in the apple online store? or is it also possible to go to a real store, buy it and then ask them to engrave it. thanks!

  2. Marissa says:

    If you already have an ipod, can you still get it engraved? I would pay for it. How much would it cost?

  3. Alec Beddall says:

    I have bought my son an iPod Classic 160GB and would like to engrave it. Where can I send it off to? How much will it cost?
    Really grateful for prompt answer as it is his birthday next week.

    Thank you,
    Mia Beddall

  4. JC Alipo-on says:

    i already have my ipod. do you know where will i send it to engrave it? I am based here in the Philippines… I want to put drawing and a short message at the back of my ipod classic.

  5. joey says:

    where can I get my ipod engraved I just got it and I wqant to engraved it. Where can I do it and how much it cost.
    Thank you.

  6. ebele says:

    i already have an ipod. where can i go or send it to to get it engraved, and i will pay for it. thank you

  7. anna says:

    Engraving is free.

  8. Ram says:

    Ialready have an ipod, can I still get it engraved? I would pay for it. How much would it cost?

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