Free Phone Out Calls to India on Holi by Yahoo Messenger

Need to call India free? Yahoo Voice is offering a great deal which lets you make free Phone Out calls to India using Yahoo Messenger during this Holi festival.

If you want to make calls to landlines and mobile phones, you need a Phone Out account. Yahoo Messenger lets you make PC-to-phone calls to and from countries around the world with great rates on domestic and international calls, so you can talk for hours and still save on your phone bill.

I just checked the PC to phone call Phone out rates for India are 99 cents/minute. The Yahoo Voice Holi Offer lets you make Free calls from Mar 3 10:30am IST to Mar 4 10:29pm IST

A special discount offers is on this week at 4.9/min calls
Mar 1 10:30 pm IST to Mar 3 10:29 am IST
Mar 4 10:30pm IST to Mar 8 10:29am IST

Just read the fine print to avoid extra charges. Free calls are limited to thirty minutes and are available to Phone Out subscribers only. Additional fees and taxes may apply. Call times are billed in one-minute increments.

They have also announced a new lower rate of just 7.9/min to India anytime after Holi. Now that is a cool phone deal this festive Holi season.

8 comments on “Free Phone Out Calls to India on Holi by Yahoo Messenger

  1. Ritesh says:

    How can i make free calls in india from my mobile?

  2. maneesh says:

    nice thing iwill try on that if ya then very good
    we hope this offer will be permanentaly
    best of luck to yahoo for such type of scheme

  3. balu says:

    i need free phone out call

  4. jahir says:

    hi dear how to get free phone of india

  5. Sandeep says:

    You can make free phone calls to India using IPvaani service. Computer not required for this. Just you need internet, IPvaani device and regular phone. It is very clear and good. Before this service, i used skype, yahoo, other chats for free. But this is more easy to use and free.

  6. Vamsi Kiran says:

    Hi Sandeep,

    Are you using IPvaani or IPdarshan? Many of my friends are using IPvaani. But I want to use IPvaani’s new video phone service. If you are using IPdarshan, then please let me know the video and voice quality. Frames are like webcam frames? or much more fasthan that? thanks – Vamsi

  7. jayasankar says:

    i wana talk to india for free

  8. Deependra awasthi says:

    Hi guys what’s up.i will call you on holi.bye

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