Geminoid F Android: Life-Like Female Robot [Video]

Geminoid F is a female android robot with long black hair, soft silicone skin, lifelike teeth and a natural smile. In fact the Geminoid F female robot is modeled after a woman in her twenties, and if you see them both sitting together, can you tell the difference.

geminoid female robot

Modern Female robots prototypes are getting so real and life like, that it is indeed difficult to tell the difference. The credit goes to Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University and robot maker Kokoro Co., Ltd. to create this real-looking remote-controlled female android that mimics the facial expressions and speech of a human operator.

Geminoid F female robots start selling next month for about 10 million yen ($110,000) each and seem to be suitable for receptionist work at sites such as museums!

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